Top 15 Business Marketing Ideas in 2021

Top 15 Business Marketing Ideas in 2021

Digital marketing is the primary aspect of marketing any business in this generation. However, only a few owners could maintain consistency in their online marketing efforts. A majority of businesses fail to flourish due to lack of effective online marketing ideas. 

Fortunately, effective online marketing includes a mix of PPC advertising, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. And, as these trends continually evolve with time, there are always new ideas to come up with.

Top Business Marketing Ideas in 2021

It sometimes becomes a challenging task to decide how to proceed with the above-mentioned marketing strategies. That’s why, we have compiled a guide containing marketing tips that incorporate above bolded strategies.

The good news is that all the below suggested tips are tested and true. Everyone here will find something or the other useful to their purpose; regardless of whether you are a rookie entrepreneur or a seasoned-savvy marketing specialist.

  1. PPC advertising on search engines 

Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. are some more prevalently used search engines worldwide. These are where you can target your potential audience based on any particular country or region, typically through PPC ads campaigns. 

Pay-per-click advertising service offers you a platform to run typical search engine results like service ads, product ads, shopping ads, and more, on your chosen search engine.

If we consider Google ads, then increased lead conversions and sales, and high volume of quotation requests, are only two of the lists of other benefits we get from it. 

A well-thought-implemented advertising strategy can bring you long-term results that includes, focusing on your brand recognition and improved reputation, leading to frequent referrals and sales on the go. 

Thanks to advanced targeting options of search engine ads, that too in a cost-effective manner, to get qualified leads for your local business. 

  1. Facebook ad campaigns 

Conducting Facebook ads campaigns in concert with PPC ads will further ease your business’ sustained growth. Social media ads not only accelerate your business’ sales but also increase consumers’ confidence in your business over time.

As these consumers do Google search or scroll through social media feeds and find your business showing up often, they are more likely to check your services/products when the need arises. 

  1. Create customized landing pages for every ad 

Unless your Google ads can track conversions or have individually customized local landing pages for each of your business solutions, your money is not worth it. This is the mistake most businesses commit. In essence, your ad campaigns on Google must follow a simplified flow chart:

Click on Ad >> Go to Relevant Local Landing Page >> Convert into Customer 

The key takeaways to consider while developing landing pages for your business’ local targets are:

  • Add one and only, clear call-to-action
  • Use an apt hero header that vividly compliments your company’s unique value proposition
  • Resolve the top queries of your audience and make them feel confident in moving ahead with your business
  • Ensure your contact details is simply click-to-call 
  • Provide sticky menus with glimpses of the most important info. Also, keep your CTA visible every time
  • Keep testing and improving your local landing pages 
  1. Create location webpages and service area hubs separately for each to boost SEO ranking

If you run a services or solutions based business, create location-based service pages for all the geographical regions where you serve. This way you can personalize each of these web pages according to the services and traits specific to any location. 

Then you can accordingly help rank all those pages organically for location-centric search queries, like “[your company solutions] in [your intended location name]”.

Additionally, your site navigation having location-based web pages adds value to your internal linking network, which Google likes and which can improve your SEO rank, too. 

This helps your website visitors to find their preferred location-based services real quick.

  1. Promote your latest business testimonials via Facebook

According to the stat report of BrightLocal consumer survey, around 92% of online consumers prefer checking the online reviews before checking further into any business.

In fact, businesses are already aware of the influence of customer reviews on the arriving customers. So, your goal should be to make your clientele reviews easily accessible to the newer visitors. Advertising is a great way to incorporate your business testimonials.  

Leveraging Facebook or other social media ads can help expand your company awareness and market your stellar reputation,  in a short span. 

  1. Advertise your business events on  Facebook 

Suppose you are a royal casino owner and your club arranges monthly events which encourage a huge flock of gatherings. You want your business to get more newer visitors who are willing to take your club membership, thereby becoming your regular customer. 

In that case, you have to create killer online flyers and post those on your business pages, like on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. You can send invitations to your followers tagging them on that event ad post.  

Or, you can directly run monthly events based ad campaigns to grab maximum attention of your intended audience. 

Posting events or ads on Facebook increases your business visibility to a notable extent. Plus, it encourages interest in more people to attend your business offerings. 

  1. Send local content focused emails 

This point typically works the best for local businesses. Be a little creative to discover ways to grab your target’s attention through local content based emails. For example, you can try out monthly  newsletters including relevant community updates. 

Or, it may be a creatively named email on deals and discounts encircling a specific region based theme, like a community mainstay name, or town name, etc. 

You can use your content development skills to create locally focused free guides and send those through email. For example, a healthcare products owner could share blogs like “Best Herbal Products Stores in [your location name]” or “Affordable Healthcare Items Shop Near [your targeted location name], etc.  

  1. Collaborate with local influential bloggers

Is there any trustable influential blogger of your acquaintance in your local niche community? You are lucky if it is a “yes”! Connect with that person to know more about what he/she needs in return to endorsing your business services/products in their blogs.  

An influential blogger has strong influence over his/her followers and visitors. So, offering your business solutions through them will increase your chances of getting more intended leads.  

  1. Develop Target-driven  Seasonal Content

Businesses often require creating seasonal contents based on numerous awareness causes and observances in specific months every year. 

There are days like International Blood Donation Day, World Environment Day, World Day Against Child Labour, and so on and forth. You can develop marketing content on countless themes like these to add a touch of altruism, education, and acknowledgement. People like reading new things about already existing facts. Utilize that point. In fact, this helps you build a broader sense of community, helpful for local businesses.

  1. Create Google My Business account to optimize your business Google listing 

In order to do your business Google listing, pick a category for your Google Business Profile. It is one of the many optimizations required to improve your Google listing’s potency. 

Similar to ranking websites and ads on SERPs, Google ranks your Business Profiles based on its relevance to the searched “keyword” and overall optimization. That means a better rank of your Business Profile contributes to higher ranking in organic search results, appearing in a number of search terms, staying ahead of the competitors, and earning more customers. 

To do your Google Business Profile optimization, create a Google My Business account to access and organize your Google data listing. This will populate all the relevant details, added to your account dashboard, in your Business Profile, thereby boosting its quality and your business visibility in local searches.

  1. Focus on including reviews

Apart from visiting your business website and filling out the form or calling you directly, the customers will also look for testimonials. Majority of the intended audiences prefer checking what people have to say about your brand. 

If your company appears in a directory but it has no reviews, then your customers would move to a competitor’s website having reviews/testimonials. 

Asking clients to post their reviews for your company services/products optimize local internet marketing of your business. 

  1. Run contests to gain more foot traffic

Marketing strategies change and evolve over time. But, what remains unchanged is the fact that people love getting things for free!  

So, utilize this point by attracting locals with giveaways to visit your business. Social media is the best platform to showcase contests. You can also utilize your website and email marketing for the same. 

To gain more foot traffic, organize “pickup from store” for the contest winners to collect their free gifts and stuff. Consequently, a new visitor coming to collect their gift will surely check out your other store products and services and may eventually turn into a buyer.

  1. Use hashtags to create more engagement on your social media business pages

Hashtag concept is a social media vogue these days. It is an easy tool to attract more local customers in concert with location tags on social platforms. A proper usage of hashtags in your business listings on social media can grab maximum attention of local customers. Plus, your business will be easily found by the users surfing online. 

Using hashtags for your intended town, state, or country-based posts helps people browse and find your business real quick.

Include your business brand’s name, its website, and concise description of business processes and services on your social media channels, making those accounts SEO optimized. 

Furthermore, adding your business location on all your social business pages gives you more exposure to those intended locations. Your location acts as a secondary keyword in addition to the main keyword, so that people can locate your business on map.

  1. Partner with local businesses

Make a habit of connecting with local business entrepreneurs and form a network. Through this network, you will learn about the products and services of those local businesses, their mission, client base, and core values. 

If your business is targeting similar demographic data as those businesses that complements yours, then form a local partnership. 

Then you can accordingly work on finding creative strategies to promote each others’ businesses. Working in partnership with companies that already have a good reputation on the market, adds more value and authority to yours. 

Lastly, “vote of confidence” of these businesses will work in your favor, giving consumers some solid reasons to trust and pursue your business.

  1. Emailed mobile coupons

Include emailed mobile coupons on your website to track conversions of both the intended targets and execution. Add paid traffic trailing script to those coupon request actions so that you can easily track purchase intentions. 

To go ahead with the above plan, create a personalized landing page for your emailed mobile coupon. Then display these coupons to your paid traffic and ascribe the majority of your in-store sales to your paid efforts.

The ultimate objective of the above marketing tips and suggestions is that you understand how effective digital marketing works and how it can keep you ahead of the competition.  

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