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With the evolution of the internet, Traditional advertising materials have stopped providing fruitful results as they were in the early times.

This article is all about Google Ads, the present and the future of online marketing.

On October 23, 2000, the advertising platform came on the scene as Google Adwords, but it was renamed Google Ads after some rebranding in 2018. Google Ads was launched with 350 advertisers. This platform allows advertisers to reach their desired audiences in unprecedented places.

Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of Google, said of the new ad product, “AdWords provides the most technologically advanced features available, allowing any advertiser to quickly design a flexible program that best fits their online marketing goals and budget.”

“Google rebranded its service from Google Adwords to Google Ads in 2018.”

Every type of business Can Use Google Ads

Google Ads can work for almost any business: small, medium, or large. Google Shopping Ads have become an important part of the successful marketing of eCommerce. Google Ads is considered a great way to generate new sales and leads for your business.

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is a paid advertising platform offered by Google. It comes under a marketing channel called pay-per-click (PPC) where you (the advertiser) pay per click or per impression (CPM) on an advertisement. Google AdWords provides advertisers with two basic ways of reaching people:

  • Through the Google Search Network, and
  • Through the Google Display Network.

With the help of Google Ads, you can increase traffic on your website, receive more phone calls, and increase visits to your store. Advertisers have to pay only for clicks.

Google Ads doesn’t just span on Google, but also on other platforms like YouTube, Blogger, and Google Display Network.

Where will your Google Ads appear?

Google Ads appears at different places, Let us understand some of those places as under:

Google Search NetworkIt will appear on Google’s search engine results pages which are also called SERPs or on specific Google search-related apps and websites. The search network includes Google Search, Google Play, Google Shopping, Google. Partner search sites and Google Maps.

Google Display NetworkIt will be displayed on third party websites and apps all over the internet.

On Different Devices: You Ad will be shown when anyone will search on google using Mobile phone, Tablets, Android devices or iPhone.

It will also be displayed on any website which has been opted for the Google AdSense program.

Why advertise on Google?

Today, there are many platforms for advertising like Facebook and Instagram Ads platform, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Promoted Pins, still, Google is the most popular and relevant search engine with 3.5 billion search queries per day. Google offers high-quality ratings to advertisers by reducing their cost per click (CPC) and helping to improve ROI. Google Ads runs only the relevant Ads and because of this, the advertiser can reach the potential customer pretty much anywhere on the internet!

It has too many benefits to offer which states you why not use Google Ads? Let us make things more clear, read as under:

Google has a vast reach

Usually, Google is used when people have a question that needs to answer

Want to know the recipe for making Dal Tadka?

Google it!

Want to know the latest released mobile phone?

Google it!

This search engine handles billions of searches per day. Google has immeasurable reach.

Google Ads provides better-qualified leads

Google Ads has the feature of placing your brand to prominence for searchers. The person performing the search is going to opt for that specific product or service. For example, if I am searching for Apple’s iPad, I am thinking to buy it, so I will be the qualified lead for the iPad advertiser. Those searching for Apple’s mobile phone will not get the Ad displayed and that unqualified lead never gets added in your list.

Google Ads provides quicker results

Google Ads is often viewed as the fastest method to instantly increase sales and profitability of the business. It is indeed a unique tool for results that are immediate and manageable. For quick visibility and reach, Google Ads is always highly preferable.

You are advertising to potential people

Everything needs attention. When you are advertising on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people are there for checking the social media posts, there are chances that they will simply ignore your add. They are looking for pictures of babies and photos of holidays and updates of the family.  While if your add is on Google, the person willing for that same thing will conduct a search and will get your add. Special attention to the ad is received from the searcher.

You pay only for strategic clicks

You just pay for the keywords you specifically bid on with pay-per-click ads. Google Ad Create and run advertisements across the web, making them discoverable to their customers when they seek specific products and services and when they will click, then only you will be charged.

You can choose where and when ads appear

Google Ads lets you target your ads on where you’re going to find the right customers and limit it in ways you won’t. As a consequence, this particular type of targeting can help to increase your investment return (ROI). Google Ads allow you to target a particular location where you think the most potential customers are. Not only can you choose the location you want, but you can also exclude the locations where you don’t want your ad to run.

Google Ads Is Flexible

It has customizable marketing choices to suit your specific needs. You can even decide all the aspects like the amount of money you want to spend on ads. The amount to be spent on a daily/monthly basis and also the maximum amount of money you want to spend per lead/click.

 Pondering on Does Google Ads really Work?

Even if your competition has higher bids than yours, by using highly relevant keywords and advertisements, you can still secure a higher position at a lower price.

Since we are a PPC Advertising Agency, the easy answer is to say yes, because Google is the most widely used search engine ever, which means you can reach any target audience you want.

Every next customer you see uses Google to find new products every day. But the effectiveness of Google Ads is largely dependent on the type of industry, requirements, and goals of a particular company. Some of the factors which are involved include the following:

  • Google Ads depends on the popularity of the bidding keywords you are using
  • Google Ads depends on the conversion rate of the bidding keywords
  • Google Ads depends on the quality of the landing pages and the business website itself.
  • Google Ads depends on the size of your budget

Google Ads depend on the strength of the call to action and the advertising quality.

What are the various Google Ad formats available?

For running Google Ads, Google provides a plethora of Ad format options:

 Image Ads:

Visual way is the most appealing way to showcase your products. It is observed that millions of websites get the attention of the users just by using attractive images and graphics in flash ads, .gif, etc. Image Ads are available only for the display network.

 Text Ads:

Text ads are still appealing. Headline, description and display URL combines and makes a Google Text Ad. You can add a description of 80 characters in a text ad. These ads are easy to produce, cheap as compared to other formats and also easy to digest.

 Shopping Ads:

For driving the great converting traffic, Google showcase Shopping Ads are created. This type of ad is used in showcasing the image of the product, price, title, store name, etc.

Responsive Ads:

Responsive Ads have the ability to automatically adjusts the format & size according to the ad space available. Your ad will get fir in the available third-party website’s ad space. Responsive ads have the ability to automatically adjust the size, format, and appearance.

Video ads:

Many customers are too lazy to read, they prefer the video ad more as compared to the text ad or the image ad. Video ads provide a rich experience to the customers.

All the above options are good, one has to decide the best-suited option as per his or her preference.

 Final Thoughts

Google AdWords can be a complex system to master, especially if you’re a busy business owner or marketer trying to get the maximum return on paid search. For those who have never worked with paid advertising can hire a Digital Marketing Agency. It is very important to understand all the aspects of Google Adwords to deter the wastage of money.

The savviest minds and the biggest companies devote their marketing budgets to Google Shopping Ads more. Business owners have many choices for advertising campaigns. Google AdWords is one tool that offers too many benefits.

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