Digital Marketing for Fashion & Clothing Online Stores

Want to stand out from the crowd and be a distinguished fashion & clothing brand? Internet marketing is the solution to realize your business goals. With an active online presence, you can reach out to the world to advertise your brand items. Online marketing gives you a wider exposure to the buyers. It is the smartest way to add more value and generate more revenue.

What factors of digital marketing impact fashion & clothing brands?

  • Responsive website design
  • Google ads campaigns
  • Social Media advertising
  • Organic SEO campaigns
  • Content & blog marketing

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Fashion & Clothing SEO

SEO for Fashion & Clothing Brands

Fashion SEO strategy targets the long tail keywords, optimized keyword related images, contents, etc. to influence user searches. SEO covers every section of your website to optimize it with search engine results. So, your clothing company gets more noticed online, which adds more value to your website authority.

Actionable Tips for Performing SEO in the Fashion Industry

  • Create a user-friendly website to encourage more engagements: it lets users spend more time on your site which in turn sends a positive signal to the search engines regarding your website credibility. Consequently, your site gets better ranking in SERPs.
  • Target and optimize for user’s search-specific keywords to generate more traffic
  • Make your website easily navigable so that leads can easily find what they are looking for on your site
  • Start a fashion guide blog series to build a network of followers who regularly visit to read your weekly guides
  • Use top-end visuals and keep your website accessible through both mobile and desktop friendly to increase engagement
  • Make your Call-To-Action buttons easy to find. It may happen that the visitor has added items to the cart and looking to checkout, then those CTA buttons will guide to complete the process

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Social Media Marketing for Fashion & Clothing Companies

Social media marketing involves promoting and advertising through multiple media channels. Nowadays people give special attention to their clothing sense and always in the search for better clothing brands and ideas. So, you can leverage their demand and promote your clothing brand, its designs and clothing material through social platforms.

You can run paid ad campaigns to target the interested audiences. You can also collaborate with other similar pages to share your brand product listings through theirs. This helps you to build recognition for your brand in the fashion industry.

How to master social media marketing for fashion & clothing promotion?

  • Initially your visitors might be ready to purchase upon seeing your website ads on a social platform. However, retargeting them through social media ads (as reminders) might help to convert them into leads. You can create custom visitors with Facebook (using a code snippet) and can also target lookalike audiences to increase your website reach
  • Conduct promotions during festive seasons to speed up sales. This is the time when buyers are more in search of such sales and discount offers
  • Demonstrate different style guides using your brand products to show the audiences how to wear and handle a particular clothing, what type of clothes are best for the corporates, house wear, occasional party wear, etc. Showcasing your company wardrobe through smart fashion guides would compel them to incorporate items from your brand inventory, increasing your sales

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Social Media Marketing

PPC Services for Fashion & Clothing Industry

PPC service drives instant traffic to your fashion & clothing website. The PPC ads get exposure in the SEROs above the organic SEO listings. Consequently, people searching for similar services related websites get your ad at the top, which if clicked redirects the user to your landing page. PPC driven users are mostly the ones who are likely to get converted.

How can PPC benefit fashion & clothing businesses?

  • Run branded search campaigns where the keyword will contain your company’s name. But some brand owners think that what is the point in paying extra on PPC ads and bidding higher when their website is going to show up in the organic listings anyway? Well, though every factor of digital marketing has its own pros and cons, showing up in both organic search and paid results improves PPC performance
  • Run Google shopping campaigns as it lets the users compare your brand products with other competitors’ directly in the Google searches. How? It is through Product Listing Ads (PLAs) which directly features images of different brands side by side directly in the SERPs. PLAs are product categories and data based ads rather than keywords. So, if you search for formal “checkered apparels”, it directly shows the image results at the top

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Content Marketing for Fashion & Costume

Content is the base of your website brochure as that’s what the visitor will check first. Your content information will be the source of your fashion & clothing brand, its services, products, etc. So, appropriate content marketing to grab the most credible customer is a must. The better quality content you publish, the greater chances to engage visitors and turn them into leads.

How to create buyer engagement on fashion & clothing sites through content?

  • Launch a blog containing valued information that the users will like to learn about. Blogs should be released regularly (weekly or bi-weekly). So, your website followers will know when your next blog is coming. The blogs should be visually enticing and concise, i.e., within 500 words.
  • Brief and to-the-point information gets more attention than lengthy articles. However, sometimes you might have to post longer blogs of around 1000 to 2000 words including images and videos of the blog topic
  • Post gift guides round the year for life events of your ideal buyers, encouraging them to buy. The gift guides can be about life occasions like wedding ceremonies, mother’s day, father’s day, birthdays, or anniversaries, etc. Occasion-centric costumes are always in demand. So, it will be a good point to focus on

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Content Marketing Services

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