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Everyone wants their site to rank higher in search engine results, but not everyone deserves that top position. Your business, brand and website have to reach that milestone and we will help you. Our team of highly qualified and experienced SEO experts knows what it needs to make your website beat the competition and consistently maintain top search engine raking.

Our search engine optimization services are cost effective and result oriented. At Sun Media Marketing, we work towards enhancing your organization’s visibility within the search results so that you receive high quality targeted traffic at your site. We have a success record of establishing our clients’ websites as authorities in their respective fields. This ensures every SEO campaign we work on achieves page one results, driving relevant traffic to crucial pages.

Cutting Edge Services

Every business is different and so is your website. So, when we undertake a project we try to understand the details of your business, your overall objective and what is your uniqueness. Our professionals then develop customized search engine optimization services based on your specific needs and priorities, at the same time keeping an eye on the global search engine landscape. However, we follow a broad pathway for all the projects. All SEO campaigns begin with detailed website audit, research and analysis.

Keyword research

Researching and identifying the ideal keywords that your target audience use a lot and is not heavily targeted by competition.

On-page optimization

Optimizing on-page content and every other page elements for better ranking.

Off-page SEO

Linking to and promoting your website effectively to build site’s popularity and authority.

Content marketing

Creating and promoting blog posts, articles, infographics and videos to attract attention and acquire target audience.

Reporting and analysis

Providing detailed reports on the performance of your campaign and optimizing it further.

Why Search Engine Optimization is essential for your online business?

Look at this recent statistics

  • Word Press alone publishes 2 million posts every day. If we count all the posts published online numbers will be even higher. It is kind of tough to stand out in such competition
  • People conduct almost 2.2million searches on Google on any given day. There are other search engines also
  • 93% of all online searches start from a search engine
  • 75% of the internet users do not bother to scroll to the next page of search results
  • 71% of business purchase decision starts with a search engine
  • 70%- 80% of users ignore paid search results and click on organic search results
  • SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation

How our team of consultants can help you?

There are reasons why you should choose us among so many SEO companies in India for your next digital marketing project:

  • Growth Commitment: All our SEO campaigns are bespoke based on the specific requirements of clients. We deal each of our projects with equal importance and our only target is to boost clients’ business.
  • Competitive pricing: Pricing is based on the size and your project requirements. Still, prices are competitive and we aim to deliver maximum value for our customers’ investments.
  • No hidden costs: Our project cost estimation is done on the basis of your requirements. You only pay for what you intend to use.
  • Transparency: We provide regular updates and maintain complete transparency while working on your projects.

Sun Media Marketing has the manpower, time and expertise to implement every aspect of a proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Get in touch with us now. We’re just a call away!

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