Want to improve your lead generation? Follow these 5 great tips

Want to improve your lead generation? Follow these 5 great tips

By Sun Media Marketing
  • September,15,2017
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“Your website is the best tool for lead generation and you should make sure that you utilize its potential completely. There are so many ways that your website could generate leads- it could be through phones, emails, signups, surveys, etc.”

Though, all these do help you get more quantitative data, what you actually need is qualitative data like actual, solid leads that can be converted into real customers. For that you need to improve your website so that you get the highest CRO.

5 great tips for lead generation

For websites, there is no one- size- fits- all approach. What might work for one section of the target audience, may not work for the other. Nevertheless, there are some techniques that you could use to increase your qualitative lead generation. Want to know them? Read on!

  1. Do not leave the stalling visitors behind

Humans are fickle minded. Sometimes, they need the extra motivation to complete certain tasks. And if you can provide that, then you get a higher CRO.

You could have pop-ups on your website that ask the visitors why they haven’t submitted the quote, in spite of having spent a while on the quote submission page. You could ask them if they need any help or are there any issues they face.

All this is just remarketing to stalled visitors. This extra push would defnitely be very beneficial for you.

  1. Make sure you display your contact number prominently

If you are expecting people to call you, ensure that they find your contact number easily on the website. You could try experimenting with different placements, sizes and colors to identify the best place to display the number.

  1. Make the users aware what they should expect

Users need to know what will happen once they submit their details. Are you going to call them? Should they expect an email from you? If yes, when can they expect it?

You need to tell all this to them clearly. If possible, they should be given an option to choose their preference.

  1. Only ask for the required data

Users are skeptical of handing over their personal data. So, if you do not want to scare them away, ask for only that data, which is required by you.

  1. Do not forget to thank them

It is always polite to thank your users for taking out time to provide you with the details. Also, a ‘thank you page’ gives them a proper confirmation that their form has been successfully submitted.

If you integrate these 5 tips into your website, you will definitely observe a higher CRO from it. They will help you reach your conversion goals easily.

Sun Media Marketing has the manpower, time and expertise to implement every aspect of a proven SEO strategy. If your business lacks any one of these factors or need a refresh, get in touch with us now. We’re just a call away!

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