Essential Elements for a Successful SEO Strategy

Essential Elements for a Successful SEO Strategy

Developing an SEO plan that will attract qualified traffic to a website and boost conversions is both a technical and creative effort of interconnected elements.

If you’re planning to employ SEO for your business, your top concerns probably are:

  • how will more customers find your business online when they need to?
  • how to stand out among scores of online competitors?
  • how to employ tactics that will let you stay on the top results in the page?
  • how to earn more returns from your SEO efforts?

These are all pertinent questions that should be answered by a comprehensive and thorough SEO strategy. Technical SEO knowledge, analytical expertise, a defined keyword map and a solid content marketing strategy require both experience and expertise. It will decide the success of your business’ presence in the first page of the search engine, preferably among the top three results.

What is an SEO Strategy?

No one wants to see their site dead and buried in some obscure corner of Google SERPs. What should you do then? Create an effective SEO strategy that will utilise every page and link of your website.

How to create an effective SEO strategy that keeps your business website visible to users when they need it?

Every SEO strategy begins with the first elementary step: An SEO Audit.

Find out the avenues that need improvement before you set to build up an SEO strategy. You need to know the present standing so that you can measure the successes of your SEO rankings. Make sure that all technical SEO set-up and indexing strategies are in order so that your site can be crawled and indexed by Google efficiently. Think programming, it makes for better SEO.

Next, plan an outcome-oriented strategy including these five essential elements underlined below.

1. Optimise to Google’s Algorithm Updates

The natural language processing updates along with AI incorporation in search content delivery has upped the user experience game. Google’s latest updates like the Hummingbird, RankBrain, BERT are user-focused. Now, the SERP landscape has moved on to intent matching rather than keyword string matching.

Google’s Algorithm Updates

Experts like Kelly Stanze and Eli Schwartz agree that the SEO strategy should now focus on user intent and clear architecture of content. At the end, a strategy based on content enhances engagement and produces results through social proof in positive reviews.

2. Choice of Keyword Strategy

Long tail, short tail, local—keywords are an essential part of your SEO strategy. Hitting the bull’s eye requires finding the winning combination between search term volume and search term competitiveness. A competitor’s keyword analysis will clarify the odds stacked against you. Why not target keywords with a reasonable volume but less competition rather than keywords with the highest volume?

Websites on the first page of Google receive 95% traffic, therefore chances are better for a less popular term on the first page. Refine your target audience by settling on the perfect keywords.

3. Make Content Good to E-A-T

Relevant, high-quality, and optimised content affects a lot of SEO strategizing elements such as link building, site structure, and social shares possibility. Of course, you should write for the audience and when they like it, they will take it to places. However, Google has its own high-quality content requirements based on Expertise, Authority, Trust or the E-A-T attributes. Credentials defined by structured data mark-up and any fact-oriented schema are ways that Google will weigh your content credibility and in turn, your ranking.

4. Entity and Knowledge Graph Optimisation

Knowledge graph panels with prime visibility without clicking have changed the search dynamics. Gearing up for this entity and fact-based information to derive the real-world connections will boost your SEO rankings. Remember, local search is entity-based, and with quality content that caters to users and crawlers alike will send entity-related signals that are going to help you keep ranking.

Knowledge Graph Optimisation

5. Search the Visual Way

Explicit image alt tags, structured data like price and availability, schema markup—they have all boosted the image search among users. Data shows that one-third of searches in Google is carried out through images. As a result, quality images of graphs, data, stats are earning powerful backlinks and hence, rankings. In fact, for e-commerce businesses Google Lens has made image optimisation an important part of SEO strategy.

Search the Visual Way

All of these elements are an important part of a comprehensive strategy. It will be effective in making categorical and encouraging contacts with your target audience online. SEO elevates your chances to be an organic top ranker better than paid channels.

Along with this, your website’s potential actions should be optimised to create a customer-friendly, frictionless user experience which will be valued by your visitors and by Google.

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