Online Reputation Management Services

What do you see when you Google your business?

It is represented favourably or there more negative reviews out there than positive ones?

It can take years for a business to build a good reputation online, but poor customer reviews and negative comments can bring it down incredibly fast. No wonder, your online reputation can make or break your online business.

Sun Media Marketing provides Online Reputation Management services that help your business build and maintain a flawless online reputation, accentuating your desired brand image.

At Sun Media Marketing, we are more than just your online reputation management consultant. As a Digital Marketing Agency, we have everything it takes to approach ORM in an all-encompassing manner.

Online Reputation Management Services

What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online Reputation Management Or ORM Refers To The Practice Of Elevating A Business’s Reputation And The Way It’s Perceived By The Public. In Other Words, It’s A Combination Of Strategies And Ongoing Efforts That Helps To Drive Public Opinion And Trust In Your Business, Its Products, And Services.

Doing ORM successfully includes monitoring what customers, vendors, or employees say about you and your business, taking steps to address the negative comments, and increasing the number of positive comments to improve your image. It works in conjunction with SEO, social networking, content outreach, blogs, review sites, etc. to create a brand image that is consistent across the web.

Online Reputation Management is the key to success in the ever-growing competitive digital world. While creating a positive outlook for your business is vital for success, ensuring there’s no negative feedback, reviews or forum discussions of your brand helps your business grow.

Online Reputation Management Agency

Online Reputation Management Services

Fixing your online reputation can make a huge difference in the value and number of prospects that come your way online.

The values are often huge for businesses – in many cases a business can experience up to 22% drop in online business from a single negative search result or review on the first page (whether the data is true or not).

Because managing your entire online reputation is a lengthy process and involves so many aspects, you need a professional online reputation management agency like Sun Media Marketing to steer your online reputation in the right direction.

Online Reputation Management Agency in India

Why should you pay attention to Online Reputation Management?

With the massive rise in internet usage over the years, people are going online not just to research and purchase products/services, but also to voice their opinions about their experiences of using them — be it good, bad, or terrible. It is increasingly common for consumers to leave a negative comment on business website or rant about a poor brand experience on social media.

Third-party review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and etc. also provide consumers a platform to share their brand experiences. Similar sites like Glassdoor allow employees to rate their employers — and even vent about them — anonymously. These reviews and comments are powerful means to either grow or hurt your brand’s reputation and eventually, sales because they influence the decision-making process of other consumers.

Online Reputation Management Company

Online Reputation Management Agency

Imagine a prospect looking you up on the web and coming across something undesirable about your brand. Justified or not, bad reviews on the internet get more credibility than positive ones. So you need to closely track how people perceive your brand and be prompt about addressing any negative comments as soon as they appear.

A good Online Reputation Management Agency will help you identify negative information and act fast. But that’s not all. Because negative information about your brand will still float around in the internet, you’ll need a strategy to bury them deeper in search results, while pushing the positive comments up.

That’s how you can ensure that people looking for you see the good things about your business first. That’s why you need an online reputation management company that has SEO and Digital Marketing Expertise to manage your search and visibility in way that effectively improves your brand’s online presence and restores its image.

ORM Services India

The Reputation Management Services we provide

Our Online Reputation Management team uses reverse Search Engine Optimization to sort negative and unwanted information about your business or company.

The Online Reputation Management or repair needs a well-planned mixture of key methods, and the exact mix is identified by an analysis of your company’s search results and reviews. We only provide online reputation management services to clients we are confident we can help. We won’t waste your money on a campaign that won’t truly fix your reputation.

  • Find and remove negative reviews
  • Remove negative comments on fake websites
  • Delete unwanted reviews posted by unfair clients
  • Optimize search engine results to avoid showing negative comments
Online reputation management company India

What To Expect From Our Online Reputation Management (ORM) Service?

Our Online Reputation Management Services help you create and maintain a favourable online presence in search results and across different social channels and reviews sites, while reducing and controlling poor reviews.

How we do this includes::

We evaluate the reputation of your company across the web by carefully examining a broad range of factors. We take a deep dive into every information pertaining to your business — from articles and blogs, user generated content, social media comments and mentions to reports and review sites.

After a complete analysis, we develop a strategy and action plan to control the distribution of negative information, while at the same time, promoting your brand and driving positive coverage online.

The only worse thing than getting negative reviews is ignoring them. It shows your lack of care and concern for your customers and sends out a negative message to potential customers and prospects. We can provide you with the requisite guidance to take care of bad reviews and craft personalized responses geared to specific issues.

If your business has garnered some negative views and it becomes highly visible online, it can damage your reputation. With our brand promotion strategies, we shift the focus from your past to the good work you’re doing presently. We accomplish this through a combination of tactics, which include creating case studies, testimonials, press releases or posting positive news such as industry recognitions or product launches across the internet and social media.

Positive reviews are vital to win customers. But it’s important to be authentic to succeed in the long run. Therefore, we are strictly against fake reviews. Instead, we work towards letting genuine reviews and testimonials outshine the negative ones to enhance your online reputation.

What Our Clients Say

Affordable Leaflets

Owner - Paul

Wow our eCommerce store sales went up to 220% in September 2014, our busiest month of the year. Sun Media Marketing has continued to increase revenue for the second consecutive year in a row now.


Owner- Steve Smith

Within a first month of service we have seen a major improvement in our search engine rankings and we now are on 1st page of Google for our most important location based search keywords. It has also resulted in a positive effect on traffic to our website. I am very satisfied with the service we have received and happy to recommend Sun Media Marketing.

Mynyx Consulting

Owner - Mr. Soni

Mr. Jitudan at Sun Media Marketing has been very cooperative and innovative in terms of Online business or service projection including SEO (Search Engine Optimizer ) , Blog preparation with technical analytics and multiple suggestions.

Meeka Machinery Pvt. Ltd

Marketing Head - Mr. Mehta

We have hired Sun Media Marketing more than a year ago to build our online presence and also expected online inquires. Jitudan was able to implement a high-level digital marketing strategy for our Meeka Machinery website. The SEO services with them not only helped us to increase our online inquiries but also created better branding over the Internet. I am extremely happy & recommend Jitudan who brings deep knowledge of the digital marketing world at a reasonable price.

Album Design Store

Owner - Mr. Sanghavi

There guys are really responsive. I was expecting a high traffic jump. Recently I have seen my web traffic increase steadily. My domain authority from 6 is now at 26. It is a new domain. So I have to be realistic enough and build my site progressively. Surely, the team has delivered what they said and committed. It helps me significantly towards optimising my site.

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