Linked Advertising Services – Here’s What You Should Know

Linked Advertising Services| Here's What You Should Know

LinkedIn is presently the largest B2B networking platform thriving across the globe. It is focused on giving professionals a common platform to create employer-employee networks throughout the site. Reports say that about 95% of B2B marketers are LinkedIn users seeking to promote their brands to other businesses in one way or another. 

With about 50% of the total LinkedIn users possessing academic/university degrees, LinkedIn is the most fitting platform to conduct advertising services, especially if you want to target and engage credible prospects to connect with your service offerings. You can target them by industry, skills or professional interest, etc., to unveil the potential of this platform.

Well, more than just being a social channel for global professionals, it has a number of benefits you might be unaware of. That’s what we are going to cover in detail further. But, here is the gist: LinkedIn is a great way to attract the funnel audience by creating LinkedIn ads. This is a big step for your brand to build its recognition among business prospects who are most likely to turn your customers. 

At Sun Media Marketing, we stay updated with the changing algorithm of LinkedIn advertising services and news. Our team of experts can help you harness the ultimate potential of LinkedIn and leverage its diligent targeting strategy to connect you with credit-worthy leads. Our LinkedIn ad services are efficiently designed to successfully filter out impertinent traffic and solely focus on the relevant audience so you get maximize ROI from your ad campaigns.

Now, let’s move to the crucial part of the blog where we covered the following aspects in detail:

  • Advantages Of LinkedIn Advertising 
  • How To Reach Your Audience With LinkedIn Advertising?
  • How To Measure Results Of LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns?
  • Should You Hire A LinkedIn Advertising Company?

Advantages Of LinkedIn Advertising

The strategy followed in LinkedIn advertisements greatly differs from other social media channels. Here the users share their job professional eligibility, skills and interest, educational qualifications – all to the advertiser’s(your) interest if your targeted requirements match these options.

Here are what you get using LinkedIn advertising:

  • Specific Targeting: LinkedIn narrows your search to demographic or choose a group of prospects who you want to  connect with. Filter your search by targeting your audience by job role, industry type, age, gender, geographic location, degree, and more
  • Active Experienced User Base: With over 500 million business officials on this platform, you can maintain better presence among the extensive list of credible targets/leads who might be interested in your company
  • Grow Awareness: LinkedIn allows various advertisement formats(we covered that below) which gives you the opportunity to create better brand visibility and awareness for prospective business partners, consumers, and employees
  • Partnership and Events Promotion: LinkedIn is a renowned social platform  specifically used by the professional; both employer and employee, which makes it a good platform to recruit people, get recruited or connect with professionals from varied fields through conference and event promotion. In essence, LinkedIn is the most appropriate site to advertise your business and expand its influence through your advertising efforts.

How To Reach Your Audience With LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn allows the users to put a range of information on their profiles, making it simpler for you to segment your marketing approach. Selecting a target is critical for your marketing efforts, typically while adding a personalized touch to your ad campaign.

Luckily, LinkedIn’s ad solutions make it easy for businesses to precisely target its intended leads across this social channel. You can reach the credible targets through different characteristics, including:

  • Demographics: gender, age, location, and many more
  • Company Details: Name of the business brand, the company size where your target works, the type of industry it is
  • Job: Job title of your target, what are their roles in those jobs, their experience level — added to that are their field of study, their qualification level or number of degrees
  • Matched Targets: Audiences who are targeted on the basis of their LinkedIn’s data and your own first-party data such as email lists or website traffic 

Sun Media Marketing determines high-end ad targeting and evaluates different ad formats to identify the advertisements that resonate with your specific clients in the most-fitting way. 

LinkedIn mainly offers three categories of ad formats, namely; text ads, sponsored content, or sponsored InMail. 

Have a look at these three ad formats in detail here: 

  1. Text Ads

These ads show up on the top, side and bottom of LinkedIn member feed. 

The text ads are: 

  • Available in any size and ratio
  • Capable of instant capturing of your audience’s attention 
  • Strong CTAs(Call To Action) that can direct credible traffic to your website
  1. Sponsored Content

This type of ads, too, show up on the LinkedIn member feed amid the posts and content of other business profiles and their LinkedIn connections. Many businesses prefer this ad format for the following reasons: 

  • Increasing website traffic 
  • Getting more direct leads through LinkedIn’s native lead form features
  • Increasing more views on your business videos
  1. Sponsored InMail

This is the easiest of the three ad formats, which includes sending customized messages through LinkedIn messenger straight to your prospective targets. 

This format is fit for:

  • Adding a sense of personalization with custom fields to your message 
  • Contacting your clients directly through relevant content in messaging inbox

How To Measure Results Of LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns?

Running an ad campaign is not enough, you need to also measure its performance as doing so is crucial to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. It also helps you identify the portions requiring changes and improvements to optimize the feasibility of the campaign for long-term results.

We, at Sun Media Marketing, use data from Google Analytics, LinkedIn ad campaign manager, and other data-driven software insights to analyze the performance of our client social media campaigns. The data, hence collected, helps you to measure the traffic that leaves your LinkedIn profile and directly visits your website, thereby turning into your business leads. 

  • Google Analytics

It plays a crucial role in any social media ad strategy where the main goal is to improve the traffic generation to your business website. 

While analyzing data of the targets who leave your LinkedIn profile and move to your website, we evaluate traffic and data conversion, like how much time they spent on your webpage, forms submission on your website, sessions driven by LinkedIn ads.

The extensive data of Google Analytics is important for you to assess the key points that are needed to enhance your business performance. 

  • LinkedIn Campaign Manager Insights

With this, you can do data analysis, including the KPIs(Key Performance Indicators),  number of clicks, lead form opens, click-through-rate, and more to improve targeting and come up with more creative ad campaigns. These metrics show how relevant your ad is to your target audience.

Here are the vital points that we always ensure in our LinkedIn advertising services:

  • Analysis & Research 

Our team ensures that your LinkedIn ads get right leads through our diligent research, analysis, and demographic targeting. 

  • Custom Advertising Strategy

We deliver customized strategy as per your business requirement, and come up with most fitting ad formats specific to your business objectives and LinkedIn targets.

  • Creative Ad Development 

We house an elite group of creative designers and content developers to craft your ads. Added to that, our skilled marketers ensure that your brand receives maximum visibility online.

  • Consistent Ad Monitoring 

Our LinkedIn advertising professionals trace and monitor your ad campaigns while checking your ad budget per weekly basis. 

  • Ad Optimization

Top-notch optimization of LinkedIn ads is critical for the success of your campaign. That is why we use data analytics and insights (as mentioned above) to make decisions and accordingly work on those to improve your campaigns performance. 

  • Detailed Reporting 

We give a clear and comprehensive report of your ROI and LinkedIn showing you a complete picture of your ads current performance.

Should You Hire A LinkedIn Advertising Company?

LinkedIn is used by both employees and employers with the intent of career advancement or business development, respectively. This platform opens up a range of opportunities for companies, typically the budding businesses, to run targeted ads campaigns for top talent acquisition across the globe.

And, unless these ads are convincing enough, it will be hard to reach your credible targets. That is why pairing up with an advertising agency will be a smart choice to make engaging LinkedIn ads, especially if you are new to LinkedIn. 

A reliable LinkedIn marketing company offers certain fundamental benefits as mentioned here: 

  • Professional assistance with continued training and knowledge of the evolving features
  • The agency will guarantee that your ad campaigns are following the best practices and policies of LinkedIn
  • Transparent projects quotes and deliverables so that you are clearly aware of how much your paying for a specific service 
  • Accurate and precise reporting of performance and data to make informed settlements for your project
  • Quality communication for flexible pathway to discuss concerns about your campaign’s potential 

So, make sure to reach out to a certified social-media advertising firm that can deliver top-tier LinkedIn advertising services and leverage your marketing efforts on this platform.

Since LinkedIn is where you can connect with key decision-makers, here you get the golden opportunity to be visible to more such audiences, who matter to you the most, through some well-crafted ad campaigns.

As a reputed LinkedIn Advertising Company in India, Sun Media Marketing helps you put the right impact and garner high-quality traffic and leads, by leveraging high-end LinkedIn ad campaigns in the best possible ways. 

Our team of qualified-driven advertising experts will guide you with a strategic approach in LinkedIn advertising creation in an unmatched way. We incorporate technical expertise and precise execution to market your business in a way that helps you stay ahead in today’s online competition. But, we will suggest not to go with our word — check out what our clients say about their experience with our agency. 

From top-notch business branding to expansive marketing, we turn all your plans into realizations through customized advertising-cum-marketing solutions. Identify credible audiences and locations on LinkedIn with Sun Media Marketing.

Looking forward to Sun Media Marketing’s LinkedIn advertising assistance? Share your plan with us today at

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