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Looking for more clients to grow your business? Internet marketing is the way you do it. Almost half of the world uses the internet, and if you don’t then unfortunately you are missing a lot more opportunities. Though, many people are looking for hiring a private investigator like you on the internet. No matter whatever service you provide anyhow you need a regular customer base for growing better. A defined internet marketing strategy will help you in acquiring qualified leads. Building a marketing strategy is not that easy, you have to perform various campaigns and activities before you can meet the opportunities. All this can be done easily if you have one of the best internet marketing agencies standing behind you like Sun Media Marketing.

Our SEO specialists are experienced enough in various fields and they work on how to grow your Private Investigation business. Further, we dive into your work to put on the maximum effort in boosting revenue and clients for you. Let’s find out more about internet marketing, its strategies, and its benefits.

Private Investigators SEO

How can a Private Investigator Start With Internet Marketing?

In this modern era, anyone before visiting your shop or office will first look into your website. Usually, the website contains some of your personal info like contact number, social media profile, email, etc., and the services you offer. Once you have your existence on various internet channels now you are ready to dominate the market by implementing various strategies.

For a better start-up and to maintain consistency throughout, you have to make sure the strategies you implement are appropriate for someone who is professionally-looking in your line of work. If your audience doesn’t enjoy dealing with you or aren’t satisfied with your website too then they’ll simply switch to the competitors and you lose a lead. To avoid such situations you need a better marketing strategy. Here’s how.

Internet Marketing

Local SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is almost similar to SEO, it is the process of boosting your website SERP (search engine result pages) rankings by ranking the targeted keywords. The difference between Local SEO and SEO is all about the type of searches. If a user enters local searches for your products and services in the search engine, then Local SEO enhances the rank of your site.

Also, appearing at the top is what all aim for, as appearing at the top may bring more quality traffic to you. SEO is an organic process of getting traffic in the same way Local SEO also brings organic traffic.

Local Search Optimization Company

Social Media Marketing

As a private investigator, you’ll try your best to attract as many clients as possible, and with social media, you can do that easily. Social media platforms are becoming much more popular day-by-day, though, it has been a house to billion of users, which means you are dealing with a huge audience. One can easily have an incredible reach and attract clients.

Posting some relevant information and education with the audience helps you in achieving a better engagement. The better you communicate, the higher the conversion rate you can obtain. Some of the well-known platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and much more.


Content Marketing

A form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content to a targeted audience via internet channels is called content marketing. It attracts prospects and transforms prospects into customers by sharing valuable content.

As a private investigator, you can share helpful information, knowledge, and experience with the audience to build trust. There are several forms of delivering content, this includes blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, and infographics.

Try delivering the content in which your audience shows more interest. To find out such topics of your audience’s interest, all you need to do is simply put on a poll and know it by themselves. Content marketing can also help you in Local SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Content Marketing

Benefits of Internet Marketing

  • Cost-effective: Marketing traditionally would be expensive, also having an office cost you property value, maintenance, and so on. Whereas internet marketing has no maintenance or rental cost, additionally, it offers various strategies for attracting more clients.
  • Allows you to work 24/7: You don’t have to worry about any kind of time zone, internet marketing gives you the freedom to keep your business open 24 hours a day.
  • Measure and track results: One can easily get on-time results of the campaign they are running if you feel the results are not that what you have looked for then you can optimize your campaign anytime.
Internet Marketing

What Our Clients Say

Affordable Leaflets

Owner - Paul

Wow our eCommerce store sales went up to 220% in September 2014, our busiest month of the year. Sun Media Marketing has continued to increase revenue for the second consecutive year in a row now.


Owner- Steve Smith

Within a first month of service we have seen a major improvement in our search engine rankings and we now are on 1st page of Google for our most important location based search keywords. It has also resulted in a positive effect on traffic to our website. I am very satisfied with the service we have received and happy to recommend Sun Media Marketing.

Mynyx Consulting

Owner - Mr. Soni

Mr. Jitudan at Sun Media Marketing has been very cooperative and innovative in terms of Online business or service projection including SEO (Search Engine Optimizer ) , Blog preparation with technical analytics and multiple suggestions.

Meeka Machinery Pvt. Ltd

Marketing Head - Mr. Mehta

We have hired Sun Media Marketing more than a year ago to build our online presence and also expected online inquires. Jitudan was able to implement a high-level digital marketing strategy for our Meeka Machinery website. The SEO services with them not only helped us to increase our online inquiries but also created better branding over the Internet. I am extremely happy & recommend Jitudan who brings deep knowledge of the digital marketing world at a reasonable price.

Album Design Store

Owner - Mr. Sanghavi

There guys are really responsive. I was expecting a high traffic jump. Recently I have seen my web traffic increase steadily. My domain authority from 6 is now at 26. It is a new domain. So I have to be realistic enough and build my site progressively. Surely, the team has delivered what they said and committed. It helps me significantly towards optimising my site.

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