Internet Revolution Transforming Lives

Internet Revolution Transforming Lives

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  • October,11,2017
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“It all started with the invention of the ‘difference engine’ in 1822, the first ever computer invented by Charles Babbage. Then computers came in the form of transistors, integrated circuits and finally a smart way to connect the network of computers.”

The credit of networking of computers goes to C R Licklider, a professor at MIT who talked about Man-Computer Symbiosis in 1960 where he envisioned that people would be efficiently accessing information from different locations shortly. His global vision is now known as the Internet and the generations to come are to witness the new era of internet revolution in the digital world.

The Internet has given us the access to the unlimited source of information. Search engines help you fetch the required data in a flash. Hence, the humankind is moving into a new phase where the necessity to memorize information is increasingly becoming less important, rather the emphasis is on processing and building up over already available information. That is certainly a revolutionary phenomenon in the history of human civilization. Things are becoming more and more virtual than actual.  Finance, education, entertainment, social communication, daily interactions, shopping and almost every domain function on internet platforms. The Internet has made things easier in all aspects. MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is changing the education system. Internet can even save lives during a natural disaster. Help will arrive much quickly owing to the faster communication channels available due to internet. As a result of convenience in abundance, dependency over the internet is drastically increasing.

Here is the proof that Indians cannot stay offline. Yes, in a survey conducted across 23 countries about a life without internet, 82% of the Indians responded cannot see life without internet. 78% of the UK people showed displeasure and can’t see a life ahead without a network. Interestingly, 38% of Japanese were willing to sacrifice internet and can easily live without them.

India is the second largest in the global population index and it also ranks at the second place in the global internet usage with over 460 million users in the country connected to internet next to China. The US ranks third with 286 million internet users.

Ericsson Mobility report read that, India will witness around 520 million 4G subscribers by 2022. In the year 2015, we had 259 million users. By 2022 – in a span of 7 years India will witness a rise of more than 50% mainly because of the affordable infrastructure and technology available to us.

We are moving towards a Cloud-based architecture where internet connection acts as a lifeline to the said technology. We live in a society where the internet has become the part of our life and it’s hard to imagine a life without it.

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