CRM with Multi-Tenancy

Saas platform,, MVC ,SQL server, Bootstrap


AboutThe Client

CRM with multi-tenancy is a set of pooled computing resources that is shared among many different companies (tenants). Multi-tenancy CRM goes well outside a group of organizations sharing the similar data center. A large number of clients actually stake the similar database. CRM with multi-tenancy, reporting, customer relation maintaining, data is stored, remainder, and all other functionality of CRM.

About this project

  • Ability to Drive efficient delivery of CRM services across tenants using a multi-tenant architecture
  • Maintain completely separated and structured structure for each client in CRM companies
  • User-friendly UI
  • Add and manage CRM Users
  • Ability to generate usage reports

Why Use CRM with multi-tenancy

  • Companies with different business divisions, each with a different market or model of operation
  • Global companies with regional or country models that differ to account for variations in approach, market size, or compliance with legal and regulatory constraints