Things You Should Know About Local SEO for eCommerce Websites

Things You Should Know About Local SEO for eCommerce Websites

Local SEO done right lets you hyper-focus on a specific target audience instead of the broad general user base everywhere.

Why is this necessary? Because more qualified customers will now discover your eCommerce site and make a purchase.

Keep Your Local SEO Strategy Up-To-Date

In the past two years, location specific searches for products and services have grown by over 200%. People are looking for local businesses and on Yelp this segment is almost at 92%. The local SEO market is constantly evolving as searching with local intent gains traction among users.

Local SEO for an eCommerce website refers to optimising your products and business for location-specific search queries. Local search strategy has a significant impact on business success because a vast majority of them result in conversions. As many as 46% of Google searches are for local businesses. If you don’t have a local SEO strategy in place on Google, your eCommerce site is missing out on local traffic.

eCommerce Local SEO: Key Things To Know

Invest in the local SEO strategy for a chance to gain more valuable leads. It’s time to adapt to local search and let local leads choose your business. Here are some things you should know about local SEO for eCommerce websites.

Google My Business listing

This is a huge opportunity for brand visibility. In local searches, Google displays all business and product information provided your listing is owned. So, complete and verify your listing. Second, optimize the listing to appear in local searches, and in the Local Pack. Create posts in the My Business page, add product images, event and sales announcements, reviews, and enhance your listing.

GMB for ecommerce website

Geo-target keywords in content

Boost local SEO for your ecommerce site using geo-specific keywords in your content for website copy, advertisements, and social media posts. For instance, keywords like city, town, street, etc. attracts local users to view your content.

Local citations in major directories

Online mentions of your eCommerce business and location in industry, product-specific, and local directories will build local citations. For instance, claim a listing on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Wedding Wire, etc. When people search using ‘near me’ modifier, more results containing your business will then come up. So, this step will ensure that customers near you can find your business.

Use reviews as a strategy

When it comes to shopping in ecommerce sites, users substitute seeing and handling the product with reading customer reviews. Online reviews influence purchase decisions of almost 93% users and search engines too approve of local reviews. Generate positive reviews using handouts or emails asking customers to leave reviews, and offer incentives on completion.

Generate local links

Quality backlinks are a good strategy for local SEO as well. Find authoritative websites in your specific area and generate links to your website with guest posts, event participation, sponsorships, and features.

Final Words

Help your eCommerce website attract local searches, users, and purchases by keeping your local SEO game strong. It will fuel your local business and also grow your digital store. The best results, however, always come from frequent updates and optimizations in your local SEO strategy.

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