How Important Is Responsive Web Design for Business

How Important Is Responsive Web Design for Business

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  • September,11,2018
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Did you know that over 36% of the world population is projected to use a smartphone by 2018? From the data one thing is clear that mobile is taking over online surfing which encompasses everything from checking mails, browsing social media to shopping. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Websites not optimized for small screens will experience a decline in their search engine rankings. Are you thinking to shrunken your desktop version so that it will fit into any mobile screens or design layout for desktop and mobiles separately?

But, responsive website will work across any device. The design process will enable your site to adapt to any screens it is being used, regardless of the device. All content, images and structure of your site will remain same when a user will access your site from any device.

Why you should use responsive design?

There are some really important reasons why you need to switch to responsive design:

Increase in traffic from mobile devices

Statistics accumulated in 2015 shows that 60% of the online searches came from the mobile devices. Following the trend, Google uses mobile version of content to index and rank a page. So, your mobile site should have same content as that of your desktop version. If there are differences, make sure that the mobile versions have the primary and important content like that of your desktop site. With the increasing number of searchers coming from the mobile devices, businesses no longer can maintain a mobile responsive website separately. Hence it becomes essential to use responsive website design.

Google’s recommendations

We all know that Google is the most popular search engine in the world. And it recommends responsive web design as the pattern to follow. Why Google prefers this design pattern? With responsive design you will have a website that is functional across all the devices. And the site will have a URL and HTML. It becomes easier for Google to crawl and index the sites. The users also can share, engage and better interact with such sites rather than the sites with different pages for desktop and mobile versions.

Increase in conversion rates

Beside all the search benefits and better customer experience, responsive design can increase the conversion rates. With so many users accessing internet through their mobile devices, if your site fails to work properly, users will obviously not convert. So, how many people do shopping from mobile devices? According to a study, 62% of smartphone users have made purchase online using their mobile devices.

Better user experience

Just like your desktop website, whenever someone arrives at your mobile site and does not find the content he or she is looking for immediately, it is frustrating. The user will leave the site immediately and head to another one. So, users will not zoom or shrink the texts or images on screen to browse your site through their mobile device. You have to come up with a mobile-friendly site that shows consistency irrespective of the devices.

If you are still not convinced to introduce responsive design, just look what others are doing. You have to cater to the ever increasing number of mobile audience for which you will need a responsive site. There are several website design companies in India. Evaluate their responsive website design services and select the best among them.

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