• Local SEO Trends for 2023 – Exclusively Free

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been one of the top talking points of 2022. Businesses have invested significantly in content development to gain phenomenal organic (free) traffic from SEO services. SEO is a magical door & gateway to quality lead generation, driving traffic to your site, quality lead generation, sales conversion, enhancing brand awareness, and […]

  • Local SEO Tips for 2023

    Local Search is one of the most potent ways for businesses to earn potential leads for sales conversion. A large number of searches on Google are related to local information. In 2022, more than 50% of searches were related to Local searches, out of which more than 80% contacted businesses within 24 hours. It is […]

  • CH_ 9 Local SEO Reporting

    Local SEO Reporting

    So, you’ve got your local SEO elements together and you’re running local SEO campaigns. Now the question is, how do you know you’re doing it right? This last chapter is all about how you can track your performance, measure your progress, and generate reports on whether your local SEO campaigns are doing what they are […]

  • CH_ 8 Basics of Local Link Building

    Basics of Local Link Building

    Link building in SEO refers to the method of embedding backlinks of your website to other websites. Local link building is similar, but you need to be more interactive with your local community to make it work. You will need help from your local community groups, mom-and-pop stores, and neighborhood watch websites to generate authoritative […]

  • CH_ 7 On-Site SEO for Local Businesses

    On-Site SEO for Local Businesses

    While vital local SEO tasks like Google My Business and online reviews happen away from your website, there are some site optimization tactics that take place on site. This is known as on-site SEO and that’s what this section is all about.   Defining an Optimized Website On-site SEO optimization is an important factor that contributes […]

  • CH_ 6 Online Reviews for Local Businesses

    Online Reviews for Local Businesses

    Online reviews have become an important symbol of trust and integrity for all businesses. You have seen it on large eCommerce sites like Amazon, where each product has a different review. However, for most local businesses, the best way to generate online reviews is with the help of Google My Business. But how important are […]

  • CH_ 5 Local SEO Citation

    What is a Local SEO citation

    Citation building is a local SEO tactic that an inseparable part of your local SEO strategy. Citation is more than just a tool to improve your business’ search results, it is abundant. According to Search Engine Land columnist Myles Anderson, citation inconsistency is actually the no. 1 issue affecting local SEO ranking. If you have […]

  • CH_ 4 What is Google My Business

    Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

    Google My Business is a free tool from Google which helps business owners to manage their online business listings. This tool is particularly very helpful for local brands that are targeting local customers. Using this service it is easy for customers to find a business using the zip code, GPS coordinates or simply the name […]

  • CH_ 3 Local SEO Keywords Research

    Local SEO Keywords Research

    This chapter deals with one of the most key building blocks of SEO — not just local SEO: Keyword research. So far, we have talked about how for local businesses, the most crucial factor to live and die by is the ability to show up in the right places on Google. In order to do […]

  • CH_ 2 Who Needs Local SEO

    Who Needs Local SEO?

    This chapter is all about determining if local SEO is the right fit for your business.   As mentioned before, local SEO is helpful for both the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and large businesses that have physical store. However, SMEs have more to gain from implementing a local SEO strategy as it gives them […]