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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The process of getting traffic from the search results on the search engine is termed as SEO. It is the smartest way to win the top position on Google’s search engine.

All search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing have the search results and in SEO, the website is optimized in such a way that it gets the quality and quantity of traffic to the site from the results page of the search engine. Seo includes a number of different practices and techniques to get the website on the top. At the time when you search for anything in the search engine with the keywords, the top sites appear first and the results have shown that the user will click on the top five sites, so SEO is a very important part if you have your business online.

It is a strategy that is really powerful to implement.

Tf-idf stands for Term Frequency(tf) and Inverse Document Frequency(idf). To define each document separately from specific documents is done using these two metrics named tf-idf. This algorithm is used by search engines to establish more accuracy.

Let’s jump in the year 1957, when a computer science researcher at IBM, Hans Peter Luhn, the author attaches the importance to the term or combination of terms that appear more frequently. The weight of a term is proportional to its frequency. The analyzation of each document is done to see the number of times a word is appearing in the document or which word is more used. For better ranking, tf-idf is a good way to understand your content. It is an algorithm that makes your search really quick and easy. It’s functioning is quite effective and non-technical.

tf-idf is useful for search engines to understand what an article is about and whether it’s useful in a particular context or not.

A word that acts as the key to your content’s lock is termed as keyword and the research done to determine which keywords are correct for your website or your SEO campaign is termed as keyword research. Keyword research makes you clear about the search terms which the audience are using to perform the search. During the search on the search engine, the content having the relevant keywords are considered at the top by Google. The relevance of the website is based on the words included in it. It the basis of any online search performed. The topmost component of SEO is Keyword research. Keywords which comprise of short words and phrases are far better than the long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are the best as they have short words, phrases, and variants.

One should always choose the keywords that have the best chance of ranking for.

Improving the technical aspects of the website to improve its ranking, technical SEO is implemented as an effective method. It is a broad field that covers all the things from keyword research, checking the indexing, content optimization to sitemaps and link building. In this competition, it is very necessary to use effective measures and get top-ranked on google’s search engine.

The guidelines set up by the search engines are followed by technical SEO to make sure that the site can be indexed and ranked for keyphrase searches accordingly.

All the efforts made to ensure that the website is compatible with the search engine are performed by the technical SEO. Technical SEO is the key which improves your website a lot. Technical properties sometimes become and hindrance in the web site’s progress and to eliminate this hindrance, technical SEO is widely used.

Social media is a platform on which one can share anything to everything related to the content, images, videos and much more. When social media is used as a platform to increase sales, to introduce new products or to engage more customers, it is termed as social media marketing. The best part is it has become the cup of tea of all the businesses to grow. Yes, social media is an electronic means of communication which is now used as a powerful marketing tool.

People spent most of their idle time on social media platforms. Social Media Marketing has the power to make your business a brand. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are the most popular social media platforms nowadays. Some of the benefits of using social media marketing are as under:

  • To connect your audience
  • To increase your brand awareness
  • To increase the traffic to your website
  • For retargeting audience
  • To establish the brand

For a quick and smash hit, social media play a vital role in your business. Whether you have a small scale business or a large scale business, social media is suitable for all. It has a number of opportunities and advantages in the business.

Facebook Ads
Around two million people use social media every month, which is about one-third of the world’s population. Facebook is the biggest social media site with a very easy to use interface. Facebook has a great balance of gender, so you can target most of the age groups.

Instagram Ads

Another best social media platform after Facebook is Instagram. Instagram stories are the interaction of almost 800 million active users. It has the best-showcasing features with quality which will be great for ads. Images reign supreme on Instagram.

Twitter Ads

Twitter, a platform with the users mostly under the age of 50 and on this platform you can advertise using the textual content, it also has a good performance when it comes to images or videos.

Your sale is directly dependent on your customers and if you do not engage with them through social media, you are going to lose the sales. Almost all the age groups people are active on social media during their free time. People spend the time enjoying the interactions on the social media. While you are not present there with your marketing, someone already grabbed their attention. These platforms have wider opportunities for the business. They are always having the traffic of the users almost during the full day and during the midnight too.

The platform they are already scrolling will make them aware of your presence if you get your add served in front of them on social media. As the awareness increases, the same way the customer conversion chances increases and the ultimate result you get is an increase in your sales. Thus sales and social media cannot be separated nowadays.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. We use different platforms for our digital marketing and we need to set the budget while creating the campaigns when you go with pay per click form of advertising, the platform will only cut the charge each time when the advertisement is clicked. The valuable visits can be received with just a small amount spent.

Growing the website, pulling more customers and building your brand’s image is all easy to get with PPC. Nowadays the most popular PPC platform is Google AdWords. PPC can also found under the term CPC.

PPC has the power to drive traffic to your website and to turn your visitors into your new customers, this campaign is preferred by most of the businessmen as it is an efficient and cheap campaign.
In short, it is a cost-effective tool to drive more traffic and get more sales on your website.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization while PPC means Pay Per Click. Both the methods are framed for fetching traffic or converting more sales. But both are the different sides of the same coin.

There are two main key differences, first is that the paid ad will always appear at the top of the page and the traffic received from the SEO is free while the traffic you receive from the PPC is paid traffic. By SEO you will have organic traffic while by PPC you will receive the laser targeted traffic. SEO increases your visibility by the organic search while the PPC increase the visibility until you are paying to the search network. If you are considering the long term strategy, SEO will be your Gold mine, you can dig out your gold customers continuously and with PPC, it’s a short dug mine.

The situation of each and every business is very different and after taking the business into consideration, you can select the suitable one.

Any network that offers pay per click on the links or on the ads is PPC Ad Networks. The network consists of all the search engine platforms. There are different pay per click ad networks and they are Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Google Ads, etc. They all have almost the same user interface despite some other differences.

The networks are the net worth and the same is with PPC. Search engines display your ads when there is budget added in the campaign and the ad stops after the budget gets finished. All the webmasters who crave for more profit are the main players on the PPC networks. They run the ad on a regular basis and receive mesmerizing results. PPC advertising runs effectively is all because of the networks. They are the backbone of all your PPC campaigns and a bridge between the publisher of the ad and the advertiser of the ad.

PPC means Pay Per Click. Jumping to the clicks, we need to understand about the ads run for it. For PPC, there is a campaign designed to bring the traffic and convert the same into the sale. Now the question arises, where to display those ads? Or where to advertise those ads?

There are a number of platforms on which the PPC ad can be run for High-end profit-driven results and to know the exact return on their investment.

Everybody has their own preferences and based on the requirements one can go with their suitable one. Some of the platforms on which you can run the ad and get the good results are as under:

There are various options with PPC, make your smart choice. All the platforms are well versed in fetching the best results.

The common question by all of is how much one should spend on PPC? While it doesn’t have a single common answer. This is a campaign created for getting effective clicks. There are different segments in the business, there are different needs of the business while the customer database of each and every business is also different. The amount one should spend is dependent on many factors like if you will target a small area, the budget required will be shown less and if you will target a wider location, the budget required will automatically be increased.

As the name itself says that pay per click so the small businesses can try with the small amounts while the large businesses are continuously spending hefty and gaining the results.

On average, the business should consider near $1 to pay per click and the total amount one needs to spend can be decided by one’s monthly budget.

A beautifully crafted piece to read using the relevant and best information is termed as content. Content is the king, it is the silent method of marketing which does not look like marketing. Whenever one gets perplexed about something and the need to make the things crystal clear arises, the search gets started. The content related to that search is shown by the search engines.

Content marketing is the method of marketing in the form of distributing or presenting the content to suitable places or platforms. Words are the means of conversation when the advertiser is not present. The content works as the middle man. Content marketing is the widespread concept used by almost all the online advertisers to get the organic search. Content marketing should be performed keeping in mind the targeted audience. One should always go with high-quality content as it is a factor of building the customer relationship indirectly.

Content marketing means the method of marketing using words, it requires marketing tactics. Content marketing is an effective method of marketing after being implemented with all reliable practices. Content marketing is done with a quality piece of content providing all the information in crystal clear form. The purpose of any piece of content is to provide useful information.

The content marketing is really result-oriented when applied with the proper knowledge, at proper place and at the right time. Without implementing all these strategies all the efforts will just go in vain, while if one adopts all these, it has an effect on building the brand’s image, increasing the sales, drive more traffic, get more customers and much more. The results achieved with the help of content marketing has benefited the small to large scale businesses. The more people consuming your content, the more they will get engage with you.

Customers get attracted to the content you put on the web page. The attraction of the customers means indirectly increasing your customer’s list. Business needs growth and content needs proper marketing then only the success will outgrow your expectations. There are a plethora of reasons why you should content marketing.

Some of the reasons are stated as under for your quick ride:

Long Term growth

The content never dies, you will receive the growth along with the customers. It’s a long term growth development tool for all the businesses.


Driving the people and attracting them to the website ultimately increases the traffic of the website. The more people sticking in the site, the chances of conversion increases.

Increase the awareness

Blogs are the effective method of delivering the knowledge to readers, the more the readers the more awareness about your presence increases.

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