How to Create a Successful SEO Strategy

How to Create a Successful SEO Strategy

By Sun Media Marketing
  • August,09,2017
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“Rome was not built in a day. The same is applicable for your SEO strategy. It takes time, needs a well-thought out plan and execution.”

Creating compelling SEO strategy is complicated. It’s not just about keywords, Google or pay per click marketing anymore. Instead, a professional team has to work twice as hard to achieve promising results by combining them and going by the latest algorithmic changes brought forth by search engines.

After working with hundreds of clients, here’s what we have come up with to get things going in the right direction.

  • Strategical Assessment
  • Conversion Techniques
  • Compelling Content
  • Optimized Deliverance
  • Building Auth

Strategical Assessment

Before plunging into the world of search engine optimization, it’s helpful to understand who your target audience is and competitors. We’ll start with in-depth keyword research to identify the top performing keywords, check your website for optimized design, content and merge them with business goals to achieve best ROI.

Conversion Techniques

Driving visitors to your website and getting your brand noticed can be accomplished with good SEO strategies.

  • Analyze your website’s performance through statistics including total traffic, bounce rate, most visited pages and actions performed by visitors.
  • An intuitive website generates more leads. Optimized content that converts and design is crucial at every point right from the landing page to product pages and contact forms will help.
  • Identify wherever improvements are needed to boost conversion rates and create a wire frame so that it could be understand by the entire team that’s working on the project.
  • Keep testing the website regularly and fix anything that hinders your SEO strategy.

Compelling Content

Content is king and the stature stays true even now. While top search engines such as Google have made many changes to remove spam content, high quality and original writing builds a strong base for every business. Creating blogs, infographics, newsletters, press releases, landing pages, whitepapers, podcasts, text ads, video and audio content are part of every good SEO strategy. Creating compelling content engages audience and increase conversion rates.

Optimized Deliverance

SEO starts at content level and goes all the way to optimizing your apps, social media pages, blogs, forums and keeping track of any Google penalties that should be taken care of at the earliest. When the term optimization is mentioned, it usually refers to search engine optimization. We ensure optimized deliverance for your brand or business as per the best norms.

Building Authority & Trust

Once the basic optimization is done, it’s time to build trust. Making a business website authoritative and trustworthy will gain Google’s attention gaining better visibility in search results.

  • Become the leader of a niche and excel at it rather than simply aiming to appear on top of search results.
  • Acquire links from authoritative websites, blogs and encourage guest posting.
  • Establish digital media relations with mutually beneficial ventures so that the exposure could bring your business in focus.
  • Expand your service to social media websites with prompt response, timely promotions and generate quality leads through external links.

Sun Media Marketing has the manpower, time and expertise to implement every aspect of a proven SEO strategy. If your business lacks any one of these factors or need a refresh, get in touch with us now. We’re just a call away!

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