Odoo ERP Migration

Odoo ERP Migration: For Tangible Business Results

The world of technology is growing by leaps and bounds. New technology has to be adopted and new business practices have to be implemented. Sometimes, it so happens that old ERP solutions are just not able to keep up with the increasing demands of the modern day business. What should be done in this case? The answer lies in hiring an Odoo ERP Migration company.

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Odoo ERP Migration Services

With Sun Media Marketing’s proven expertise, we can help you in Odoo ERP migration. This transformation, to a better ERP solution, will help you manage your business processes with increased efficiency demanded by the changing industry standards. Odoo ERP migration is a step by step process. It entails a structured approach. Our Odoo ERP Migration developers are experts who follow the following steps for ERP migration

Getting A Hang Of The Current System

We try to understand how your existing system works. We do research on how the data transfer works and what is the workflow. Once we have a detailed understanding of your existing system, our open ERP Migration company moves on to the next step

Extraction Of Data

We understand the value of data and the pain when it is lost or corrupted. Therefore, we are very careful during data extraction. We make efforts to ensure that the complete data from all the various locations, including native databases and 3rd party apps, is extracted successfully

Spring Cleaning

When a huge amount of data is extracted, it is quite possible that errors might creep in here and there. To find and rectify them, we make the data go through a cleaning process

Field Mapping

The next step of Odoo ERP Migration services is Field Mapping, which maps the old data fields to the correct new data fields. We are extremely careful while doing this so that the mapping is done without errors. This is real hard work, believe us!

The Final Check

This is always required after the entire migration process is complete. This helps us point any errors or corrupt data fields. We then use our best tools to solve any issues that might crop up. We then congratulate you, because now your new system is ready to be used


We would love to listen to your requirements and offer Odoo ERP migration service for your business. And don’t worry about your budget as we have specially priced plans that are inclusive of all our best work. At the same time, they are extremely cost-effective

Odoo ERP Migration: For Tangible Business Results

We can help you in Odoo ERP migration

If you need Odoo ERP Migration, get in touch with us. We at Sun Media Marketing offer you a complete package of Odoo ERP Development Services. Don’t hesitate, because your business operations deserve a better system and we’re the best experts for the job, talk to us on +1-917-267-8626 or Contact Us.

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