Client Info

  • Category: Blockchain Development Company
  • Client: Blockchain Developments


Blockchain provides services related to blockchain technology. Being an idea-centric company, their main focus is on what and the how of the ideas you bring to us. Wallet Development, Blockchain Development, ICO Development, Smart Contracts, DApps, are the core services of the company. Integrating the latest innovations in solutions is their guiding principle, be it blockchain technology, VR, or IoT.

How We Helped

Blockchain Developments approached Sun Media Marketing to establish its company brand value on the internet and create an online presence for the company. Blockchain Developments wanted Sun Media Marketing to develop a marketing strategy that would result in good website traffic, a decent number of backlinks and most importantly the good number of customer exposure and enquires.

Initially, we have started with the SEO audit of the Blockchain Developments website and analyzed the current situation of the website in terms of traffic and technical aspects. We have optimized the issues that are found at the time of the audit. We have conducted a niche level keyword research for keywords such as “Blockchain Development in India”, “Hyperledger Development Company” and other services related keywords. We have created effective link build strategy to make website reputation on the internet and also make a good number of backlink scores.

Strategy & Tactics

  • Identified on-site content that could be optimized to rank for valuable search phrases and produce leads.
  • Conducted extensive research to identify the best targets for content marketing outreach.
  • Content marketing and Link Building plan helped to create an efficient internet reputation as well as to drive referral traffic to the website.
  • Created additional content on categories pages that was unique and specific to that category, and focused on targeted keywords.
  • Carried out campaign outreach activities to develop an awareness of the brand, earn new leads and enhance backlink profile.

The Results

  • Growth 47.89% In Overall Organic Sessions
  • Growth 100.00% in Organic Contact us Goal
  • Growth 21.58% Overall Growth in Page views
  • -6.56% Overall Declined in Bounce Rate
  • 16.04% Overall Growth in Users
  • 16.12% Improvement in Average Session Duration

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