3 E-mail marketing tips to help your digital marketing efforts

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Over the years, there has been a great change in the way marketing is done. With the advent of technology, digital marketing has become very popular. Letters and leaflets have given way to emails. And so, you must have a proper strategy for email marketing.

You are likely to lose leads and customers if your email marketing campaign is based on outdated and ineffective tactics that exclude aspects like personalized email. To ensure that this does not happen, we have three email marketing tips for you. Use them for a stellar email marketing campaign.

Personalized email is the key

Put yourself in the place of the target audience and think: why would you give your email address to some website or company? Would you give it for receiving advertising and sales pitches all the time? Definitely not! You’d give it so that you receive messages and relevant content that might be useful to you.

Remember, all emails are not meant to generate direct online sales. Users that sign up for your emails are usually motivated by content on your site and expect more of it through emails. If you can give them that, they will stay subscribed. This will help you put in your sales pitch once in a while, and more effectively.

Keep in mind the frequency with which you send personalized emails

One email a day is the best way, to lose customers without delay.

This is not what you want, so you must make sure you send just the right number of emails without spamming the users’ inbox. We suggest two personalized emails a week. After that, restrict yourself from clicking on that ‘send, button. This will ensure that your emails do not turn into a nuisance for the users who have signed up for your emails.

Take care of the timing of your emails

You don’t want your emails to appear at the wrong time. Would it be appropriate if the users are thanked for buying the product before they have bought it or to ask them for feedback for a service they have not availed yet?

Of course not.

You need to make sure that the right emails reach the right users at the right moments. This will help you keep your emails relevant to the users.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to get a higher success rate for your investment in the email marketing campaigns. Just make sure that these points are included in your online marketing campaign. You do not want to lose opportunities like these to keep your leads and customers connected to you.


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