Six Smart Tips for Improving On-Page SEO of Your Website

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Despite several advances in digital technology, the role of Search Engine Optimization remains supreme. That said, it is essential to give on page SEO its rightful due. Especially for small and medium scale enterprises, focusing on small improvements when it comes to on-page SEO can have major positive effects on rankings. Why not take notice of some of the tips mentioned below that will surely go a long way in making those much needed on page SEO improvements that can be done in a very short duration:

  1. Optimize your title tags for SEO

While proceeding with search engine optimization for your website, a good idea for title tags is to place the keywords in front of the brand name. Thus, by placing the main target keyword at the beginning of your title page, Google can come to know what the focus o your page is. This strategy helps in increasing the relevance of your page for its title keyword. Additionally, the Keyword – Brand name strategy for the title tags can easily tell users what the page is all about. Just keep in mind that the title tags need to be kept under 60 characters to get the best on-page benefits that the page titles can give.

  1. Keep the long tail keywords in your H2 and H3 tags

While the main heading can be kept in the H1 tag, the subheadings can be easily placed in the H2 and H3 tags. These actually help improve readability by breaking up the content and improving your website’s readability. This helps in keeping the users on your website for longer. Thus, H2 tags can be kept for secondary keywords and H3 tags can be kept for long tail keywords. The target keywords thus get a certain degree of visibility on your page despite not being the part of the main page heading.

  1. Increase your content length

Today, content rules the online world. Webmasters know this and keep the length of the top ranked pages for the most competitive search keywords usually at least 2000 words in length. Although shorter content hypothetically does not pose a problem, Google values detailed and long content over the pages that have shorter content.

  1. Why not go for relevant internal linking

Links go beyond the usual off-page link building strategy. Internally linking your pages tells Google about which pages you think are more relevant and valuable than the others. Thus, while linking a relevant product or service or product to your blog post on your website, the signal that you send to Google is that this page is important. Good linking habits ensure that your inner pages remain strong. Although internal linking cannot bring you to the top of the search results alone, it can be used in combination with other strategies to ensure SEO success.

  1. Go for structured URLs

A structured URL can go a long way in affecting your website’s visibility in organic search. Shorter URLs are better as a general rule. In the case of Google, short and simple URLs are better because this means that a website is highly relevant to a specific search term.

  1. Make images load faster

A faster website can improve the conversion rates when compared to slower counterparts. This means that you can utilize a CDN or by a server that is located close to your target location. Another easier way is to optimize code and images so that it results in smaller file size.


Thus, if you are unhappy with your website’s on page SEO, you will need to consider restructuring your website to improve its SEO according to the tips mentioned in the preceding paragraphs. Why not implement at least some of these tips to ensure better rankings and more profitability.

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