Zen Alarm

UI Design & Android Application, PHP Backend and Services


AboutThe Client

Introducing Zen Alarm, the app that wakes you up with a beautiful inspirational tone, as well as an uplifting quote to help you begin your in a powerful way. We all know that a bit of bad news in the morning, a negative email, or text has the ability to shape our mind for the entire day. The same goes for the right powerful thought – it can transform your entire day!

About this project

  • The ability to set multiple alarms
  • The ability to enable snooze and set repeat patterns
  • The ability to unlock the feature to upload your own motivational posters
  • Choose from various tones to wake up too
  • The ability to purchase additional quote packs
    And so much more!
  • This mobile app had collection of Motivational messages with custom made tones to inspire and motivate people.
  • Users can set a time of Alarm on which he/she will get random Images with motivational messages
  • Admin can manage list of images