SEO Trends to watch out for in 2023

The SEO industry has been one of the fastest-growing industries in the last couple of years, and it will continue to grow in the upcoming years. SEO has one of the most dynamic industries due to its unpredictable algorithms. SEO trends have been changing & becoming technology-oriented over the years. E.g., voice search algorithms did exist in the 2010 decade start, but they have become more demanding & being used more in the 2020 decade. The trends which were effective in 2020 will not serve the same level of efficacy in 2023.

SEO Trends to look out for in 2023

Our team has conducted thorough research and has identified SEO trends that will be in trend in 2023. Let us walk you through the SEO trends to watch out for in 2023.

1. Updated Content

A massive number of businesses have shifted their operations online and interact with their customers over social media channels. More number of businesses moving online means higher chances of similar types of content being experienced by the users. Users get bored of seeing similar kinds of content over time; hence, it is essential to update the content on your website, landing pages, products & service section pages, and regularly post blogs to keep the blog section updated.

Regularly updating the content and conducting SEO will improve ranking on Google & other SERPs.

2. AI-based content

As we move into the future, technology is rapidly growing and making things easier & simpler day by day. AI-based content is the new demand in the market, and many websites have started using AI-based content for SEO to generate more traffic to their website. AI is producing helpful content for readers, and businesses are using Open AI to make content creation highly scalable.

AI-based content will grow exceptionally well in 2023.

3. Long-form Contents

Businesses have the wrong impression that keeping a lengthy blog or web page on their website will result in a fall in their website keywords rankings on Google & other SERPs. In 2023, long-form content is going to be the trend.

The more descriptive your content, the higher number of keywords will rank in Google & other SERPs fostering your business growth & increases revenue.

Well-written content can be 2,000- 3,000 words depending on how much informative, instructive, & persuasive your content is. Hence, effective content development must be your top business SEO strategy in 2023 to gain a higher ranking in Google & other SERPs.

4. SEO Scalability

In 2023, if you are looking to stand out on the top from your competitors, then you must build scalability in your SEO services. We recommend you list down all the tasks & workflow to determine which steps can be automated using SEO tools to increase efficiency & scalability. You can establish SOPs for functions that can’t be automated. You can also set up a system for monitoring essential changes like keyword ranking, changes in content or URL, and providing backlinks for effective SEO.

5. Mobile SEO

Many businesses often miss out on doing SEO for mobile devices. Nowadays, a vast number of users are searching for products & services online from their mobile devices. Hence, it is crucial to focus on designing an effective, user-friendly web design for mobile device users.

In 2023, Businesses should focus on personalizing website content as per their users’ needs to design a user-friendly mobile web design because Google ranking will eventually use mobile device sites to determine keywords ranking.

6. Reduction in Crawling & Indexing Frequency

In 2022, we saw that the introduction of “IndexNow” reduced the frequency of crawling & indexing. IndexNow allows website owners to instantly inform search engines regarding any updated changes on their website to ensure that users see the updated content in SERPs.

In 2023, businesses & users will experience more reduction in Crawling & Indexing Frequency due to IndexNow. It will save a lot of time that used to go in crawling an entire website to identify updated content. IndexNow is used by Bing & Yandex search engines.

7. Growth of Blogger Outreach in 2023

Manual Blogger outreach has continued to be a proven-effective SEO tactic to get backlinks & raise brand awareness. However, in the last two years, Google has moved towards an entity-based search engine, and it is difficult for niche bloggers to reach their target audience. Google has failed to trace link-building practices such as manual blogger outreach.

This is where Google’s SpamBrain algorithm comes into the picture, which was able to keep 75% of spam results out of Google search results in 2020, and this year the number has shot up. It has saved 99% of spam results out of Google search results.

In 2023, this number will stay strong similar to 2022, which means there is a high chance for manual blogger outreach & other link-building strategies to show up in Google SERPs.

8. Passage Indexing

Whenever a user searches for a FAQ or a product or service, the first search result that comes below the typed search in a box format is called Passage Indexing. E.g., when a user searches for the meaning of the term “What is Digital Marketing” below the typed search box, the answer will show up in a box format that answers the query in the first place, and users don’t prefer to scroll down. We have seen that when we search for a product like a mobile phone, the mobile phone price offerings from different e-commerce sellers will show in the box format.

In 2023, this will continue dominating SERPs and benefit businesses as search engines will take an in-depth look at the topic (keyword) searched by the user and will go through web pages to deliver authentic & accurate results in the passage indexing. The long-structured content will get excellent benefits from the Passage Indexing Ranking Algorithm.

9. Localization of SEO

In 2022, Local Businesses boosted their business revenues tremendously due to Google’s clear-cut push towards highly localized search results (Local SEO).

In 2022, local region-specific, city-specific, state-specific, and country-specific content have benefitted remarkably as SERPs show results based on the user’s local regions & city-specific areas. E.g., if I am living in Brooklyn, New York, and searching for home furniture, the search results will show me furniture showrooms & manufacturers in Brooklyn, New York, rather than other states and countries results.

In 2023, this will continue to be proven effective and will benefit local content & local businesses phenomenally well.

10. Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is the hottest trend in SEO Industry which was introduced in 2021, and since then, it has significantly improved users’ website experience. It focuses on fastening page speed, enhancing user interaction, and strengthening page stability.

The stores with top ranking (reviews) in Google will receive the remarkable benefit as the core web vitals will display the user’s top ranking (highest reviews) stores, companies, & services first.

The core web vitals has reduced site abandonment by 24%. In 2023, this number will go up, and there will be more user engagement on-site rather than site abandonment.

Note: Keep your business reviews in Google above 4.5 out of 5 to display your business, product, & service offering at the top of SERPs.

11. More weightage to semantically related keywords

Semantically related keywords, also known as semantic keywords, are terms that are conceptually linked with each other. E.g., if a blog focuses on digital marketing services, some semantically related terms would show up, such as social media marketing and online marketing, which are not secondary keywords but shows to see the nearest search or if the user wants to read related to semantic keywords.

Semantic keywords increase the traffic on related keywords by showing related keywords at the bottom of the SERPs.

In 2023, weightage should be given to this kind of SEO tactic to use semantically related keywords in the blogs, landing pages, and website content to support their core keywords, to get the best organic traffic out of search results.

12. Utilize your SEO for Amazon

More than 70% of shoppers start their search & purchase new products from Amazon. Hence, it is vital to sell your products through Amazon to get them displayed at the top of the SERPs in Passage Indexing, just below the typed search, to earn the utmost attention of the customers.

In 2023, follow the below tips for Amazon SEO:

  • Keep the most relevant keywords in your product’s title
  • Keep the primary keywords for the product within the seller’s name
  • Keep the essential keywords in the product description
  • Ensure to use the high-quality resolution images that load faster

13. Strengthening EAT Signals & be the content

Content is a vital part of any business and plays a crucial role in SEO. A good content strategy is the backbone of your operations and your golden ticket to ranking your website, blogs, & landing pages keywords at the top of Google & other SERPs. It makes it easier for users to crawl to your website. Hence, you must first focus on creating a good content strategy that matches your content’s relevancy with a searched keyword.

In layman’s terms, your content strategy should focus on creating the best value for the users. Hence, it is recommended to follow EAT Signals for your site to have accurate & correct Expertise, Authority, & Trustworthiness. Use different types of media that are handy for your site content, such as video, audio, images, and more, to enhance user engagement.

You will surely get a higher ranking in Google & other SERPs just by keeping the content relevant & matching your field of expertise. Your SEO will perform exceptionally well by creating content with rich expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

User Experience will remain crucial for Google, showing your site is valuable & worthwhile for users’ (visitors’) time and will help your website reach the top of the Google rankings.

Tips to optimize this trend in 2023

Back up your website content with relevant & informative statistics & facts, customer testimonials, expertise certifications, achievement badges, links to authentic sites, social media channel links, and more authentic information. You can strengthen the EAT signals by utilizing links from authoritative websites.

Follow Search Quality Rater (SQR) guidelines for EAT Signals

Google has contracts with thousands of search quality raters across the globe. The work of these raters is to perform searches & rate the quality of pages that appears in the Google top results as per the SQR guidelines.

SQR Guidelines contain tips about rating sites via the EAT framework. The guidelines state that sites with beneficial, relevant, and value creation content for users must rank higher in Google rankings. The sites that are not containing relevant information and have malicious intentions of driving users off-site should be given a lower ranking or removed from the SERPs.

For websites having valuable & relevant content, raters consider EAT. SQR guidelines apply on medical sites, sites posting about financial advice & scientific topics, educational content sites, hobby sites, food sites, and more.

Hence, we recommend you pay meticulous attention to the content development strategy to make excellent content matching the relevancy of searched keywords to get a higher ranking in Google rankings as per SQR Guidelines.

14. Image Optimization & Accessibility

A faster-loading web page enhances user experience and results in a seamless & delightful experience. This creates a higher chance of visitors making purchases on your website. The high-quality image often consumes much time loading and can result in visitors leaving out of your site, leading to site abandonment. Hence, it is vital to optimize the image in a smaller size, ensuring it retains its quality & not give a blurry illustration of your products.

Google always makes it clear to make the site accessible for all by adequately marking & optimizing the image. SEO practitioners use Image Optimization methods to optimize images by using high-quality photos which serve relevance to the content by providing custom file names & alt tags.

Tips to optimize this trend in 2023

In 2023, we recommend conducting an image site for your site to identify to improve the image optimization score. Below are the tips that you must implement to improve the score:

  • Ensure that all images are in compressed form
  • Ensure to name each & every image file is appropriate by using the correct keywords
  • Ensure to give all images have a unique alt text
  • Ensure to serve all images are in next-gen formats

Good business relations are always built on a healthy connection between buyers & sellers. To achieve this, it is essential to use Marketing Funnel Framework, which allows you to visualize how to turn customers into becoming brand evangelists.

The more time a visitor spends on your site, the more reputation it will increase in Google’s ranking for your site, creating an excellent impression of your site that the content is beneficial & relevant. This improves your site ranking in Google, making your site reach the top of Google search result pages.

15. Leveraging Progressive Web Pages (PWAs)

Progressive Web Pages (PWAs) are one of the hottest trends on the internet, and they are making the users’ shopping experience seamless, delightful, & astounding. Progressive Web Pages are a website and interface similar to a mobile app that enhances users’ experience.

PWAs are built to give remarkable experience to the users by integrating native mobile device features without requiring end users to download an additional app from the app or play store. They can download the software locally and shop without too much storage on their desktop & mobile. Users can save the Progressive Web Page on the home screen for quick access.

Some trending examples of PWAs are Airbnb, Alibaba, Starbucks, Twitter,, MakeMyTrip, Uber, and more.

In 2023, we recommend leveraging PWAs for excellent SEO results. Leveraging PWAs will increase user engagement on your site, and the more time visitors spend on your site, the higher your site will increase in the Google Rankings Search result pages.

The three crucial requirements for being a PWA are:

  • Must run under an HTTPS
  • Must have a manifest Web App
  • Must implement Service workers

16. Google’s BERT

BERT, which stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, is based on Transformers. It helps in making search queries more conversational by a deep learning model in which every output element is strongly connected with every input element. This further enables recognizing patterns to understand human communication better by extensive use of machine learning & natural language. It currently supports 70+ languages.

In 2023, voice search results will increase tremendously based on the 2022 stats. Users find it convenient to speak out the question using the voice-search option over typing the query. With AI improving daily, Google’s voice search has achieved 95% accuracy.

We recommend using BERT for creating relevant, useful, & productive content to get top rankings in search results. BERT-friendly sites achieve a higher ranking in Google search result pages in the long run. At Sun Media Marketing, we offer voice search optimization services to help businesses get the top rankings in Google through voice search.

17. Featured Snippets will continue to rise

Featured Snippets are the results we see in a box format below our typed search query in Google. Featured Snippets have gained a significant positive response in 2022 as it quickly answers users’ queries in seconds.

Featured snippets are primarily created for mobile optimization. They have succeeded for mobile users as they cover 50% of a mobile screen, drawing attention and promptly answering the user query. When Google introduced featured snippets, they were mistaken for featured ads, confusing the users about whether to click on them or not.

Featured Snippets has put an end to duplicate search results. Featured Snippets have contributed significantly by bringing Organic SEO traffic to the sites. Google is continuously improving featured snippets to enhance users’ experience & answer queries most efficiently to draw more site traffic. 

In 2023, the featured snippets will continue to rise remarkably and going to become more prominent in upcoming years.

18. Video Marketing SEO

YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google as it allows users to watch videos to answer their queries, interact with other users in the comment section, and even engage with the content creators in the comment section.

Video Marketing increased exceptionally well and gained massive growth in 2022, giving businesses a phenomenal revenue generation and customer segment. Video Marketing helps acquire more customers through critical KPIs like sessions, views, and engagement. More than 70% of businesses have uploaded their webinars, product demos, product videos, their office tour, and more content for users to interact & engage with the company.

SEO contributes significantly to YouTube video advertising by creating a perfect balance between good content & technical aspects.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on SEO for video advertising to gain more traffic to your sites, penetrate new market segments, and grow your business.


After going through the 18 SEO Trends for 2023, you might have developed a proficient SEO Strategy for 2023. At Sun Media Marketing, we provide free SEO Audit Report for businesses & start-ups. We even offer services related to SEO Competitive Analysis, E-Commerce SEO, Local SEO, International SEO, Monthly SEO Audit reports, and more SEO services.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions related to any of the trends or want a free SEO Audit report for your business. Enroll with us today by availing a free quote for SEO Services, and give your business a jetpack kick-start in 2023 with our SEO Services. Contact us via phone at +1 (917) 267-8626 & +91 -9898-630-296 via email at

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