Mynyx Consulting (Soni & Soni)

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AboutThe Client

Mynyx Consulting (Soni & Soni) is a privately held corporation headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Mynyx is a specialized Intellectual Property (IP) organization with end to end Intellectual Property Solutions. The company enables Individual, Private Enterprises and Institutions to render various Intellectual Property services with affordable prices. The core value proposition of the company to provide robust protection of each Intellectual Property of its client within the committed time frame & in cost effective manner.


Mynyx approached Sun Media Marketing to establish their company brand value on the internet and create online presence for the company.

Mynyx wanted Sun Media Marketing to develop marketing strategy that would result in good website traffic, decent number of backlinks and most importantly good number of customer exposure and enquires.


Results, Return on Investment

Content marketing and Link Building plan helped to create an efficient internet reputation as well as to drive referral traffic to the website.

Also it increased the quality backlink score that will help website to send good ranking signal to the search engines.

Website Loading Speed increased after fixing the technical issues.

Our keyword research strategy is resulted in increased of organic traffic as well our niche level audience target strategy resulted in increment of enquiries for service offering.


  • Growth 253.92% in Overall Session
  • Growth 889.47% in Contact Us Goal Completion
  • 292.50% Overall Growth in Users
  • -1.38% Overall Declined in Bounce Rate
  • 229.49% Overall Growth in Page views
  • Improvement in 30% Avg. Session Visit Duration