7 Content Marketing Tools for Content Research

7 Content Marketing Tools for Content Research

Have you ever wondered if some magic tools can make content marketing less painful and more resultful? And if yes, what are the best tools to use for content marketing? Well, to your surprise there are some awesome tools available that make research, development, and distribution of content very-very easy. 

We all need tools that make the development and polishing of the content so much easier. But still, you require mastery over the tools of the trade just to appropriately use them for maximum engagement and outreach. In this post, we will give share some of the proven tools and how you can use them to up your content game and widen your spectrum of content development with impactful research, smart edition, and informed decision making. 

Best Content Research Tools  

The most annoying part of any content development is research. But unfortunately, you just can’t skip it if you want to win the content game. You have to be well-informed and familiar with the thing before you start giving your thoughts on it to the world. This becomes more and more difficult once you have to start producing content several times per week. So, how do you create digital content? Luckily there are a number of content research tools available to empower your content development with well-done research. 

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is one of the biggest content research tools in the market. It helps you in resolving one of the biggest problems of content marketers – how do you create unique content? 


It allows you to pool popular posts created based on keywords. It also helps in sorting out content present on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This will also allow you to scrape ideas to capture the target audience’s interest. One of the most amazing aspects of this tool is it helps you to filter their entire content library refining your search.

2. Ubersuggest


Keyword research is one exhaustive task. Ubersuggest is a tool for keyword research to find out effective keywords to grab your audience’s attention. When you have a good assortment of diverse keywords it makes your content creation task much easier. It helps you find content ideas that will get your audience’s attention. It helps in the expansion of seed keywords using suggestions from Google Suggest and Google Ads Keyword Planner. 

This resolves another question; how do you create better content? As Ubersuggest not only provides you keywords but also content titles in face of long-tail keywords that include three to more terms. You can also prioritize them in your searches.

3. LeadFWD


LeadFWD is a website that allows you to turn an unknown visitor into a potential lead. Apart from what are the tools used for curating content, you should have the knowledge of the tools that turn your visitors into the list are also equally necessary. In fact, this is what your content should be doing, right? 

Actually, LeadFWD is not a tool rather it is a website that shows the graph of the session. Based on that you get a great scope of creation of content to what your clients are loving the most. It gives you scope to alter your content strategy and engage them with the right content. It also helps you to convert them into the lead. All this happens with their sophisticatedly designed website, well-integrated with Artificial Intelligence, tools that can scan your website in real-time to deliver you crucial insights. You can also gain information including their contact info, key personnel, social footprint, and much more, which is too hard to just get from any, which software is used for content writing? 

4. Awario 


Awario helps you in monitoring and listening to people’s conversations on social media. Now, this is not as unethical as it sounds, maybe we are just exaggerating. Awario is a social listening tool that helps you in understanding the trends of the market. It allows you to spot and correct the mistakes you are making with your content and iterate them for gaining better engagement. It is a great tool to have at your disposal. It helps you in developing your content better for greater business ROI. Learn what content creation tools are and pair it with what you have learned by listening to social media. 

This also makes it easy for you to catch any bad reviews against your business. If there is anything that is an irrelevant conversation, you hear it. If there is anything you need to get with the internet is what people are talking about your brand. You can understand the grievances of your clients and use it to improve your services. 

5. Portent’s Content Idea Generator 

Idea generator

What are content creation tools? They help you find what the ongoing conversations are, and what are the keywords people are looking for and also give you some awesome content ideas. What more can you ask? If you are scratching your head how unique should content be? Very much. Use Portent’s Content Idea Generator to avoid gimmicky content and writing what is less functional. The best part is it is completely free to explore. Besides, you can always twist their ideas into what you feel would be best for your business. It should be more than enough to solve the exhaustive work of finding new topics every day to create content on. Produce interesting and unique content ideas that create a market buzz for your business. 

6. Quora 


People follow Quora to find the right answer to their question. Sometimes, it helps you greatly in finding what is the biggest searching of people concerning your industry. It can help you in grabbing attention by answering their biggest questions with your blog content. There is a ready audience for your industry out there. It is a great way to be in touch with your target audience. 

Q&A sites like Quora help search topics that your audience is looking for. You can simply gain insights and make use of the suggestion that pops up on their website. It also allows you to promote your content by offering answers to these questions. This can help you improve your content outreach and that too a ready market craving for the right answers. Here, we want you to learn what are writing tools? Writing something will not be fruitful until your content is well optimized as per SEO norms and has good readability here you can try out Yoast for SEO too.  

7. Reddit 


Reddit is like Quora is always brimming with content ideas that make it unsurprisingly easy to find the right topics to produce content on. It is not a Q/A site but a discussion site that has specific subcommunities or what they call “subreddits” for everything. Use Reddit for your benefit and seek feedback and insights that can help you improve. Also, a lot of companies have been benefitted by them to win partnership opportunities with other marketers. 

Wrapping Up 

So, these were some of the tools that are great for researching content. But that is only half a journey. You still have to answer the other biggest question of what writing tool works best for you. The same goes for research, the same goes for collaboration, and content management.

In hopes, you would have loved our blog and found it helpful in planning your content strategy for blogs, social media, videos, and more it will help you greatly in your journey to becoming a brand soon.

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