• Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

    Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

    In the early 2010 decade, Social Media was a platform for interacting & communicating with your friends & family. However, post-pandemic hit in 2020, Social Media has turned more of a business platform to promote products & services, spread brand awareness, launch new offerings, engage with your target audience, & penetrate new market segments. In […]

  • Predictions & Trends for Paid Social Advertising for 2023

    Paid Social Advertising, also known as PPC Advertising, has grown massively in 2022 across different social media platforms. Businesses invested heavily in paid social advertising in the form of Paid Google Ads, Paid YouTube Ads, and Paid Video Ads across various social media platforms, Paid Facebook Ads, Paid Instagram Ads, & Paid LinkedIn Ads. In […]

  • Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

    Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

    Why should you specifically do Facebook advertising when there are many other social media channels or online marketing sites to choose from. According to statistical reports, around 59.08% of globally active web users use Facebook per month, while 34.53% of the total world population access Facebook every month. Plus, the usual time spent by users […]

  • Ways-to-advertise-on-Google-Sun-Media-Marketing-750x465

    The Ultimate Google Ads Guide

    With the evolution of the internet, Traditional advertising materials have stopped providing fruitful results as they were in the early times. This article is all about Google Ads, the present and the future of online marketing.