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CH_ 4 What is Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool from Google which helps business owners to manage their online business listings. This tool is particularly very helpful for local brands that are targeting local customers.

Using this service it is easy for customers to find a business using the zip code, GPS coordinates or simply the name of the city. As a business owner here you can provide details about your work timings, line of work, contact info and so on.

Here are three tips which can help you to get the maximum out of Google My Business

Ensure All the Information Which You Provide Is Accurate

In order to start using the Google My Business tool you will be required to provide your name, address and phone number. Make sure this information matches with the information given on your website. Apart from this you need to specifically state what kind of business you operate. Apart from posting your own content you can use user generated content like a photo snapped by a customer. Along with this you can list down other amenities which your business provides like wheelchair access, elevator, kids friendly atmosphere etc.

Focus on Reviews

If you are trying to make a mark in Local searches, it is important to know that reviews work as the backbone of your local searches. It is estimated that around 90% people read reviews before purchasing any product. Google my business heavily encourages reviews and you can send a link to your customers asking for a review. If you are getting negative reviews, try to resolve the issue and it is likely that more than half of your customers would reconsider your business for the second time.

Use the Question and Answer Feature

This feature in Google My Business, allows customers to ask questions about your business, which you can answer. It is a great way to hear directly from the end user. Google now sends notifications to business. If someone has really asked an important question, you can go ahead and up vote it for more views.

Hopefully these three tips will help you to stay ahead in the competition and get more customers.

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