5 tips to make your image SEO better

5 tips to make your image SEO better

By Sun Media Marketing
  • February,04,2016
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All major search engines have offered image search as a feature since long. Now, apps such as Google Goggles and the virtual reality headsets are set to become very popular. Image recognition algorithms are also constantly getting updated. And the good news is – you get another opportunity to market your business. Yes, images can drive people to your website, but only if they are properly optimized for search.

How will you optimize images for better SERPs?

Check which images are indexed by Google

The first thing you need to do is to check which images from your website are indexed by Google. For checking, visit Google image search and type site: in the search box. Google will show you all the images from your website, which have been indexed. These images have a chance to be ranked on the top of search results.

Learn to make proper use of ALT tags

ALT tags means the details you fill into the ‘alternative text’ field related to the images you have put up on your website. These tags are used to tell the search engines what your image is about. These tags need to be populated with keywords that you think people will look for. This means, whenever people will search for something with those keyword phrases, your images will appear on the top if you have used the ALT tags correctly.

Embed your images in the appropriate web page

Always make sure you post only the most relevant images on your webpages. If the image is in the right context, it will be good for image SEO. Sometimes, you might want to optimize the entire page so that your images are relevant to the content. Doing all this gives your images a boost in the search engine rankings.

Use proper anchor text in your links

Do not forget to have relevant anchor text in your links to the images. It tells the search engine that your image is what the user is looking for. This increases the chances of your image being picked up to be displayed at the top of SERPs.

Do not exclude image attributes from your sitemap

If you want your images to be ranked higher, you might want to provide some extra information about them to the search engines. You can do this by including image attributes in your sitemap. This extra information goes a long way in optimizing your images for search engines.

Image SEO should not be ignored if you do not want to lose this opportunity to drive leads to your website. When users visit your website, you get a platform where you can influence them more with your content, layout and design. This increases the chances of a lead converting into an actual customer. As the years go by, image search is going to improve exponentially and so it is better to have your groundwork ready with optimized images.

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