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Expert Odoo ERP training- by us for you

It is difficult to accept change, especially for employees who prefer to use the same system that they have been using for years. This resistance creates hurdles for adaptation of a new ERP system. The only thing that can eradicate this resistance is hiring an Odoo developer for proper training of the employees in the use of the new ERP system. It is only a matter of time that they will get used to it given a much needed guidance. For this you need a good Odoo ERP Training company that knows how to train your workforce and to make them experts in the new Odoo ERP.

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What is included in Odoo ERP Training?

The trainers at Sun Media Marketing have in-depth knowledge of the demographics for which the training material is made. They also understand the requirements of the users and teach accordingly.

Platform Training

Platform training teaches the users all about the functioning of Odoo ERP platform. This training is given to users who have to understand Odoo's functions so that they can work efficiently with the new system

Advanced Technical Training

This training is given by Open ERP Training Company usually to your technical team. This training module includes training about any technical issues that may arise and how to solve them. This training enables your system technicians to understand the internal workings of Odoo ERP system

Administrative Training

Odoo ERP Training services will also focus on administrative training. Those who handle administration, have to take care of the database management, keep an eye on various processes and do other duties for the well-being of the entire system. This special training ensures that your administrators are confident enough to do all these tasks successfully

Training of the End-User

All the end users have to be trained mandatorily in Odoo ERP because they are the ones who will make the maximum use of the system. Their training is the most important aspect of any Odoo ERP Training program


Odoo ERP training consultants will teach your technical writers everything about Odoo ERP System documentation. This will enable them to make process documentation effectively and without errors

Cost Effective

We would love to provide Odoo training services for your business. And don’t worry about your budget as we have specially priced plans that are inclusive of all our training consultation

Expert Odoo ERP Training- by us for you

Odoo ERP Training company that knows how to train your workforce and to make them experts in the new Odoo ERP

If you want Odoo ERP Training India for your workforce, contact us today. Our special trainers will be happy to impart their knowledge to make your workforce comfortable with Odoo ERP, talk to us on +1-917-267-8626 or Contact Us.

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