Facebook Advertising Trends for 2023 & Best Social Media Management Software

Facebook started as a connecting app where people can add friends, share photos & videos, and chat with friends & loved ones. However, Facebook has turned from a people-connecting app to a business community app over the years. Earlier, people used to connect with friends and chat. Now, people connect with users’ to turn them into potential prospects (buyers).
Whether you are a start-up, a freelancer, owning a small-scale business to a large-scale enterprise, Facebook is the best platform for business-building, marketing, and advertising.

Facebook Advertising has grown over the years, and people can pay to get their ads highlighted and reach a broader audience on Facebook. Facebook is the #1 platform where businesses promote their brand, products, and service, penetrate new market segments, drive more traffic to their site, build a large customer base, and earn significant revenues.

In 2022, the average Facebook user clicks on 12-15 ads per month. More than 80% of U.S. consumers have made purchasing decisions by exploring Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Trends for 2023

However, in 2023, new trends will come up on Facebook that we have researched, and our team has made recommendations to instill the trends in your business’s Facebook Advertising Strategy. Let us walk you through the Facebook Advertising Trends for 2023.

1. Short Videos

After TikTok, Facebook is the #1 platform renowned for short videos content. In 2022, short videos got remarkable views on Facebook. Short video content came into the spotlight for the first on TikTok with Vines, which exploded the Internet, and has seen massive & tremendous growth over the years.

Short content videos are trending on Facebook, Instagram as reels, and YouTube as shorts, and they will continue to grow more in the upcoming years.

Short video content is clear-cut and gives to-the-point messages through captions in the Image, which makes them captivating, engaging, and alluring users’ to watch more of them.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on including short content video in your Facebook Advertising Strategy. You will see massive traffic on your website, penetration into new customer segments, and substantial revenue growth. Ensure to keep the short videos crisp, to the point, and precise to engage the users.

2. Video Advertising will remain on the top

Earlier, people were more interested in seeing post images on Facebook, but over the years, the preference has shifted toward video content. Users find video content more engaging & exciting. It has led to the phenomenal growth of social media video advertising.

Video advertising has been proliferating over the years. In 2022, massive users opted for Paid Ads to boost their videos & posts to reach a vast audience.

The reason behind Facebook Video Ads growth is that it enables marketers to convey in-depth stories of their brand and demonstrate their products & services with enthralling video content.

Facebook Paid Video Ads have helped brands to publish high-quality video content and show it in the news feed of the targeted audience.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on Facebook Video Paid Ads to widen your customer base by reaching the target audience and penetrating new market segments.

3. Shoppable ads will achieve higher scales

Over the years, Facebook has refined & fine-tune its social shopping offering to offer phenomenal social selling solutions. It has enhanced both buyers’ & sellers’ experience on Facebook for buying & selling.

Facebook shoppable ads run through Facebook & Instagram apps to drive traffic from both apps, help businesses reach the audience of both platforms, and penetrate the broader market segment.

In August 2022, Facebook launched Advantage+ Shopping Ads, enabling brands to improve, optimize, & automate multiple campaigns and acquire new customers under one consolidated roof.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Ads to automate your Facebook campaign and drive more traffic to your site. For E-Commerce & B2C retail businesses, we recommend setting up efficient Facebook shoppable ads. At Sun Media Marketing, we provide the best solutions for Facebook Advertising, and you can contact us for Facebook Marketing & Advertising Services & Strategy for your business.

4. Facebook Live

Facebook Live wasn’t a great hit before the pandemic hit in 2020. However, when the pandemic hit in 2020 across the globe, Facebook Live became the new talking buzz on the Internet. It was a new Internet sensation.

It gradually became a platform for businesses & big brands to launch new products & services through Facebook Live, demonstrate products, and instantly answer customer queries through Facebook Live. Content creators & influencers used it as a platform to interact with their subscribers & followers, promote different brands, and build strong long-term business relationships with them.

Anyone can use Facebook Live, and it is not mandatory to have a verified badge. Facebook users can use Facebook Live to interact with their friends. Facebook Live engagement has been more than 150% for the last two years compared to an average post engagement.

According to the Facebook algorithm, Facebook users spend more time on Live than pre-recorded videos.

In 2023, we recommend that start-ups, small-scale businesses, and mid-sized companies with limited marketing budgets focus on Facebook Live as your marketing channel to reach a wider audience, promote your products & services, and interact with users to answer their questions and queries.

Also, Facebook Live shows in top-rank of the News Feed, and a notification goes to your followers whenever you go Live, ensuring that more users join your Facebook Live.

5. Facebook Stories

Uploading & sharing stories became popular through Snapchat. However, through the years, Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp stories have taken a massive hit amongst people, and people are uploading & sharing stories on these three platforms more now than on Snapchat.

In 2022, more than 1 billion Facebook stories are uploaded & shared daily.
Whenever any Facebook page shares content in the form of memes, music, news, facts, traveling, products or services, Facebook users share it on their story, which increases the posts reach & visibility. Marketers considered this strategy & implemented it.

In 2022, businesses got a vast reach & visibility through Facebook stories as users tag the business while sharing their posts on their story, which has helped businesses reach new target audiences & widen their market segments.

Facebook founder Mr. Mark Zuckerberg has shared five reasons why Facebook stories will be an excellent & relevant option in the upcoming years.

Firstly, users have started considering stories as their new News Feed. Secondly, it is a new way for users to share everyday events. Thirdly, the stories are shared in real-time, which can be further shared instantly to spread the message to a vast audience. 4th, Facebook stories support smartphone compatibility excellently, making them user-friendly and giving users a rapid, seamless experience. And lastly, Facebook stories have a privacy feature that allows you to share the stories with everyone or only with a group of your close ones.

In 2023, Facebook stories will play a vital role in enhancing brand awareness, promoting products & services, giving new updates, and boosting business revenues. We recommend focusing on Facebook stories to get fruitful & lucrative results.

6. Chatbots

Chatbots became a huge buzz when they were launched on websites. However, Facebook went one step ahead and implemented chatbots for Facebook Business Pages. It allows users to connect with the business on Facebook outside of customer service support hours.

In 2022, there are more than 100,000 active chatbots on Facebook Messenger. Businesses have started adopting the Facebook Messenger chatbot to give an additional option to customers to stay connected with their business via the Facebook platform as well.

Facebook Business Users use chatbots to answer simple & mostly asked queries and issues to drive sales forward by automating customer interactions.

We advise you to follow three things to use chatbots successfully.

  • Ensure to make customer’s chatbot feels personal & humanized, not robotic replies that might irate customers.
  • Ensure to make the chatbot as simple as possible and answer customers’ queries & issues to the point & precisely.
  • Be prepared for the technical glitches that might arise in chatbots and fix them rapidly to give customers a seamless chatbot experience.

In 2023, we recommend you add a chatbot to your Facebook Business Messenger to stay connected with your customers outside customer service support hours and make customers feel connected with tech at home & the office.

7. Customer Journey Tracking

Journey Mapping is a vital process that many businesses miss out on. It helps companies better understand their customers’ needs, demands, buying patterns, decision-making, buying experience, and more crucial information for improving customer buying & service experience with your business.

As a marketer, it is essential to know the ad that a customer clicked last before purchasing to get a visual representation of the customer journey.

Facebook has launched a new tool that allows businesses & companies to track customer’s online journey. The tool helps in understanding & viewing view critical touchpoints, such as ads, landing pages, posts, reviews, and other factors that lead to a purchase. Marketers will get a clear illustration of the entire customer journey for measuring the value of individual sales channels.

In 2023, we recommend implementing Facebook Tool for tracking customer journey to identify any loopholes and fix them to give a seamless experience to the users, resulting in potential purchases and customer delight experience.

8. Page Customization

Page Customization is one of the vital factors for giving users a fantastic customized experience on your site that helps maximize your social media reach. Facebook allows a customization option wherein you can customize different page components to integrate 3rd-party applications into your page. This is an excellent & lucrative feature that marketers have adopted to sell products & services through Facebook directly.

Facebook allows you to customize pages in various ways. You can change templates depending on your business category, select the best designs that support your business theme, and choose a background color that blends seamlessly with your business & brand logo. You can also customize the tabs by re-arranging, adding, or removing them to get the best fit for your page.

In 2023, use the Facebook Page Customization option to make your page stand out and look attractive & enthralling to allure users to visit your page.

9. More spending on Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook Paid Ads were a tremendous success in 2022 as a large number of businesses invested in Facebook Paid Ads to boost their Facebook posts, stories, reels, & videos. Facebook Paid Ads have helped businesses to make their products & services reach a wider audience. Facebook Paid Ads are shown in the News Feed of the users who want to see or interested in seeing similar ads.

In 2022, businesses, brands, companies, & content marketers invested significantly in Social Media Marketing Services. More than 90% of social media advertisers invested in Paid Facebook Ads. Facebook Paid Ads visibility & reach are more than 80% effective. The ad revenue generation from Social Media Paid Advertising is more than 125 billion USD. In 2023, these numbers will surpass 150 billion USD, and by 2028, they will exceed 250 billion USD.

Facebook Paid Ad is not only about boosting your posts & videos. It is more about creating content that enthralls users to visit your site. The Facebook retargeting feature shows Ads to potential customers who are already interested in your product & service offerings. You can also use feature reviews of a particular product or service to promote your paid ads.

In 2023, capitalize on the most prominent advertising trend – Facebook Paid Advertising. It will help you reach a broader audience and foster your brand awareness and make a lasting impression of your brand name in the users’ minds.

10. Brand Voice

Brand voice is one of the vital marketing aspects that every business & brand needs to implement in their Digital Marketing Strategy. It is an excellent tool for building & fostering your brand voice.

There are numerous ways to exhibit their brand voice, such as at the time of website update, during the launch of a new product, service, or ad, publishing a post, story, or video on social media platforms, and more.

In 2022, Facebook made a remarkable contribution to supporting the brand voice strategy of companies by making the posted content appear at the top of the Facebook News Feed of customers. The brand voice strategy relies primarily on content development strategy. It is crucial to have engaging and captivating content to enthrall the users.

In 2023, we recommend incorporating your company values, mission, vision, and other core information in your content strategy to connect with many users. Ensure to keep it consistent across all sales channels.

Best Facebook & Other Social Media Management Software

We have listed the essential social media management software out of the 100+ available in the market, depending on the effectiveness & the success they will be providing.

1. HubSpot Marketing
HubSpot Marketing is one of the best social media management platforms. It offers impressive core features like marketing automation, social media monitoring, omnichannel lead management, analytics, growing traffic to the site, sales conversion, managing designs, polishing website content, blogs, & landing pages, and managing social media platforms ads.

2. Monday.com
Monday.com is a cloud-based platform. It allows social media teams to manage complex workflows, create their applications & project management software, and manage social media campaigns across different social media platforms. It offers incredible features like
automation of tasks, streamlining workflows, and more.

3. Zoho Social
Zoho Social is one of the leading social media management tools. It helps monitor keywords, interact with customers, and lead generation from Facebook. It also helps in creating & publishing content by offering you bulk & automatic scheduling. Read more about its features on the Zoho Social website.

4. Facebook Pages Manager
Facebook Pages Manager is an in-built tool by Facebook for managing Facebook pages via mobile devices. It offers features such as scheduling posts, translating posts, boosting posts, creating events, and more.

5. HootSuite
Hootsuite is one of the top 10 social media management platforms. It offers an all-in-one social media manager, scheduler, analytics, omnichannel functions, and more. You can manage different social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.


After going through the blog, you will be familiar with the Facebook Trends for 2023. We also listed the best social media management software. We have provided recommendations for every Facebook trend on utilizing and coping with them. However, if you need more guidance or assistance with strategy formulation for content and social media, Sun Media Marketing is here for you.

Sun Media Marketing is one of the top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India. Feel free to contact us for content development strategy, social media marketing strategy, or paid advertisements. You can reach out to us via call at +1 (917) 267-8626 & +91 -9898-630-296 via email at info@sunmediamarketing.com

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