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In the early 2010 decade, LinkedIn was only a platform for searching jobs for job seekers and posting jobs, recruiting, & hiring for the talent acquisition team. Slowly over the years, LinkedIn has gone from solely being a platform for searching for jobs & finding recruits to a social media marketing platform.

Nowadays, businesses build a LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Strategy to promote their business, reach out to potential prospects, engage with users, & grow their community.

LinkedIn has grown into a social media marketing strategy because it allows companies to connect with key decision-makers of potential prospects and get wider reach & visibility through well-crafted LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Currently, more than 60 million companies use LinkedIn Pages, and there are more than 850 million members. It is essential to have a well-crafted LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to stand out in the market.

What is a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy?

A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy is a well-formulated plan that involves everything from recruiting job seekers, targeting & hiring skilled, talented job profiles to build & fostering your brand.

Building a robust business network is vital to creating new potential connections, increasing visibility, and staying engaged with the users. LinkedIn is the foremost choice for B2B Marketers and B2C brands as well. It is essential to build captivating, professional, interactive content for your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy to reach & connect with qualifying prospects.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Tips for 2023

We have researched the past, current, & future trends, strategies, and tools, and based on that, we have formulated LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Tips for 2023. Let us walk you through them.

1. Setting the Goal

The first step in any marketing strategy is to determine what results you want to achieve, and based on that, you need to formulate your overall marketing strategy. LinkedIn users use LinkedIn for different purposes, such as,

  • More than 20% for reading current news and events
  • More than 25% for reading history about businesses, brands, & companies
  • More than 20% for sharing photos, reels, & videos
  • More than 25% for connecting with business managers & employees and building new relevant connections
  • Nearly 10% for entertaining content

LinkedIn is not for recruiting & hiring purposes, but more than it is for B2B lead generation. You must consider the above numbers & types of LinkedIn users for setting goals to reach the target audience through LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

2. Make the optimal utilization of your LinkedIn Page

Once you have set the goals, you must utilize your LinkedIn Page for all relevant tabs & sections. In 2022, more than 30% of LinkedIn pages have got more weekly views that have completed their pages by filing out all relevant tabs & sections.

Ensure to fill all the relevant tabs & sections to make your LinkedIn page appear more informative and descriptive for drawing more users’ attention.

We recommend that larger organizations must use showcase pages to keep enthralling content to reach the target audience.

Note: Update your LinkedIn Page Cover Image at least twice per year to make your page look lively & captivating.

3. Understanding your target audience

LinkedIn users’ demographics are different from other social media platforms. In 2022, more than 60% of LinkedIn users’ age group is 25 to 34. 18-24 & 35-44 are close to 38% combined, and the rest 2% are 55 & above.

Based on the above numbers, you need to determine which age group you want to make your target audience depending on your product & service offerings. Hence, it is essential to use LinkedIn Analytics to find your target age group.

Sun Media Marketing provides LinkedIn Analytics with its LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Strategy to get in-depth insights into your target audience age group on LinkedIn and for the creation of interactive content.

4. Tracking Performance & Fine-Tuning Strategy

The more you will interact with your audience, the more precise idea you will get about the kind of content that they prefer & what associates with them. It is vital to track the results of your LinkedIn Content Strategy to get essential insights and accordingly fine-tune the strategy to get the maximum outcome out of it.

LinkedIn Analytics tool provides you with an overview of your LinkedIn Page, crucial strategy information, post-performance, visibility, and more.

With Sun Media Marketing LinkedIn Analytics, you will get in-depth details about your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. We also evaluate your strategy from time to time to help you achieve maximum benefit from it.

5. Appear as a natural person, not a robot

LinkedIn research states that an average employee network connection on LinkedIn is 10x more than the followers of a company’s business page. It results in more clicks, likes, and shares of the post the employee shares compared to a company’s business page.

LinkedIn connections of employees have set areas of expertise that makes them reach their target audience segment. It means that when an employee shares a post or job opportunity, it will reach a broader audience than a LinkedIn company’s business page.

Hence, it is essential to include the personal human profiles of your employees in your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. It will help you reach users of different areas of expertise and build genuine strong connections.

At Sun Media Marketing, we formulate & design the content for your LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Strategy that your employees can post on their LinkedIn to captivate users sharing skills of expertise and connect with the content instantly. Our Social Media Marketing experts measure the results of the implemented strategy & content, and we share reports with you to check the progress & outcome.

6. Focus on Lead Generation over Sales

As mentioned above in the blog, LinkedIn is more of a B2B platform for quality lead generation over hiring & recruiting job seekers. The foremost priority should be quality lead generation, not sales conversions. The reason being it is vital first to build strong relationships & connections with the leads to convert them into potential long-term prospects.

LinkedIn is not a platform where sales will happen directly, and you will find the latest trending products to buy. On LinkedIn, it takes time for sales conversion & building connections is a must. Once you have established a robust relationship & credibility with the prospects, you are all set to pitch your product & service, and it will result in a conversion.

In 2023, focus on generating leads & establishing connections first, then switch to sales conversion. This approach will help you gain a vast number of sales on LinkedIn.

7. Building your employer’s brand

If you are an employee, posting about your employer’s business products & services should not be your only priority. It is more than that. You must post about your workplace, work culture, the company’s corporate social responsibility, and other posts regarding your team.

This promotes your company’s brand name and makes it easier for the recruitment team to hire new employees. All these things make a company looks genuine and lively and have a harmonious work culture. It also makes a strong impression in the eyes of B2B clients and increases the chances of sales conversion.

In 2022, more than 80% of employees posted about their workplace & work culture that fostered the company’s brand name.

In 2023, we recommend enhancing your brand name by adding a trending employee content gallery to your LinkedIn page and using associated hashtags to reach the targeted audience.

8. Participation in the Community

Participating in different communities is essential for building a strong credibility that will eventually lead to sales conversion over time. It involves timely responding to comments, joining the potential prospects group conversation, and more such tasks.

Post on LinkedIn about the achievements of your employee, team & company, careers in your company, induction training, the journey of senior employees, and more. Ensure to look for opportunities for appreciating & posting on LinkedIn.

In 2023, ensure to respond promptly to your LinkedIn page comments, join potential groups, posting about the company’s work culture and other relevant images & videos to build an excellent reputation.

Also, ensure to post by dedicating the post to the specific community when posting in community groups. We recommend that every time you share any content about your organization, ensure to share it from your other social media platform to get traffic on them as well.

While resharing any content, ensure to the tag image owner and use relevant hashtags. You can use the LinkedIn Content Suggestions tool to get suggestions for posting content on your LinkedIn page.

9. Focus on writing & posting long content

Long-form content should be given priority in your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. A well-drafted content about the information on a particular product or service drives traffic on your LinkedIn page. Users prioritize LinkedIn when they want information regarding a specific topic, product, or service because LinkedIn presents the content in a well-formulated manner.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on content development strategy and posting articles through your employee profile and your company’s account. This will not only drive traffic but also help in potential lead generation. We suggest keeping the word length 1,000 to 2,000 words by keeping the content crisp, to the point, beneficial, educational, informative, & descriptive.

Use LinkedIn SEO titles, descriptions, and tags to help users find your articles through SERPs. Also, if you regularly want to post articles & long-form content on LinkedIn, create a LinkedIn Newsletter for quality heavy traffic.

10. Ensure to post different types of content

Keeping your account lively by posting content regularly in the form of image post, videos, articles, company news, work culture, employees’ achievements, and upcoming products or service launch will not only foster your brand reputation but also creates excellent credibility in the eyes of potential clients & recruits. You can use the tabs on your LinkedIn page for posting the content.

You must keep the following two things in mind while content development:

  • Images get 2x higher comment rate, and it’s better to post images in collage
  • Videos get 5x users engagement, whereas live videos get 24x more users engagement

In 2023, we recommend focusing on all three – Images, Videos, & Live Video content to get the maximum output of all three. Ensure to focus on good content development to enthrall users with the content.

11. Determining the right time for posting content

Many businesses on LinkedIn post at the incorrect time and fail to get visibility on the post. The best time for posting on LinkedIn is 9 AM on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. This is not a mandatory time to post, and you must post depending on your product & service offering and, most notably, the target audience’s location for your post.

Ensure to post when your target segment is more likely to be online and will engage with your post.

By partnering with Sun Media Marketing for LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Services, we will develop engaging & enthralling content for your target users and post at the peak time when there are higher chances of more visibility, leading to quality lead generation, enhancing brand awareness, and driving superior traffic to your site.

12. Scheduling posts in advance

As mentioned in the above point, there is no best time to post as it will depend on your target audience location & your content. However, it is essential to keep your posts created in advance, which allows you to schedule the post automatically once you have decided on the time.

Creating the posts in advance allows you to dedicate time to creating content for your LinkedIn page. It is more effective & beneficial, especially when you want to create long-form content. You can give more time to gathering relevant topics & references for long-form content. You can also indulge your creative team and senior leaders for the inputs for content creation.

In 2023, we recommend creating a schedule for your LinkedIn calendar for scheduling & planning the time for posting to save time. By partnering with Sun Media Marketing, you will save substantial time as we will make the posts & content and post it at the best time from our end. You can use the saved time to focus on your core business activities (Sales & Marketing) to generate significant revenues.

13. Setting up a posting schedule

Once you have determined the scheduling of the posts, the next step is to determine how many posts you should post in a day, week, and month.

There are many businesses on LinkedIn that aren’t active, and they hardly post 3-4 posts in an entire month. On the other hand, there are businesses on LinkedIn that post 2-4 posts daily, which makes it cluttered with content & posts. LinkedIn recommends that ideal posting should be once or maximum twice a day, and if not, a business should post at least once a week on their LinkedIn Page to keep the users’ engagement alive on their page.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on quality over quantity to give your audience fresh content every time to make engagement more lively on your page.

14. Sending Personalized Messages

Sending bulk messages is often time-saving but not an ideal way to get optimal results. As per LinkedIn data, in 2022, personalized InMails performed 15x better than those sent in bulk. In 2023, this number is going to increase.

LinkedIn research says that candidates found in recommended matches are 35% more likely to accept InMails than candidates found alone in a Recruiter search.

We recommend mentioning a detail in every email reflecting that you have read the prospect’s profile. This shows that message that they have received is personalized and not standard. You can mention the prospect’s skills, hobbies, interests, or something significant to their profile to grab their attention.

15. KISS- Keep it simple & short for Messages

Sending an InMail with longer messages with too many details about prospects makes the user boring & feel uninteresting once they start reading. Hence, LinkedIn recommends that to keep the InMails shorter. According to LinkedIn research, shorter InMails have performed exceptionally well compared to longer ones. Shorter InMails receive a higher response than longer ones.

Shorter InMails have under 400 characters & Longer InMails have 1200 and above characters. Average InMail must be around 800 characters. It is not mandatory to always send shorter InMails. Ensure to send at least 800 characters InMail once a week as they receive 5% response rates.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on a combination of Shorter InMails and sending one InMail of at least 800 characters to get the maximum benefit out of both.

Image Source: LinkedIn

16. Avoid sending InMails on weekends

Who likes to work on weekends? More than 95% of the world’s population will answer ‘No.’ And that is why LinkedIn recommends avoiding sending InMails on Friday & Saturday. Friday because employees are in the mindset for weekends, and on Saturdays, many businesses have a working day off along with Sunday. Monday is the best day to send InMails.

According to LinkedIn research, InMails sent between Sundays to Thursdays are within 1% of the global average. Hence, you should schedule sending InMails Monday early morning, starting the weekend early, and taking the weekends off.

Image Source: LinkedIn

17. Including a captivating hook above the fold

Last but not least, it is vital to focus more on the content above “the fold” to enthrall more users. Like in physical newspaper stands, they keep the hottest attention-grabbing news on the front page above “the fold” to capture more readers’ attention.

On LinkedIn, you should adopt the same philosophy to keep the first half, especially the beginning of the content & posts, enthralled to get more user engagement.


2023 will be an exciting year for LinkedIn users as the new trends will create a huge buzz, bringing in significant business revenues. Hence, we recommend focusing on all the 17 LinkedIn Marketing Tips mentioned in the blog and implementing them in your business to get a jetpack kick-start in 2023.

If you have any questions or queries regarding any LinkedIn Marketing Tips or want a free quote for LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Services, Sun Media Marketing is here for you, just a call away. Reach out to us via call at +1 (917) 267-8626 & +91 -9898-630-296 via email at

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