Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising

Why should you specifically do Facebook advertising when there are many other social media channels or online marketing sites to choose from. According to statistical reports, around 59.08% of globally active web users use Facebook per month, while 34.53% of the total world population access Facebook every month. Plus, the usual time spent by users across the world is at least 7 to 8 hours per day. So, it is evident that a considerable proportion of the world population is on Facebook. And, if you do not have your business page there, then it is time to make one and start gaining clients through Facebook advertising as soon as possible.

In this post, we will give you a clear picture of the benefits of Facebook advertising through the following compilation:

  • Organic Reach Is Limited
  • You Can Target Credible Audience
  • You Can Settle For Simple Or Advanced Ad Solutions
  • Facebook Ads Can Be Easily Set Up
  • You Can Do Flexible Budget Adjustments 
  • Retargeting Clients On Facebook 
  • You Can Track Your Campaign’s Performance Result 
  • Facebook Ad Is Mobile
  • Investing In Facebook Ad Is Credit-worthy
  • Facebook Is Always A-Step-Ahead

Here’s Why You Should Choose Facebook Advertising Over Any Other Social Media Channels

According to Statista, the number of global Facebook users is expected to shoot up to 1.69 billion in 2021 from its 1.34 billion users as last reported in 2014. 

From this, you can predict that it is a pretty huge jump in an exponential increase in the efficiency of this social platform in the current era. 

Out of 50% of the current global active Facebook users, 40% of the adults are users aging above 65. 

These key statistical data are proof that millions of Facebook users access their profiles several times a day. 

And, when it comes to promoting any business or brand, the main objective is to find a platform where you can easily find your credible targets through advertising. So, now we will move on to explore why you should do Facebook advertising to meet the said objective.

Why Advertise On Facebook?| Here are 10 Compelling Reasons 

We have compiled a reasonable list of reasons to substantiate how Facebook advertising can help your business grow with long-term results.

Let’s delve deeper!

  1. Organic Reach Is Limited

Facebook content creators develop varied types of content each day. And, this becomes a challenging and time-consuming task for both the long and short time advertisers to share and take their content to the right target if advertised organically.

However, that does not mean Facebook is the easiest way to advertise your business as the platform’s algorithm is ever-changing.

Then what is the point of advertising on Facebook? Well, it is because through Facebook ads you can keep your credible targets engaged. It gives added support to your marketing efforts to reach newer prospects or businesses you never knew existed. In essence, Facebook ads give you a wider platform to showcase your brand products and services within a click.

  1. You Can Target Credible Audience

Another benefit of advertising on Facebook is that you can reach the most intended targets within a short span.

Facebook is the most preferred platform for online advertising because here entrepreneurs can do their business promotions to customers based on their:  

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographical Location
  • Job Role
  • Industry Type
  • Field of Interest
  • Marital Status, and more

Use Facebook ads to get connected with more potential customers. This strategy works even better for those marketers who understand their targets by heart. 

Lookalike Audiences is one of the many Facebook ad targeting alternatives you should be familiar with. This option is basically a way to reach new customers who are more likely to buy or avail of your brand products or services. These customers are similar to most of your already existing credit-driven audiences.

  1. You Can Settle For Simple Or Advanced Ad Solutions

Facebook now empowers business marketers/advertisers more than before. Based on the main objective of your Facebook ad, the platform allows you to select between Simple and Advanced Ad Solutions.

Simple Ad Solutions

Simple Ad Solutions allow you to create quick and easy Facebook ads and advertise directly from your business page.

Why Choose Simple Ad Solutions For Facebook Advertising? 

As its name suggests, Simple ads are simpler than the Advanced ad format. Find the Promote option on your page or try to boost an existing post on your page by hitting the Boost Post option on those dedicated posts.

These are some Simple Ad Solutions you will see on your Facebook business page:

Boosted Posts – Doing this will bring more users to your Facebook page to like, share,  and comment on your ad posts. Boosting ad posts also lets you connect with non-page followers who, too, might be interested in your business.

Page Ad – This type of ad helps you get more users to like your posts, and hence, follow your page.

Website Ad – If you want to earn more visitors to your Facebook business page, create Website ads.

Promote CTA Button – With this Simple Ad format, you can put creatively customized call-to-actions (CTAs), like buy now, plan an appointment, or visit our website, etc. To effectively fulfill your page’s objectives.

Advanced Ad Solutions

With Advanced Ad Solutions, you can develop various kinds of Facebook ads in Ads Manager.

Why Choose Advanced Ad Solutions For Facebook Advertising?

With this format of Facebook ad solution, you can fulfill the below objectives:

Lead Generation – Collect lead information from users who probably care about your business offerings.

Conversions – Allow Facebook users to avail of relevant services available on your website or app such as payment or purchase info. Utilize Facebook Pixel to trace and determine the frequency of your ad conversions on Facebook.

Brand Awareness – Boost your company awareness by reaching out to those users who might be interested in your business.

  1. Facebook Ads Can Be Easily Set Up 

The most positive point about Facebook ads is that they are easy to set up.

Facebook will assist you with all the important steps, like choosing the ad format, defining your targeted traffic, budget setting, and even the ad duration.

More than just being a simple ad creation process, Facebook ads are customizable, i.e., you can choose any Facebook ad format,  bidding option, and delivery selection.

For instance, if you are planning to launch PPC ad campaigns on Facebook, you can select from pay per action, pay per like, or pay per impression, accordingly.

  1. You Can Do Flexible Budget Adjustments 

Facebook advertising is a cost-effective way, if not “the cheapest” internet marketing service. You can set your ad campaign budget as per your affordability and there is no hard and fast rule to invest a lump sum amount in that campaign. Facebook gives you complete freedom to set how much amount you want to spend on the ads.

On reaching the maximum ad budget, Facebook will stop advertising your ads. It means the more the budget spent on ads, the more users you are likely to connect with. Reasonable, right?

Also, there are two ways by which Facebook defines its ad cost – the cost per result you get (managed by your bidding plan) and the total cost expended (regulated by your budget).

To be more sure if you are spending within your set budget, Facebook provides 2 ad limit procedures:

Campaign Spending Limit – Set the maximum budget you want to invest in your dedicated Facebook ad campaign. 

Account Spending Limit – Assign a maximum ad amount you are willing to spend across all the Facebook ad campaigns you are running.

  1. Retargeting Clients On Facebook 

Retargeting is a crucial part of digital advertising. Facebook and Google commonly allow this facility to help you engage and retain your previous customers.

Facebook ads enable you to target those people who previously landed on your business page, visited your website, using your mobile app(if you provided any), or shared their email info with you. These are the credit-worthy customers as they already know about your brand.  

If you want your earlier client to avail your NEW premium content by making a fresh purchase or starting a free trial, then use the Facebook ad service. 

  1. You Can Track Your Campaign’s Performance Result 

You can measure the performance result of your Facebook ad campaign by gathering data from metrics, insights, and other provided tools on Facebook. 

Facebook’s Ads Measurement tools make it a lot easier for you to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

  1. Facebook Ad Is Mobile

Facebook owns a greater position, if not “the greatest”, in the social media app industry that exists today.

According to Statista, in 2019’s fourth quarter, all mobile devices (except tablets) generated considerable website traffic of 52.6% globally, consistently sticking around the 50% limit since the start of 2017. 

Also, another stat from January 2020 reported that about 98% of globally active internet users used their Facebook profiles via smartphones.

What does this statistical info say to the entrepreneurs who are doubtful about the effectiveness of Facebook ads? Well, firstly,  mobile devices are the future of internet advertising. Secondly, Facebook advertising increases the growth rate of your business.

  1. Investing In Facebook Ad Is Credit-worthy 

If you have invested enough time deciding which would be the most appropriate social platform to advertise your business offerings, then stop there and start with Facebook advertising. It is the most cost-effective ad investment you can make for your business.

Best Ad Investment – Though Twitter advertisements are relatively cheaper than Facebook advertisements, the latter has a greater user base compared to Twitter.

Social Media Users Stats – Marketers can expect to get a handsome ROI from their Facebook ads by double, triple, or quadruple times. There are limitless opportunities on Facebook only if you know its proper utilization.  

  1. Facebook Is Always A-Step-Ahead 

Facebook moves faster compared to any other social media advertising platform, especially talking about its quick updating of its existing ad features.   

Contact Facebook’s Business Help Center to collect extensive data and tips regarding how to use its ad products. You can also use Facebook’s Blueprint to take courses on Facebook ads so you can improve your advertisements.

So, the ultimate supposition is that Facebook ads will never fail you! It is quite affordable, can be easily created, measurable, and mobile. That is why you should choose Facebook advertising for your business.  

Not to worry if you are struggling hard with Facebook ad campaigns or need assistance to get started. We, at Sun Media Marketing, understand the importance of creating buzz among growing traffic to attract and retain them by keeping them engaged in your brand offerings. 

Our Facebook Advertising solutions help you stay ahead and consistently track the performance of your ad campaign to generate more leads and sales.

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