Digital Marketing for Hotels

Many hotel business owners have a preconception that spending on expensive advertisements might attract new guests to their place. But is that enough to ensure that people will notice your flyer and that you will get maximum guests visiting your accommodation? Not necessarily. However, with a proper digital marketing approach, you can advertise our accommodation services and facilities to a larger target audience.

How can digital marketing be beneficial for hotel marketing?

  • Retrieve your revenue, lost in offline marketing campaigns, and generate more
  • Increase your company visibility across multiple digital channels like social media, web
  • Increased company recognition among the credible customers
  • Serves as the most visible to showcase your hospitality and customer services

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SEO for Hotels

The primary focus of your online hospitality marketing should be to ensure visibility in the top search results of the search engines. For that, an SEO strategy is followed which involves making user’s search specific keyword/s optimization and updates on your hotel website content. It also involves linking your websites on high-authority websites, critical updates on code and occasional layouts to improve your website rank in SERPs. SEO essentially processes the keywords in a way that your website content is likely to pop up in results when users search for such relevant terms.

How to strengthen SEO for hotel websites?

  • You can optimize keywords by adding more details to it, like your hotel location, contact details, etc., to make it easier if any guest’s looking for hotels within a particular region or place, or seeking hotel info right ahead in search results
  • You can add short description containing the search relevant hotel-specific keywords to photos of your suite rooms
  • Garnering backlinks to other high-authority websites where people can find your hotel services featured in their content

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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Social Media Marketing for Accommodation Providers

Coming live on social media channels or posting stories are some smart ways to connect with your target guests. How? Firstly, it focuses on posting video contents which are more likely to go viral across social media. Even better, page postings send automated notifications to people who follow or like your posts regularly. So, it becomes easier for the potential guests to find you through your social channel postings and make booking or consider your hotel for their future stays.

How to attract guests on social media for hostels?

  • Link your hotel website to your social channels. Make sure that it reaches your followers right-away, so that the potential guests can directly contact you there
  • Provide your social media modes of contact on your website. For example, you can set taglines like “Let’s talk on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages. We would be happy to serve your queries on our pricing, services, and more”
  • If dining is the ultimate attraction of your hotel, ask a chef to make food tutorials on some most coveted continental desserts to get more viewers and followers, encouraging impulsive conversions

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Social Media Marketing

PPC Advertising for Hotels

If your hotel location is already saturated with many other budding accommodation providers, PPC is the best to draw the attention of specific clients who are searching for similar services in a hotel. This strategy is meant to boost your hotel’s visibility in SERPs. Apart from showing organic results, search engines also deliver paid ads to highly targeted audience segments by appearing at the top of organic SEO listings.

PPC advertising works on your ad’s relevant keywords, (say) hotels in [your location], budget-friendly hotel services etc., and displays these results above the other organic results.

How can PPC help in hotel marketing?

  • You can promote attractive offers and discounts or event news to encourage more guests to visit your hotel. You simply have to bid the best rate for your event-related PPC ad and get exposure within a short span or during the time of event
  • Many a time it happens those pre-bookings get canceled or there are maximum vacancies existing throughout the week. This is the perfect time to use PPC ads targeting people who are actively looking for lodging or reservations near your hotel location

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Content Marketing for Hotels Sector

Content marketing is a never-ending ever improving marketing strategy. You can utilize this strategy to attract guests through some highly relevant content or information that they may be searching on the internet. For example, if your hotel is based in Dubai, you can talk about all the amenities that lie close to your hotel, like nearby shopping malls, places to visit, restaurants and entertainments, etc. These types of contents have the power to convert your readers into your hotel guests.

How to drive guest visits in hotels through content marketing?

  • Create podcasts about the event planners your company has met so far, events you have already hosted, challenges met in bringing a specific event to life, and other amenities nearby
  • Conduct an interview with an industry expert. If the interviewee is an influential public figure, it can drive his/her fanbase to check out your contents. Publish the Q&A responses of that interview in your web blog or through social platforms.

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