Tips for a great social media marketing campaign


Social Media usage has increased exponentially over the past decade. Almost everyone can be found on one social media site or the other. With such a large number of target users online, it is, without doubt the best place to reach them.

You can use Social Media Marketing to increase your brand awareness, connect to people that matter and drive more traffic to your website. There are so many benefits of having a social media marketing campaign that there is no reason not to spend on it, as the name suggests, optimizing your online presence in such a way that when people search about businesses in your area, your business’s details pop up first. Local SEO allows you to promote your business in specifically targeted areas. These areas might be where your office is or where most of your customers reside.

Which social media platforms should you choose?

  • With so many different social media platforms available, it becomes difficult to choose the right platform. What you must do is, choose those platforms that are frequently visited by your target audience and leave those that are not.
  • This will help you focus on the right people instead of spreading yourself thin over multiple social media platforms. For example, you could use Facebook for B2C marketing while you could use LinkedIn for B2B marketing. You could use Instagram if your social media marketing campaign is based on images or you could use Pinterest to build your brand personality.
  • Though there is no law that prevents you from using multiple social media platforms, make sure your content is relevant to each of the platforms and is in line with its inherent format.

What should be the strategy and goal for your social media marketing campaign?

  • A clear strategy is a necessary requirement for social media marketing. The most basic questions you want to ask yourself are, “Who is the target audience?” and “What do you want them to do?” Your strategy should be based on the answers to these questions.
  • You also need to take care of the content you plan to use. It should be relevant, it should not create controversy and it should be updated regularly.
  • As far as your goals are concerned, they should work in sync with your strategy. If you have goals like getting X number of leads from this marketing campaign in the next month, then these should be supported by your Social Media Strategy and your marketing team.

How do you know you succeeded?

You will be able to know this only by looking at your ROI, conversions and KPIs. Sure, you will get a lot of followers on social media platforms, but what matters is- how many of them have actually converted to actual customers. If the number of such customers has crossed your goal, then your marketing campaign is a success. If not, then you’ll have to see where you went wrong.

Social Media Marketing is much cheaper and way more effective than any traditional methods of marketing. All you need to do is to follow these tips given above and you’ll definitely benefit from them.

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