Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

Top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

In the early 2010 decade, Social Media was a platform for interacting & communicating with your friends & family.

However, post-pandemic hit in 2020, Social Media has turned more of a business platform to promote products & services, spread brand awareness, launch new offerings, engage with your target audience, & penetrate new market segments.

In 2022, there are over 4 billion social media users across different social media platforms. An average adult spends 90-100 minutes of their day on Social Media platforms.

Marketers are spending their marketing budget heavily on Social Media platforms over offline Advertising. Social Media Marketing generates a higher number of revenues than offline marketing.

In this blog, we will walk you through seven social media platform trends in 2023.

Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023

Sun Media Marketing has listed the top Social Media Marketing Trends for 2023 that you must capitalize on to take your business to newer heights.

Facebook Trends

In 2022, the average daily time spent on Facebook reduced to 33 minutes from 39 in 2017. Despite a reduction in time spending, Facebook remained the #1 platform for marketers worldwide for marketing & advertising their offerings.

93% of global marketers used Facebook, followed by Instagram at 78%. Marketers spent 25% of their Digital Marketing & Advertising Budget on Facebook. These numbers will rise in 2023.

In 2023, three primary Facebook trends will dominate on top in 2023

AI Recommended Content

AI Recommended Content will play a significant role in Facebook News Feeds. There are pages that users don’t follow, but they have relevant content to allure users to see and purchase the business offering.

In 2023, more than 40% of the content in Facebook News Feed will come from the pages that users don’t follow. The primary aim of AI Recommended Content is to enthrall users with exciting content based on their in-app habits.

The Facebook posting pattern has enhanced in the last two years. Now, marketers post short video content, images, & text all in a single post to make it more enticing.

Consumers Engagement with your Brand via DMs

Facebook Messenger DMs are an effective way to make consumers engaged with your brand. Meta by Facebook is helping brands with the necessary tools to engage customers with their brands.

In 2022, there was significant growth in Click-to-Message Ads across Facebook Messenger & WhatsApp to drive consumer engagement. In 2023, Meta is expected to bring additional required options for engagement.

Engaging with users via private DMs is an ideal way of building a more direct business relationship, as it will enhance communication & understanding between brands & consumers.

Avatar Integration

Meta is bringing one of the most exciting features in its Metaverse on Facebook in 2023 – Avatar Integration. It will serve as a form of digital identity. Meta will promote the use of avatars to engage people within its Metaverse. Also, VR posts will show a sharp rise on Facebook to give users an enthralling experience.

TikTok Trends

TikTok has been one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the U.S. in the last two years, with a staggering 105% user growth rate.

In 2022, close to 40% of Gen Z TikTok users have made their purchasing decisions by getting influenced by TikTok. In 2022, TikTok saw the largest increase (84%) in a new investment platform for brands & businesses, followed by YouTube (66%) and Instagram (64%).

More than 60% of Global Marketers use TikTok as Social Media Marketing & Advertising Platform. Global users spend an average of 20 hours on TikTok every month.

In 2023, the USA will make a massive capitalization on TikTok’s live shopping experience. TikTok has monetized its platform, which means creators & influencers get paid for their content.

2023 is the best time to take your business to TikTok by collaborating with famous influencers & content creators to spend your brand awareness and earn revenue from the in-app sale.

In 2023, TikTok Live Shopping Experience will be one of the top trends.

Instagram Trends

Like Facebook, Instagram is shifting towards AI content recommendations for enhancing user engagement. On Instagram, users can see recommended content from different platforms to help businesses drive traffic from multiple social media platforms.

In 2023, businesses should capitalize on new astonishing creative features, such as AR, 3D posts, & NFT Art Integration, to make their posts look fascinating to draw more users’ attention.

In 2023, Live Instagram Shopping will be the underdog trend to watch out for. This trend can take jetpack flying as Instagram is fostering its live-stream shopping feature to make a boom in Digital Market. Instagram might bring in a standalone tab to enable users to access live shopping directly.

Twitter Trends

In 2022, Twitter had more than 400 million active users worldwide. The most popular & searched Marketing hashtags on Twitter were Digital Marketing, followed by Content Marketing, SEO, & Marketing. Close to 80% of Marketers have invested in Twitter spaces for marketing purposes.

In 2023, these numbers will rise. We have predicted the following two trends on Twitter that could make a huge buzz in 2023:

Launch of New Subscription Service

Verified Twitter accounts tend to get more traffic compared to non-verified accounts. Accounts with the blue tick on Twitter draw the quick attention of users to open the account and see what the account has posted & what offerings they have.

In 2023, Twitter Subscription Service has a higher chance of creating massive buzz, including monetizing verification status that businesses & brands can capitalize on to verify their accounts and get a blue tick badge with their business name.

Refined Twitter Algorithm

Twitter Algorithms will play a huge role in determining users’ experience on Twitter. Many users want to see content related to the latest happenings across the globe or a particular region. Twitter Algorithm will select & display tweets & posts pertaining to users’ interests. This trend has a substantial chance of making a buzz.

In 2023, we recommend posting tweets on Twitter with hashtags, as tweets with hashtags generate more traffic on the post.

Snapchat Trends

In 2022, the potential reach of Ads on Snapchat was close to 620 million Global users. Snapchat Ads reached close to 8% of the global population. Snapchat Ads reached close to 12% of Global Internet users.

There are 350+ million active users on Snapchat daily. Close to 20% of users use Snapchat while shopping & close to 15% use it for posting snaps during social events. An average user spends half an hour daily on Snapchat.

In 2023, Marketers should keep these figures in mind while formulating Social Media Marketing & Advertising strategy for 2023.

Marketers can provide a link for in-app sales and opt for Snapchat paid ads to drive more traffic to their site & penetrating broader customer segments.

In 2023, the following two trends have immense potential to create massive buzz on Snapchat:


Snapchat is planning to bring AR glasses technology to its platform to allure older audiences above 30 to use the Snapchat platform.

The primary reason for bringing this technology is to penetrate mature audience’s age groups and give existing & new users an enthralling experience to feel & experience the products & services in Augmented Reality World.

In 2023, Marketers should capitalize on this trend and utilize first-mover advantage to generate revenues through in-app sales & other features.

Avatar Integration

Just like Meta is bringing Avatar Integration on Facebook, Snapchat will get this feature too. There are already Bitmoji Avatars available for users. However, the new avatars will allow users to customize & personalize their virtual identities.

LinkedIn Trends

LinkedIn is one of the top professional social platforms. 2022 was a sensational year for Marketers on LinkedIn. In 2022, LinkedIn reached-

  • Close to 11% of the World’s Population
  • Close to 850 million users
  • Close to 17% of Global Internet users
  • 80 million more users compared to 2021
  • Close to 500 Million users of the 25-34 age group

Marketers must keep these numbers in mind for LinkedIn Marketing & Advertising Strategy for 2023.

In 2023, LinkedIn will enhance its platform data elements & more linkage will be given to LinkedIn Learning Courses.

We recommend looking out for the following two trends on LinkedIn in 2023:

Data Insights for Jobseekers

LinkedIn has one of the largest databases of career insights in the world than any other job platform of its nature.

In 2023, LinkedIn Learning will be promoted substantially to help job seekers get their dream job roles. It will also benefit recruiters in getting potential candidates. There will be more data insights into job listings by merging more predictive & assistance insights.

Enhanced Video Connection Tools

In 2022, a vast number of users preferred watching video content on LinkedIn. In 2023, LinkedIn will enhance its video connection tools by fostering its existing video chat options & introductory videos.

Marketers will get to capitalize on advanced tools like video meeting options similar to Zoom App and live streams to interact with the target audience.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest has grown from products & designs exploring platform to one of the largest shopping cart platforms.

In 2022, Shoppers on Pinterest had more than 80% larger shopping carts than buyers on other shopping platforms. 7 out of 10 Pinterest users preferred Pinterest for finding reliable products & services.

In 2023, Pinterest will continue to be one of the most influential shopping platforms for buyers. Sun Media Marketing has listed three golden opportunities that will bring Pinterest to the top buzz in 2023.

Live Shopping Experience

Pinterest has made a pre-eminent image in major global markets. The major income share is coming from North America.

In 2023, Pinterest will enhance its ad opportunities to earn significant income in various countries and make a strong benchmark in International markets by broadening its customer segments.

Pinterest will integrate live in-app shopping, and users will see live-stream display options, including a full-screen live shopping tab.

Marketers should look out for capitalizing on Pinterest Advertising tools to reach out to their target local audience.

AR Tools

AR has been in the market for a long time and is offered by multiple social media platforms.

In 2023, Pinterest will bring AR tools for users to experience home decor products, furniture, wall ideas, and more to persuade them to make a prompt buying decisions.

Merchants will be able to create 3D copies of their products & offerings. AR feature of Pinterest will drive product discovery trends.

Improved Search & Discovery

Pinterest is primarily used for searching & discovering products, services, designs, themes, & creative ideas.

In 2023, Pinterest will enhance its search & discovery tools by highlighting the relevant products & services to the users. Product discovery will be fostered as per users’ usage habits & preferences.

We recommend marketers focus on customer-centric habits & preferences to reap the rewards from the upcoming enhanced tools.


After going through the entire blog, you will be familiar with various Social Media platform trends for 2023. However, if you have any questions regarding trends, feel free to contact us.

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