The Client

Affordable Leaflets is part of the NWDS group of companies which already includes a full service media agency, property newspaper publishing company and a print-buying company. They currently print between 500,000 and 1,000,000 leaflets per month for their clients who include major newspaper publishing groups, retailers, estate agents, takeaways and restaurants plus more recently they have supplied leaflets for local councillors, MP’s and a major political party for the 2010 elections.


Affordable Leaflets were already doing well in their local market but when it come to the business over the internet they wanted improvement in online printing orders.They asked Sun Media Marketing to have complete SEO review of website and plan digital marketing strategy. Affordable Leaflets wanted Sun Media Marketing to research some keywords relevant to their business on niche level and keywords must have a specific amount of search volumes.

They wanted us to achieve first page ranking for keyword “A5 Leaflets Printing”

Results, Return on Investment

Google bot indexing improved up to 1850 pages.

As per Affordable Leaflets analytics report in short time of period the overall session is improved by 159.05% i.e. 950 to 2461 and in which the organic traffic share is 194.38% and 19.84 are new unique users.

The content marketing plan helped to drive referral traffic as well as it helped to increase quality backlinks score.

As a result conversation rate is increased by 63.17% for the Affordable Leaflets which is a huge success.

  • Growth 159.05% In Overall Session
  • Growth 20.60% In Revenue
  • Growth 22.60% Overall Growth in Transactions
  • 199.70% Overall Growth in Users
  • 71.67% Overall Growth in Page Views
  • Improvement in 21.37% New sessions

Keywords Ranking Status

Keywords Avg. Monthly Search Volume on Position on
Leaflets 5400 9
Cheap Printing 1600 9
Cheapest Print Online 1300 6
Cheap Flyers 1300 6
Cheap Leaflet Printing 1000 7
Cheap Leaflets 590 7
A5 Leaflets 480 6
Cheap Flyer Printing 480 9
Business Leaflets 390 6
A6 Flyers 320 6
Cheap Flyer Printing Uk 320 10
Cheap Printing Uk 320 10
A5 Leaflet Printing 260 6
Leaflets Online 260 9
Cheap Flyers Uk 210 6
A5 Flyer Printing 210 6
Leaflet Printing Cheap 210 6
A5 Printing 210 7
Cheap A5 Flyers 170 4
Cheap Printing Services 170 8
Flyer Printing Cheap 170 9
Cheap Online Printing 170 7
Leaflet Printing Uk 170 8