Making sure Social Media Marketing works for your business in 2019 – Tips and tricks!

Making sure Social Media Marketing works for your business in 2019 – Tips and tricks!

By Sun Media Marketing

Though slowly, but it definitely has found a place for itself in our lives! Today over 70% people use social media, compared to less than 10% back in 2005.

The business world seems to have taken a note of this, this is why Social Media Marketing revolution began. If executed well, Social Media Optimization Services can get you some wonderful benefits!

Social Media Marketing is nothing but a powerhouse for your business – a dynamic one at that! It help brands realise their power and value along with generating leads for them. If not taken seriously, it can even turn out to be a negation for your business, a big waste of your time, energy and potential. This is why it is important to strategize your Social Media Marketing policies to carry out your success in the long run.

Of course, it comes along with its set of challenges. Corporates trying to achieve a branding on social media platforms should focus on overcoming these challenges. Once you have managed to shove those challenges away, you can receive the result metrics and gain all the major benefits you require.

This can definitely be achieved with the help of some planning and some tips and tricks. You and your organization can enjoy the benefits and the returns which your competitors probably cannot!

Read further to ensure it is a win-win situation

Commit to your plans

The very first thing you can do for enhancing your brand value is to commit to success.

You need to be focused to your plans of generating a buzz for your brand on social media. Your focus should not deviate you to another path, especially in this day and age of competitiveness. Now that is a real challenge.

With the growing number of competitors around you, it is very difficult today to target a particular audience, let alone creating a brand name for yourself. It is equally challenging for you to display your brand motto through your content, since most competitors are already doing that. This is why, if you lack a focus and commitment towards your Social Media Marketing plans, you might be losing this race in just a matter of months.

For a new brand it takes about 10-12 months to really get that value on social media platforms. This gestation period will not only get you the value you have been hoping for but will get you a consistent audience base as well. You can easily sail through this stressing journey with the help of a valuable friend – a Social Media Marketing Agency.

Target an audience base

Now that you have planned, you need to focus on finding an appropriate audience base that actually would take interest in your content on social media. Whatever you are trying to design should have a target audience, otherwise it is not going to be effective.

For the implementation of your successfully generated plans, it is essential to look for an audience that is going to be pleased with your branding and your product/service; that is also going to understand and connect with your deeply and would help you take your brand name forward through generations.

A powerful Social Media marketing Firm knows the value an audience gets to your brand name in the long run. And once you have found the target audience, Social Media Marketing Experts are going to make sure you never lose them out.

Choose a particular platform

The third thing you need to understand is the power of Social Media.

Not all social media platforms are alike. Facebook and Instagram do not run according to the same algorithms; same goes for Twitter and Tumblr.

There is a particular audience for a particular platform that attracts a particular content type. There are some audiences who are active on a particular platform more than the other, and some who prefer only using a single platform over the others. This is why we believe all social media platforms are not exactly equal in value.

Your nature of business and the audiences that it is going to attract plus the kind of content you are going to be generating will determine what social media platform will you target.

A Social Media Management Company can help you regarding the same. They will help you profile out the social media platform most suited for your business type, so you can target the audiences that would actually help you establish your brand name and value. Once a Social Media Marketing Expert has helped you out in this arena, you should be looking forward to staying committed to that particular platform at first. You can always establish your branding to other platforms as well, eventually.

Think your content strategies

Once you have managed to focus on a particular social media platform, you should now be thinking about the type of content you are going to post. Every piece of content you post gets you more and more audiences along with returns. This step should be clearly and carefully thought-out and planned. You should not just be posting something in order to be visible on social media.

Depending on the type of social media platform, your Social Media Advertising Services Provider can help you realise what kind of content would suit the best.

For example, if you choose Facebook, you should be looking forward to posting entertainment or news related content pieces. Since everyone is literally on Facebook, your chances of gaining the spotlight increase every single day. Facebook Pages might not work in your favor in the beginning, but Facebook groups lead you to your target audiences better.

The same goes for Instagram. If you are opting for this platform, you should be posting content that is appealing to the eyes, since Instagram is all about artsy stuff. Static images and short videos work wonders for your business and get you the maximum returns.

Another thing to keep a tab of is the kind of content you are posting. The content you post should have some meaning, some essence and some value behind it, that helps people realise your ultimate brand value and potential. You should be able to get your brand message across social media through your content. Once you manage to post something of value, your online engagement and visibility is bound to increase.

Do not pretend

Let’s face it, it is no longer appreciated being fake on social media. This is why you need to be the real you on social media. Faking it and pretending to be someone else, or copying some high end brand is not going to get your organization candies and social points.

You should simply look up to the high end brands who display their real self, their real philosophy and their true nature and yet are loved by many on social media. Their authenticity is what makes them special in a truer sense. This is why millions follow them, because they believe in them for who they are.

The content thy post on social media always has something special about it, sort of a theme. Their brand personality is engaging and unique, which is their USP. their content choices reek of their unique personality.

This is why it important that you realise early on that if you are looking forward to creating your own brand name and brand value, believe in yourself like others do. Be unique. You do not have to focus on simply displaying your products and services and not yourself. You need to ensure that you connect with your audiences, you have some common ground to share. Only then they can love you.

Market your brand through video content

YouTube has gained the second position when it comes to the top search engine in the world. This must be for a reason, right?

All the people view YouTube content. YouTube has redefined the value of videos in the most powerful sense. It is through sight that you can really tug at the hearts of your audiences and make them incline towards you. You can shell out any kind of information and opinions through videos, of course in a creative fashion, and be an overnight success. You can help people develop strong feelings towards your brands and gain your status as a leading brand in the industry.

High quality video content is the key player in all social media marketing tricks, and this has been proven by all marketing gurus and leading Social Media Marketing Companies.

You can leverage the attention through visual means and prove your mettle!

Be a friend not an executive

This is game changer, in all social media marketing tricks and tips – being a friend to your audiences.

You should focus on listening to them, solving their queries, share a word or two, but not let those conversations be too formal. You should not be promoting your ideas and brand to them, rather indulge in making long term relations.

Try and develop engaging relationships and conversations with your audiences rather than shoving your brand value in their faces. You should be able to communicate with them on open-ended social media platforms.

Quite recently, social media has seen a surge of audiences who are advocating their concerns on these platforms to the brands in exchange of their issues being resolved. In a sense, social media platforms instead of being Social Media Advertising platforms for brands are slowly becoming a second mode of customer service platforms.

This does give you a benefit though. You can turn the situation around and make it work in your favour. You can interact with audiences, resolve their issues and get more and more engagement. This can get you the influx you need.


As a Social Media Optimization Company, we can vouch that these Social Media Marketing tips and tricks will end up being the best choice you make! Social Media Marketing for businesses has always been our forte. Sun Media Marketing is not just another social media advertising services providers but the experts. Social media optimization flows in our blood stream. We have managed to gather these incredible tips and tricks, directly spoken by the marketing gurus and top social media marketing firms. By following these tips and tricks, you can easily turn your passion into revenues. You can gain the advantage of soon becoming the brand you already have the potential of becoming. At Sun Media Marketing, we believe you can do it! You just need a little push.

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