The Client

Codezeros is a Blockchain Development company based in USA, Dubai and India. We have delivered advanced blockchain solutions to clients across the globe. Our experience and knowledge in blockchain software development allows us to deliver custom & private blockchain development solutions for applications used in various industries.


Codezeros approached Sun Media Marketing to establish their company brand value on the internet and create online presence for the company. Codezeros wanted Sun Media Marketing to develop marketing strategy that would result in good website traffic, decent number of backlinks and most importantly good number of customer exposure and enquires. They wanted to build reputation over the internet.

Results, Return on Investment

Our Initial audit and manual technical factors implementation resulted in the perfect search engine friendly website. We have conducted a niche level keyword research for keywords such as “Hyperledger Development Company”, “Hire Dapps Developers” and other service related keywords. The average monthly search volume for each keyword we have identified for Codezeros was between 10 to 1000 monthly searches.

Content marketing and Link Building plan helped to create an efficient internet reputation as well as to drive referral traffic to the website. Also it increased the quality backlink score that will help website to send good ranking signal to the search engines.

  • Growth 48.33% In Overall Session
  • Growth 59.84% In Contact us Goal Completion
  • Growth 298.79% Overall Growth in Page views
  • -12.45% Overall Declined in Bounce Rate
  • 35.78% Overall Growth in Users
  • Improvement in 38% Average Session Visit Duration

Keywords Ranking Status

Primary KeywordsMonthly Avg. Search VolumeRanking Status on
Hire Dapps Developers100-10001
Hyperledger Development Company100-10001
Hyperledger Blockchain Development Company10-1002
Hyperledger Blockchain Development10-1002
Hire Hedera Hashgraph Developers In India10-1002
Hire Dapps Developers In India10-1003
Cryptocurrency Development Services100-10003
Smart Contract Development Company In India10-1003
Dapps Development100-10004
Hedera Hashgraph Development Company In India10-1004
Hedera Hashgraph Development Services In India10-1005
Dapps Development In India100-10005