Social Media: A Great Platform to Generate Sales Leads

Social Media: A Great Platform to Generate Sales Leads

By Sun Media Marketing

We all know that social media is a great tool for brand awareness and customer engagement. However, generating sales leads from these platforms is tough. Though difficult, social media can be used to grow business.

At present there are millions of active social media users throughout the globe, almost 3.196 billion to be precise. That is a huge market for any business. And there is enough opportunity to reach a new customer always on social media. However, there are various social media channels and you cannot keep up with each of them. You need to concentrate your marketing efforts on the most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Here is how you can use social media marketing to generate sales leads

Create a community

People tend to use social media platforms to connect with like minded fellows. They are however not interested to connect with any businesses. But, they will love to be a part of communities of a brand they identify with. You have to use this opportunity to engage in a relationship with right kind of social media audience. Building up a personal relationship with your customer base is the primary step of social media marketing. If you interact with the users and respond to their queries instead of just sharing valuable content it will drive more trust. It takes just only a few seconds to respond but that little effort will provide a higher lifetime value.

Build up a relationship with the influencers

To generate sales you have to build large enough audience in your social media channels. One of the effective ways to do this is to connect with the influencers on social media. Now, people trust online reviews and recommendations more than advertisements. Therefore, connecting with genuine influencers can really help you get marketing exposures.

Run contests to gather leads

Contests are an amazing way to drive sales. However, before running contests you need to keep two things in mind. Contests must be interesting enough to attract attention of people. And secondly it has to be valuable to your highest potential customers, not just anyone. If the contest is valuable you will be able to drive in traffic and convert them.

Use social media ads

Social media advertising are focused on highly targeted customers that enable marketers to collect relevant leads from social network itself. Like the Facebook ad format offers customers to provide information in exchange of something valuable. The valuable object can be a newsletter, coupon or whitepaper. LinkedIn Lead gen Forms is another way to accumulate information from your potential customers.

Use videos to connect with customers

Live videos on social media can be a great option for lead generation. You can take two approaches- either the interested viewers have to register in advance and provide their contact information to access video or you can open the video to a wide audience. During video you can direct viewers in different contests, offers or other social media tools.

Social media is a great platform to build your brands and stay connected with customers. Along with these it is actually an incredible tool to drive sales. So, contact us and see what social media marketing services we can offer to make your business earn more revenue.

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