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Still, avoiding internet marketing? Or haven’t established your existence yet? Then figure it out, and go online right now! As many of your customers are online and they keep on searching for a business like yours, if they don’t find you then they’ll choose someone else.

SEO & Digital Marketing Services

It is considered as the ‘growing techniques’ for new-age. But, in this day and age, it is important for a brand’s web presence, especially available data and rival competition, to continue to grow and grow.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development

    The success of a brand today lies in a strong digital presence. If you want to scale your business fast, earn more leads, and drive revenue, Digital Marketing will give you these advantages and more.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    The process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine on different search queries related to your business.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing and advertising is the process of driving traffic and gaining exposure using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on.

  • PPC Advertising

    PPC stands for Pay Per Click Services. Gone are the days when you have to pay when your ad comes in front of the viewer, now you will have to pay when one click.

  • Content Development

    The pillars on which our content stands are quality, experience, affordability, and professionalism. In content writing services, we provide Search Engine Optimized Content writing to blog management and web pages content.

  • White Label Services

    Sun Media Marketing offers White Label Digital Marketing Services designed to meet custom requirements of each business and brand. We specialize in providing cost efficient, high quality services that can benefit you and your clients by creating a solid digital presence.

Why is digital marketing important to your business?

As a start-up company or if you have recently launched a new website or mobile application, you may rely on marketing through flyers, printed ads, or with big signs on the side road. Doing so will attract leads locally, but what if we say you can attract leads globally no matter whether you are a small start-up or mid-size or large size business? Almost 60% of the population of the world is connected digitally. Thus, building up your online presence on internet about your existence will connect you with many potential customers.

Apart from just focusing on leads, internet marketing also provides you several benefits:

  • Reach your audience measurably and cost-effectively
  • Take your business from local platforms to global platforms
  • Increases your brand awareness, further it adds in your brand’s creditability
  • Track responses of your efforts, if not appropriate you can edit immediately
  • Higher revenues and higher ROI from your campaigns
Digital Marketing Services

Why SEO is important for business?

The goal for any experienced SEO company is to organize a strong foundation for a beautiful website with clarity, effective user experience that is easily searchable in the search results with thanks to the reliability and credibility of the brand, and its digital properties.

Organic search is the largest part of the performance of most business websites. As we know, where they can get a wide audience and can depict their business on engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and many others. Mostly, the audience prefers Google for maximum searches.

Take a look at some of the top benefits:

  • You can get the first page position on important business keywords
  • Understanding SEO means you are ready to deal with the environment of the web
  • SEO brings new interesting opportunities to you
  • Increase in conversions rate, engagement, and traffic
  • It’s a long term strategy with long time success
  • SEO is measureable
  • SEO is slightly affordable
What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

What Our Clients Say

Affordable Leaflets

Owner - Paul

Wow our eCommerce store sales went up to 220% in September 2014, our busiest month of the year. Sun Media Marketing has continued to increase revenue for the second consecutive year in a row now.


Owner- Steve Smith

Within a first month of service we have seen a major improvement in our search engine rankings and we now are on 1st page of Google for our most important location based search keywords. It has also resulted in a positive effect on traffic to our website. I am very satisfied with the service we have received and happy to recommend Sun Media Marketing.

Mynyx Consulting

Owner - Mr. Soni

Mr. Jitudan at Sun Media Marketing has been very cooperative and innovative in terms of Online business or service projection including SEO (Search Engine Optimizer ) , Blog preparation with technical analytics and multiple suggestions.

Meeka Machinery Pvt. Ltd

Marketing Head - Mr. Mehta

We have hired Sun Media Marketing more than a year ago to build our online presence and also expected online inquires. Jitudan was able to implement a high-level digital marketing strategy for our Meeka Machinery website. The SEO services with them not only helped us to increase our online inquiries but also created better branding over the Internet. I am extremely happy & recommend Jitudan who brings deep knowledge of the digital marketing world at a reasonable price.

Album Design Store

Owner - Mr. Sanghavi

There guys are really responsive. I was expecting a high traffic jump. Recently I have seen my web traffic increase steadily. My domain authority from 6 is now at 26. It is a new domain. So I have to be realistic enough and build my site progressively. Surely, the team has delivered what they said and committed. It helps me significantly towards optimising my site.

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    Digital Marketing FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing Services

    Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, is the business promotional activities carried out over digital communication mediums like the internet. Social media posts, online video, display ads, email and web-based advertisements are some types of digital marketing tools that are widely used by online marketers. Apart from that, multimedia and text messages are also effectively deployed by digital marketing experts to give boost to the brand promotional activities.

    Today, this sort of advertisement that appears on the latest electronic gadgets like computer, tablet, laptop, or smartphone can fetch a wider audience than traditional advertising medium like newspaper, television, magazines, billboards, or postal mail.

    A digital marketer is a professional who is responsible to generate genuine leads and build brand awareness of a business through various digital channels. Some of the digital channels include websites, social media, search engine rankings, email marketing, online display ads and corporate blogs.

    An expert digital marketer should analyse his digital marketing activities to identify the flaws and improve its performance. He is also responsible for devising digital marketing strategies that can deliver optimal results.

    Some of the promotional tools used by digital marketers are Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, mobile marketing, and affiliate marketing.

    Yes, of course!

    Unlike traditional advertisements on print or television, digital advertisements offer personalized promotional space at an affordable price. More than that, you not only reach your target audience in a cost-effective way but also various online metric tools and web analytics enable you to measure the impact of your promotional activities. Careful observation and analysis help to rectify the flaws and carry out an effective digital marketing campaign for your brand.

    Your business can reach a global customer base with a little investment compared to traditional marketing practices. Digital marketing tools like social media can increase brand loyalty as your brand can communicate closely with the customers.

    Digital marketing enables your brand to deliver personalized services and engaging online content like images, videos and write ups that brings your customers closer to your brand. It can also build your brand reputation and improve conversion rates.

    Although digital marketing is solely carried out through online mediums, sometimes, traditional advertising mediums like print, television and radio are also deployed alongside to reach wider audiences in an effective manner.

    Digital marketing experts deploy several marketing tactics in accordance with the type of the business and the target audience.

    Generally, there are 11 types of digital marketing. They are mentioned below.

    • SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
    • PPC (Pay-per-click)
    • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
    • Content Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Influencer / Affiliate Marketing
    • Viral Marketing
    • Radio Advertising
    • Television Advertising
    • Mobile Advertising

    Business brands rely on digital marketing agencies as the latter knows the latest market trends, best digital marketing practices, strategies and tools for the overall digital marketing success.

    Here are some of the factors to consider when you assign your business promotional activities with a digital marketing agency.

    • Check regularly on your digital marketing agency’s ability to generate organic traffic to your business website.
    • Keep an eye on the generation of sales from the leads that comes along with the organic traffic.
    • Analyse whether the digital marketing agency can expand the reach of your brand to the potential customers.
    • Check if the digital marketing agency implements a top-down approach to improve the digital marketing results.

    Having an efficient, reputed digital marketing agency at your side can do wonders to your business. Choosing the right digital marketing agency can determine your success or failure.

    Below mentioned are some of the traits of a good digital marketing agency.

    • Clarity in communication
    • Driven by insights and innovation
    • Provide you with custom-tailored digital marketing package
    • Shows willingness to work as an extension of your business team

    Here are some of the services offered by digital marketing agencies.

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Pay-per-click or PPC advertising
    • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    • Email marketing
    • Content development and optimization
    • Integrated online marketing strategies
    • Video production

    Digital marketing agencies play an essential part in growing your business in the digital age. Setting up an in-house digital marketing team for your business development is highly expensive and time consuming.

    A good digital marketing agency can tailor strategies for your unique business promotional activities. In a fast-paced digital environment, marketing strategies should be quickly adaptable to ever changing market conditions.

    Most of the brands can’t handle both the business and marketing sides of their business efficiently. If a good digital marketing agency oversees your business’ marketing process, you can easily focus on your day-to-day business activities.

    Recent surveys show that 90% of the start-ups fail and one out of 12 enterprises won’t last to celebrate their 3rd birthday. So, in this highly competitive arena, nearly every enterprise needs the backing of a digital marketing agency. It is one of the best investments any enterprise can make for their business development. There is not even a single reason to point out why an enterprise shouldn’t benefit from digital marketing.

    More than anything else, it is digital marketing that took you to this webpage!

    Every enterprise, big or small, benefits from digital marketing. The prime days of the print and television media are long gone. Digital marketing is one of the efficient ways to make your brand stand out from the crowd with increased sales and revenue. Here are some of the advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing.

    • Cost-effective
    • Measurable
    • Global exposure
    • Personalisation
    • Openness
    • Closer customer engagement
    • Greater conversion rates

    You should hire a digital marketing agency as soon as your brand is ready to launch loaded with its products and services. Hiring a digital marketing agency helps you to launch your marketing campaigns at the earliest phase of your business. It can save you time and money if you try to go around the learning curve or set up a marketing team on your own.

    A good digital marketing team can provide you with ample time to run your business while they take the sole responsibility of running the digital marketing show for you. You can watch your advertising campaigns going live soon after the agency lays out the digital marketing strategy.

    There are more than 3000, both big and small, digital marketing agencies in our country. Picking out the right digital marketing agency for your enterprise is a bit of a tough task. But there is an easy way to pick out the gold from the dust.

    You should look out for the 7 traits of a great digital marketing agency in the ones you stumble upon during your search.

    Here are the 7 traits:

    • A thriving portfolio or list of clients
    • Expert team members
    • Genuine testimonials and industry reputation
    • The core values and culture of the agency
    • An appealing, easily navigable website
    • They make promises they can keep
    • Easy to get in touch with

    Today, the internet has 4.40 billion users all over the globe. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter boast of 2.41 billion users and 321 million users, respectively. By embracing digital technology, businesses all over the globe are migrating from their traditional offline world to the modern online world.

    This digital world offers greater opportunities on one side and higher competition on the other side. Every business undergoing digital migration needs the backing of an efficient digital marketing agency or a digital marketing expert to survive in this brave new world. The catalyst behind the popularity of digital marketing is it’s increasing demand from every single enterprise, big or small, all over the globe.

    Digital marketing strategies should be flexible, quickly adaptable to everchanging online market conditions, varying customer psychology and preferences. Every digital marketing strategy can be laid out on the foundation of 10 simple steps.

    Step 1: Draw a Customer Persona
    Qualitative and quantitative analysis are the methodologies of the past. Today, a closer online survey, polls and getting in touch with the target customer group can define your digital marketing success.

    Step 2: Identify Your Digital Marketing Goals And Tools
    No digital marketing strategy works without achievable goals and effective marketing tools to effectively carry out the digital marketing mission. Define your goals. Equip yourself with suitable digital marketing tools. Never ignore to measure the progress and analyse the result of the digital marketing campaign along the way.

    Step 3: Build a Blog
    High-quality content is essential for any digital marketing strategy. Blogs are an excellent tool to deliver consistent, quality content to your client base. It can increase customer loyalty, bring more website traffic, establish a solid social media presence, position your brand well in the market against competitors, and provide top ranking in on page search results.

    Step 4: Analyse and Update Your Current Digital Marketing Channels
    Digital technology evolves at an exponential pace. You should be alert enough to update your current digital marketing channels like websites, blogs, social media handles, native and paid advertising. Leave aside the channels that are not delivering results and stick with those that are productive.

    Step 5: Digital Marketing Automation
    Development of new technology and software open new avenues on digital marketing automation. It can do wonders as it can automate processes like content marketing and lead generation that in turn improves the entire sales and revenue of your business.

    Step 6: Mobile Optimization
    Customers are always easily accessible from their smartphones rather than laptops or computers. Mobile optimization includes optimizing your digital marketing tools like websites and social media content that can deliver greater mobile user experience.

    Step 7: Make Your business easily approachable by customers
    Every digital channel towards your business should be thrown open to your customers by providing them with a good user experience. Connect with your customers with engaging content, surveys, and polls. Eliminating irrelevant data, making the website easily navigable, and providing clearly visible call-to-actions on the landing page are some of the appropriate actions you can consider taking up.

    Step 8: Right Technology is the Key
    A right digital marketing strategy deployed on an ineffective technology can backfire. Keep a keen eye on the ever changing technological arena and pick out the right technology that helps you to identify your digital marketing goals and devise better strategies.

    Step 9: Identify your USP
    Unique Selling Point or USP differentiates your brand from your competitors, an attribute that sets your brand apart from the competition. Do the research, identify your USP and incorporate it into your digital marketing campaigns to attract customers and build customer loyalty.

    Step 10: Real time tracking of your digital marketing process
    Real time tracking of your digital marketing process is the only way you can confirm the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy. You can either build a team or lay out an effective marketing plan on your own to do the job.

    Assigning your digital marketing job with a full-service digital marketing agency like Sun Media Marketing will make things easier and fruitful.