Predictions & Trends for Paid Social Advertising for 2023

Paid Social Advertising, also known as PPC Advertising, has grown massively in 2022 across different social media platforms. Businesses invested heavily in paid social advertising in the form of Paid Google Ads, Paid YouTube Ads, and Paid Video Ads across various social media platforms, Paid Facebook Ads, Paid Instagram Ads, & Paid LinkedIn Ads. In 2022, businesses, big brands, content creators, and influencers spent more than 200 billion USD on Social Media Ads. In 2023, the numbers are expected to touch 300 billion USD.

Trends & Predictions for Paid Social Advertising for 2023

Post-pandemic in 2020, the companies & businesses faced several issues in the form of the supply chain, inflation, a decline in demand, and other critical factors. However, in 2022, we witnessed businesses overcoming these issues and striding on a stable path toward an upward growth graph. However, some trends are going to prevail in 2023 that our team has researched. Let us walk you through the trends & predictions for paid social advertising for 2023.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing saw a phenomenal rise & growth in 2022. Many businesses have adopted this in their marketing strategy and benefitted lucrative results from it.

Many consumers have made their buying decision by seeing the product promoted by a famous influencer & content creator from social media platforms. The influencers & content creators have helped businesses & brands reach a broad target audience that was never experienced & witnessed by the brands before 2020.

Influencers & content creators on different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok have captured the attention of many businesses, and they are in high demand amongst consumers across the globe.

In 2023, Influencer Marketing will be leveraged by a large number of businesses & brands across the globe, and it will grow extensively every year. Companies & brands will invest ample amounts in it as part of their Social Advertising Strategy to reach a wider audience.


The parent company of Facebook has changed its name from Facebook, Inc., to Meta Platforms, Inc., with the aim of building the metaverse. Meta Platforms, Inc., is doing business as Meta. Meta has remained in the headlines throughout 2022 and will continue to be in the headlines in 2023 as well.

In 2022, Meta helped businesses through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, & WhatsApp by offering them fantastic features, such as complex automated tasks, more customer engagement, & enhanced shopping experiences.

The Facebook Advantage+ Shopping Campaign launch will benefit Meta, and businesses will be investing significant advertising amounts in it.

Though Meta has received a substantial backlash from social media platform users because of its feed algorithm, it will still be the #1 technology for fostering customer engagement for a seamless experience of brands.

In 2023, Meta’s new releases & updates will see brands punctiliously carrying out Live Shopping Experience on multiple social media platforms.


Snapchat was the first platform of its kind that brought the trend of clicking snaps, uploading them, and sharing them with your friends. Over the years, Snapchat has grown from snap clicking & sharing platform to a business-promoting & content-sharing platform.

Influencers & Content creators use Snapchat to promote different brands, post reels, videos, celebrity gossip news, and interact with the users. It has helped brands to merge with influencers & content creators to foster their brand name. In 2022, Snapchat lenses & filters were used massively to promote different businesses’ brand names, products, & services.

In 2023, the emphasis will shift to AR & VR features that Snapchat will introduce to give users a remarkable virtual experience and bring in a new audience.


In 2022, short video content ruled tremendously across social media platforms & become a sensational buzz and talk of the Internet. Short videos are the most loved content on the Internet nowadays.

Every Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube user, spends an average of 30 minutes of their day watching short videos content in the form of Instagram reels, Facebook short videos, & YouTube shorts. The average spending time watching short videos will increase in 2023. People prefer watching short content videos in their leisure time while traveling & commuting to work and during their meal break time.

TikTok has started monetizing the short videos posted on the platform, helping content creators & influencers earn a secondary income, and TikTok earns from brands for running their advertisements on its platform.

TikTok has launched its TikTok Creator Marketplace to allow brands to connect with creators to promote their products & services.

Like Meta, TikTok also has engaged users in the Live Shopping Experience. Users are making purchases by getting influenced by their favorite creators. TikTok In-app sales benefit businesses to make the sale by clicking on the link instead of downloading their app.

In 2023, brands will invest in TikTok to run Paid Ads and make maximum utilization of TikTok Creator Marketplace.


Pinterest is the #1 platform for searching images for blogs, articles, landing pages, social media posts, & more purposes. Pinterest has always been creative in monetizing its platform to benefit the creators & image owners.

In 2022, AR technology has made remarkable growth among customers. Pinterest offers a Live Shopping Experience similar to other social media platforms.

In 2023, Pinterest is going one big step ahead by introducing AR technology to its platform, giving users an enthralling experience to the users to visualize items & products that they intend to search for. E.g., if you are looking for a desk table, and want to visualize how it will look in your office space, then Pinterest AR technology features will help you visualize the same. This feature is being offered by furniture & home decor showrooms.

Pinterest has launched an exciting feature for its users by the name of Pinterest TV. It will allow users on the app to view a series of live, original, & shoppable videos of creators & brands to help make a purchase decision. Creators can exhibit their brand products directly on the retailer’s site. The hosts can utilize the live shopping experience to share product details and collaborations and offer exclusive limited-time discounts to the viewers, alluring them to make a purchase.

In 2023, Pinterest TV is the top thing you should bank on for Paid Social Advertising.

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategies

Businesses want their presence on every social media platform and want to be seen at the top of the News Feeds of social media platforms users. To achieve this, it is a must to have a robust Omni channel strategy for fostering a bespoke & multi-platform customer journey.

It will involve diversifying spending for Advertising on different social media platforms for seamless integration of branding, messaging, and consumer-centric view of online & offline marketing tactics as the customer moves down in the sales funnel. It helps in enabling an impactful customer experience.

In 2023, we recommend utilizing the Omni channel strategy to widen your business presence on different social media platforms.

Strengthening of First-Party Data

Every year Android & iOS release new versions of operating software. And every release is strengthening the privacy of sharing cookies & data with third-party. With every update, it is challenging to maintain third-party cookies, which are getting lost.

Hence, in 2023 we recommend prioritizing & secured first-party data. Capitalizing on first-party data strategies is beneficial & lucrative for social media marketing. It helps in reaching out to the target audience efficiently, irrespective of the loss of third-party cookies.


Paid Social Advertising Trends & Predictions will robustly impact the business’s revenues. It is essential to work on the predictions & trends that we mentioned in the blog and capitalize on them. If you have any doubts regarding any trends or want a free quote for Social Media Advertising Services, then Sun Media Marketing is your one-stop destination.Sun Media Marketing has been one of the best Digital Marketing Companies in India for 8+ years, offering social media advertising services to companies across the globe. Partner with us for Social Media Marketing & Advertising services, and make the most of the trends with us in 2023. Contact us at +1 (917) 267-8626 & +91 -9898-630-296 & via email at

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