All Things to Know About PPC Ad Formats

All Things to Know About PPC Ad Formats

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is a type of bidding on an auction. PPC aids marketers in increasing visibility to build brand awareness, ads, and campaign goals. PPC helps in creating optimized campaigns for better reachability. PPC ads are available in numerous shapes as well as sizes. The ad formats are available across Bing Ads as well as Google Ads.

Before moving forward let dive into What are the two types of advertisement?

The two types of advertising are:


Paid or SEM/PPC

Organic advertising is a word-of-mouth method which is used in SEO-based blog posts. Paid online advertising is also referred to as Search Engine Marketing which uses several paid ads, promoted posts through PPC to reach an audience without a hassle like SEO.

What are ad formats?

Majority of the PPC formats are available on Google AdWords, making it the most sought after platform for Pay-Per-Click Advertising. AdWords also offers numerous ad formats that support marketing objectives. For instance, some of the ads can be found on SERPs; whereas visitors can locate other ads on websites through Google Display Network.

What types of ads format does Google Ads support?

The following ad formats are supported by Google Ads:

1. Text-Only Ads

To some advertisers this might seem basic; however, text-only ads are effective if your goal is to reach a designated target audience.

Text-only ads on Google are seamless to set-up, convenient to maintain. In addition to this, it works well for sellers who offer basic services and goods to consumers on an everyday basis.

2. Ad Extensions

With ad extensions, you can strengthen the text ads by adding links to category page/product, star review, physical address, as well as a phone number. They enhance ‘real estate’ which the ads occupy on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page), further capturing the attention of users.

3. Call-Only Ads

Most of the mobile searches on Google often lead to online purchase. Do you know that mobile searchers often call up business directly after seeing ads on search results?

Call Only Ads

Call-Only Ads are perfect for businesses having a local presence as phone calls are the most go-to method for the customers to reach out to you directly. Also. most of the leads that connect you from Call-Only Ads.

4. Image Ads

These types of ads can be viewed on websites which are partners of Google. Advertisers can leverage their audiences if they want to enhance their reach.

Image Ads

Image Ads are the best way to build awareness of a brand; however, they cannot drive sales. Service providers looking forward to building trust can avail this ad.

5. Responsive Ads

People are moving to mobile devices to make searches on Google. It is important for advertisers to adjust appearances, sizes, & format for screen compatibility. GDN ads have both images and texts. Further, they are scaled automatically to fit ad space.

6. Video Ads

If advertisers want to make a great impression on the audience and also increase their brand awareness, then video ads provide them with great opportunity. You can seamlessly place the video ads on the partner websites of Google or your ad can be a part of YouTube video.

Video Ads

If you’re thinking there should be more options for ads on PPC, then allow us to provide you with robust information on How many types of ads are there?

  • Twitter Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Tumblr Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Retargeting Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Flash Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • In-Game Ads
  • AdMob Ads
  • Email Ads
  • Gmail Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Vine Ads

What are the 4 main types of ads?

There are several advertising types which you can amalgamate while curating a digital marketing strategy. Digital advertising is the most volatile as the world has moved to the internet due to pandemic. Moreover, trends keep on changing with every passing day. Let’s get into the four main types of ads you can use in your business today:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

SEM campaign aids to acquire massive brand awareness in a short span. Advertisers can start their SEM campaign by simply adding a description, title, and CTA. To make an SEM campaign successful advertisers have to incorporate keywords.

Social Ads

Social media has become an integral part of people’s lives, today. These platforms propagate connectedness where people bond over common ground. If budding advertisers create ad campaigns on social media platforms, you can acquire new clients and garner brand awareness. Social Ads are a magnificent choice to make a conversion or implement a branding strategy.

Email Marketing

It is by-far the modest marketing format while has its origin to the birth of email. Over the years, email marketing has gone through several changes to reach renewed potency. In Europe, email marketing has the highest conversion rate including Spain. They yield higher profitable goals through automation tools. Email marketing is the best form of marketing to maintain an existing client.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is for the people who want advertising formats with visual prowess. This advertising contains videos and images which are published in designated places.

Display Ads

You can avail of this type of advertisement from Google Adwords.

How you do display ads?

Generally, display ads range from animations, static images, to interactive apps and videos. As advertisers, you need to create content irrespective of its niche to be used as display ads. And why should you use them?

With Display Ads, you can:

1. Increase brand awareness

2. Reach audiences on devices & platforms

3. Personalise their approach with demographic and contextual targeting

4. Retargeting increase ROI

What are the 3 types of Google ads available in SEM?

In Google campaign types revolve around three advertising networks:

  • Google Display Network
  • Google Search Network
  • YouTube Network

These advertising networks determine where the ads will land or appear. Your ads might appear on Google-partnered websites, Google Sites, and mobile apps.

What is the best advertising method?

There are several advertising methods in the world. Google Ads is the best way by which you can reach masses on the search engine. Advertisers are well aware that Google Ads is the epitome in digital marketing. However, there is one type of advertising which will also benefit the budding advertisers. Let’s discuss social media advertising

Social Media Advertising is a boon for businesses around the world. If you’re starting your career as an online advertiser, incorporating social media strategy for businesses might benefit you tremendously.

Advertisements in social media platforms are limitless. There are several schemes that social media platforms provide to advertise products and services. In addition to this, they are affordable. If you combine social media marketing with content marketing it will boost your reach. One of the benefits of social media advertising is that brands can find recognition at regional, country-wide, and overseas markets.

Social Media benefits in 2021

  • Social media ads allow new advertisers to keep stalk over their business growth.
  • It is convenient, affordable, and effective.
  • Targeting customers is very easy.

Other than social media marketing, content marketing is a robust method. The reason is content marketing can support other modes of advertising such as PPC, social media, and also SEO. This is the reason why most businesses tend to make content a fundamental part of the strategy.

Advertisers entering the realm of digital marketing might find it overwhelming to select the robust PPC ad format to help businesses grow. When it comes to choosing an ad format, make sure that it works best for your business. For instance, if you want to showcase your products, choose a visual ad to reach the perfect audience. There is only one way to know which ad format is best for you, track its metric, conversion rate, and traffic source.

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