An Outline to Local SEO

An Outline to Local SEO

By Sun Media Marketing

More and more people are looking for the information on local businesses. According to an infographic 4 out of 5 consumers are searching for local information. So, if you are not serious about local SEO, you can be missing out about 80% of your potential consumers. Optimizing your business for local searches can also help you stand out in the organic result listings.

Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you to optimize your business for local SEO. To obtain a better rank in local search results you have to create location specific web pages, optimize them for Google My Business and stand out in the competition.

Create location based pages for your site

If you own more than a store, you must dedicate specific pages for each of these locations. Usually, businesses have a single website. But, when you have multiple stores representing all the information in a single page will not do any favor for your local search engine optimization. Instead if you create individual page for each location, that will include store hours, store description, parking information, promotion and reviews of satisfied customers, it will be easier to optimize.

However, it is important that you do not use duplicate content for each page. The information that you will provide must be specific for that location like:

  • Location name, address and phone number
  • Content relevant for the local audience
  • Add a Google map to your respective location pages

In addition to showing up in the local search results you can optimize the content, URL, title, header and meta-description. Each location page must have its unique URL, mentioning the name of the location. Geo-targeted content is also effective to get attention.

Get your business listed in Online Directories

Many small businesses missed a huge opportunity if they are not listed in top online directories. Get your business listed correctly and consistently in City Search, Yelp, Merchant Circle and others. Make sure that your company information like name, address and phone number (NAP) is consistent. Otherwise Google cannot determine which of your business information is correct so they will display either incorrect data or not show your business in the search results.

Optimize for Google My Business

Once you have created separate web pages for your local business, it is time to claim your Google My Business (GMB) listing. Any business having a brick and mortar location is eligible for Google My Business listing. If there are multiple locations for a business, each one will have separate GMB listing. This will increase your chances of showing up on Google Maps, Local Finder and organic rankings in general. To qualify your local business for a free listing in Google you have to follow certain guidelines. Some of the most important factors to consider are:

  • Add a description that will include links
  • Select the exact category for your business
  • Upload several photos
  • Add phone number and address that are consistent throughout your website and local directories
  • Add opening time and date
  • Gather some real reviews from the consumers

Build links

Compared to the standard SEO format, local SEO is much more dependent on links from other local websites that are really relevant for your business. There is no need to have links from high authority website, instead try to get links from sites that are talking on similar topics as yours.

This is just the outline when it comes to local search engine optimization. You need to take help from the best local SEO services company who can help you with much better tactics. Sun Media Marketing has the manpower, time and expertise to implement every aspect of a proven Local SEO Strategy for local businesses. Get in touch with us now. We’re just a call away!

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