Video Marketing & Advertising Trends for 2023

Video Marketing & Advertising Trends for 2023

Video Marketing achieved massive numbers of views in 2022 and dominated other search engines significantly. It is predicted that in 2023, Video Marketing will achieve greater heights than in 2022 as more number of businesses & content creators are moving to YouTube to interact with users and penetrate new market segments. Video Marketing doesn’t need to be a long video, you can advertise via small clips in the form of reels and YouTube shorts to connect instantly with a vast number of users.

Video Advertising sounds relatively easy, but on paper, it requires brainstorming, understanding the market segments you want to target, and how effectively you will convey your message within 30-60 seconds. It is vital to create captivating & engaging content to behold viewers’ interest and want them to visit your channel frequently to see more video content. This helps in gaining more subscribers and, ultimately, more customers.

In 2023, we recommend focusing on making short visual content for different social media platforms to engage a vast number of customers.

There are various digital platforms to do Video Advertising. However, Social media video content is being preferred & watched extensively worldwide. It is essential to focus on social media platforms to generate substantial revenues.

For Social Media Video Advertising, you must first determine your target audience segment that will watch your brand video content to know the information about your brand, products, service offerings, CSR, site (office) tour, and more. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize different social media platforms to achieve a competitive edge in the market.

In 2022, more than 90% of users preferred searching via YouTube over text search engines. The video provides comprehensive, descriptive, & persuasive information to answer the users’ query within minutes, spread brand awareness, educate about products & services, give essential details about product & service usage, and more relevant information via video content. It makes the users’ convinced to purchase your products & service offerings.

Why Choose Video Marketing & Advertising?

  • Vlogs & Social Media Stories are efficacious ways to enhance your brand, educate your target audience, and build strong customer relationships.
  • No sound, no problem. Silent short videos in the form of reels & YouTube shorts are gradually becoming prominent.
  • Live videos in the form of going live on YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook are one of the pre-eminent of building robust connections with customers.
  • User-generated content is one of the most authentic, trustworthy, & reliable forms of online content.

Video Marketing & Advertising Trends to watch out for in 2023

Video Marketing has created a remarkable impact on a vast number of businesses revenue. For 2023 our team has made a list of trends that are going to prevail on Video Advertising platforms in 2023. Let us walk you through the Video Marketing & Advertising Trends for 2023.

1. Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming created a significant benchmark & trend in 2020 when the pandemic hit worldwide. It transpired to be the illustrious way for start-ups, small-scale businesses, large-scale enterprises, and big brands, who use it to connect with customers & build long-term customer relationships. The primary goal is to interact with your target audience, answer their queries, demonstrate products or services, and even for launching new products & services.

Companies primarily use live video to launch a new product or service, content creators, influencers, freelancers, and music artists to hold virtual concerts, and more artists to showcase their creativity and innovative ideas.

In 2023, content marketers should include live video in their video marketing strategy. Consumer demand for live video is growing, as they find it an exciting & interactive way of communicating with their favorite content creators, influencers, music artists, and more. Users watch 3x longer live videos on Facebook than pre-recorded ones. Live content on Instagram & Facebook generates 6x more interactions.

By the end of 2022, 30% of video marketers will use Facebook Live as part of their Video Marketing Strategy. B2B marketers use it as video email marketing.

In 2023, brands have the upper hand to utilize Live Video Streaming to build a robust connection with customers & penetrate new market segments by launching & pitching new products.

2. Search-Optimized Videos

Video Search Optimization is a vital SEO area that a vast number of businesses miss out on. In 2022, more than 50% of first-page rankings came from videos rather than traditional SEO methods. Looking at this trend, Google is now putting a video in more than 30% of Featured Snippets, and more than 90% of users click on the video to get an answer to their query. Videos in featured snippets are being preferred & liked by the users as it is the best & convenient way to their questions.

In 2023, for Video Optimization on search engine results, we recommend focusing on three areas:

  1. The first is relevance. You must have a crystal-clear & precise goal in mind for your video content, ensuring that it matches the relevancy of the keywords that users type to get an answer to their queries. Your content should be beneficial and serve educational purposes regarding the products & services that you offer.
  2. The second is consistency. Many businesses post a few videos and then don’t post for the next 1-2 years. Ensure to consistently post videos to keep your users engaged with your business. Regular interaction with the users helps boost your website’s Google ranking and drive quality traffic.                                                                 
  3. Third is backend optimization. Last but not least, take advantage of vital technical video optimization steps like Title tags, captivating thumbnail images, enthralling keywords in the description, and promptly responding to users’ comments to keep the engagement high on your videos.

3. Social Media Stories

Social Media Stories are one of the best tools that content creators & influencers optimally utilized in 2022, which yielded them numerous benefits. Social Media stories help foster your brand name and are a great way to stay connected with your customers by regularly posting stories to keep users engaged with your business.

In 2023, you can use the exciting options that Social Media stories offer you to interact with your audience through a poll, Q&A, rating a product or service image, and more. The Q&A is one of the best features to let your target audience opens up with you, and polls can be used to know audience input on products & ideas.

Note: You can ask your customers to tag your business in their stories using your product & service, and you can do the same and tag customers in your stories. It will help in promoting your products & services.

4. Vlogs

Storytelling is one of the important & influential ways to connect with your target audience, enhance your brand, engage the audience, and educate them about your products & services. Vlogs, also known as video blogs, are an excellent & cost-effective tool for storytelling.

Vlogs are primarily used by educational institutes, training & coaching centers, and freelancer professors & teachers for sharing educational tutorials.

In the last couple of years, companies & start-ups have started posting vlogs to educate & inform customers regarding their product details, usage, & benefits. Viewers engage quickly with the vlogs and are more likely to convert into potential prospects for you. More than 90% of customers purchase after watching the vlogs.

Till now, more than 80% of Vlogs are posted by content creators & influencers for sharing educational information and promotion of different industry products & services, which has gained them remarkable success in terms of subscribers & revenue.

In 2023, you should adopt Vlogging in your Video Marketing strategy. It is one of the most cost-efficient & excellent ways to promote your business & educate your target audience about your products & services.

5. OTT Video Advertising

OTT Platforms have been one of the most rising platforms & industry post-pandemic hits across the globe in 2020. OTT platform is one of the most engaging platforms where billions of users across the globe watch content in the form of movies, series, and shows. During the streaming, several ads are played that captivate the viewer’s attention and build a strong image & name of your brand in their mind.

The ads are played depending on the region, city, state, and country a viewer lives in. It helps personalize the OTT Platforms ads and play the advertisements that are relevant & connect with the viewers. AI & Bots, also called assisting marketers, use this platform to pitch their brand videos to engage vast audiences.

Many businesses are using OTT Platforms to promote their brand and increase brand awareness among viewers. OTT platform is primarily used by the youth of the age group 17-35.

In 2023, it is a golden opportunity for companies & brands that sell youth-centric products & services to use OTT Platforms in their Video Advertising Strategy.

6. Silent Videos

Marketers are focusing on creating silent videos which might be considered funny for promoting their brands, products, & services. In 2022, more than 85% of videos on Facebook that have been watched are without sound.

You might be thinking that a video should have an image and sound, but nowadays, viewers want to watch short videos without sound during traveling on public transportation, in crowded waiting rooms, and during free breaks in college & office to spend their leisure time.

In Silent Videos, marketers use captions to engage the viewers & keep them enthralled with the content.

In 2023, we recommend including silent videos in your Video Marketing Strategy and taking the benefit of engaging users with your captioned ads.

7. User-Generated Content

User-generated content has been one of the trusted content in 2022. More than 60% of consumers preferred watching user-generated content over branded content. User-Generated content is trending because it is authentic, trustworthy, & reliable over branded content.

User-generated content involves customers creating video content on their social media handles to share their positive experience with the product & services and allow the business to re-share it, increasing business visibility and fostering brand awareness.

User-generated content works on the trust & connect that customers feel with the brand, which influences other customers as well to purchase the brand products & services.

In 2023, businesses should start focusing on user-generated content, and in return, they should reward customers by offering them incentives, offers, referral programs, and loyalty points. It will allure them to refer the products & services to their friends, relatives, and colleagues to earn referral bonuses.

8. AR & VR Video Content

AR & VR (Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality) Content has been in the market for over a decade. However, post-pandemic hit in 2020, AR & VR Video content has taken a rapid upward rise and has continued to grow exceptionally in 2022.

AR & VR is one of the fastest growing technology video marketing trends, and it is becoming more accessible & users’ are demanding to watch video content in AR & VR. YouTube offers an option to watch video content in AR & VR.

Retail stores offer VR to experience the product & service before you buy. Retail stores have gone one step ahead and are offering this option online now. E.g., car manufacturing companies are giving VR options on their respective website for the customers to experience sitting inside the car from their home & office without visiting the showroom, which persuades them to make the buying decision.

In 2023, use AR & VR video content tactics in your Video Marketing & Advertising Strategy to engage more customer interaction & penetrate new market segments, drive more traffic to your site, and eventually earn significant revenues.

9. Shoppable Videos

In 2022, Shoppable videos took a sharp turn and became an effective tool for video marketers. Shoppable videos help customers to discover products & make informed purchase decisions by giving them a thorough explanation of the online store items featured in Video Advertising. The explanation includes all the product information, usage, and vital details to help shoppers make a decision.

Amazon uses shoppable videos and pays Amazon influencers in commission when any customer makes a qualifying purchase through their shoppable videos.

In 2023, we recommend using shoppable videos to promote & sell your products & services and help your potential buyers make an informed purchasing decision.


Video Marketing & Advertising will make a remarkable impact in 2023 because of the trends we mentioned in the blog. We recommend incorporating all the trends in your Video Marketing & Advertising Strategy to get the maximum returns & earn significant revenues.

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