What Is Online Marketing? A Basic Primer

What Is Online Marketing? A Basic Primer

By Sun Media Marketing

Online Marketing Introduction

Do you want to make it big in the world of online marketing? For those who are still at the nascent stage of getting their business online or if you want to become an online marketing service provider, let’s start this article by explaining why it is important for you to get your business on the internet and reap handsome rewards through online marketing services. Since the advent of the Internet, millions of businesses have gone online and have attracted tremendous response from internet users. Today, nearly 90% of the internet users search for products and services through search engines and various online directories.

These visitors usually pick up the website or online store that closely matches their requirements. Through the process of online marketing, these visitors are then converted into customers and make a purchase, thereby helping the website owner to clinch the deal and make a successful sale.

The nuts and bolts of online marketing

Thus, if you are still wondering what online marketing is, it is the processes of making the prospective buyer meet you – the seller using the medium of the internet via an intangible asset called your website. It utilises a set of powerful marketing tools as well as methodologies so that you can promote your products and services through the internet. With the help of online marketing, it is possible to connect to a much wider set of potential and qualified customers so that you can take your business development to a much higher level than what is possible with traditional marketing. Some of the primary online business models that are in vogue today utilize web assets such as ecommerce and lead-based websites, and marketing techniques such as local search and affiliate marketing

The distinct advantages of online marketing

With the help of online marketing, the chances that your business can reach the maximum number of customers can become exponentially multiplied. Not only does your web presence help you build your business beyond conventional boundaries, but also helps you discover new trends and markets so that your business gets exposed to the right set of potential customers.

A web presence also helps you reduce the costs of your business when compared to traditional marketing methods so that you can market your products and services to your target audience at lower costs. Online marketing also helps you measure your success in real time as you can easily access metrics like the number of visitors, conversions, downloads, customer leads and confirmed sales all with just a click of a button. A structured and well organized online presence also helps you add value to your brand while obtaining greater exposure to an expanded market and reaping the maximum benefits.

Your online presence and online marketing

Online marketing can only be effective if you can improve your online presence. There are several methods of doing this. The first and foremost method of doing this is through a 24×7 website that includes effectively written content, well defined services, and brilliantly described products in the case you wish to sell products online.

With the help of online marketing techniques like social media optimization through social media websites like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In, you can easily increase the chances of your business going viral and that too at much lower costs.

Techniques like content marketing services and blogging help you distinguish your company’s website from that of the competition. Blogging is a strategic tool that helps you increase your search visibility, leads, and sales. Besides increasing search engine traffic, customer trust, and lead conversion, you get a unique opportunity to share your voice and increase the likeability factor of your brand. You also get to improve the loyalty factor of your business by sharing your views as well as adding more loyal and like-minded customers to your fold.

Website Monetization and online marketing

Online marketing also helps monetize your website through various techniques such as search engine marketing and social media advertising. These techniques help you increase traffic to your website and vastly improve the likelihood of making sales. Search engine marketing involves a variety of search engine optimization services and optimizing on-page factors such as meta tags, meta descriptions, title and alt images, sitemaps, social bookmarking, and targeted content. You can also utilize SEO Link Building Services and paid advertising campaigns such as pay per click and get more customers to your website.

Additionally, through social media marketing services and social media advertising, you can utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to place advertisements on these platforms and maintain a close relationship with your customers. You can also use several other techniques such as deploying responsive websites that can be accessed through mobile phones and even email marketing, which can help your message reach the potential customer’s personal email.


As you will see, online marketing is all about marketing your business by utilizing appropriate and well defined strategies. The better and wiser your strategy, the more significant are your gains.

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