11 Types of Content that can change your marketing game

11 Types of Content that can change your marketing game

Having too many options for anything can be a dream come true, but when you talk about content marketing having a lot is just a confusion. Contradicting, our statement, it is great that something with that huge effect offers you the freedom to choose from, but how do you create unique content? You can ruin your content marketing game by focusing on the wrong channels and to avoid that, here is a detailed guide for marketers to utilize content at its full potential. Furthermore, how you can use a single content for a variety of purposes and in different combinations to reduce your work while increasing your content outreach. So, let’s begin. 

About us

Your company’s “about us” page is also a part of content marketing. A well-written about us, allows you to easily communicate your services and vision to your users and help you convert them into your potential users. 

A lot of big companies for example are nowadays replacing the traditional textual about us pages into media-rich content. This simple yet effective tactic places you in the top lines of your market vertical to earn trust and build human connections. 

Also, don’t get overboard with creativity. Keep intact some of the basics such as: 

  • Your history
  • Business Mission
  • Business Vision extra
  • Services 

Some of our favorites are Atone & Irene, Toy Fight, and Band.


Seriously, when it comes to content, it is very likely to scratch your head and say: how many types of content are there? App content, website content, social media content and so much more.But just simply because something is out there, that doesn’t mean something is for you. For example, if you are just selling a book online or selling e-books you want people to take out their time to come to your platform and read it, but just by simply adding an audio-book, you are tapping the huge crowd that stays with you during their daily commute, while they are working in the kitchen or even at the workplace. This simple trick helped Ryan Holiday authored Growth Hacker Marketing to become the best-seller.


Think of your blog as a hub to find a wide variety of content related to your services. Use your expertise to create engaging blog posts for your audiences to learn new happenings in your industry vertical, tips and tricks, how-to blogs, and much more. 

Blogs have been in practice for quite some time now. And people love them because they provide extreme SEO benefits. But you are only going to reap these benefits if the blog quality is at par. A lot of people follow the quantity rule rather than aiming for quality. It is one of the most heated topics in the digital marketing world. Conclusively, work on maintaining the frequency of the blog and quality. And to answer: what makes good content? Our suggestion is to dive deep understand your services and industry well. And which type of blog is most popular? Once you align the needs of your audience and create content around it, content creation for blogs become easy. 

Furthermore, keep evolving in your blogging practices, learn what’s blogging and types? What is a list post? And why it is that popular? What tone and language would go with your brand identity? What type of images and videos would increase your blog visibility and more? 

Case studies

If you are a service-based company, marketing for your business becomes more difficult as the content has to be aligned around your diverse service set. Not many companies only expertise in one service. You have to balance your content creation between popular services, new services/ new advancements, and also promoting offers and deals. So as per your business model, what is the best content? If you ask us Case Studies. True, they sound boring and a lot of work – but they pay off so well in long run. A platform such as Hubspot is famous for its visually engaging, and informative case studies. There are statistics, images, testimonials, info graphics, and much more.


Partnering with a brand can help your business gain more visibility in the market. Look for a business that deals with sub-services or sub-products that enhance your user experience. One of the best examples of co-branding is PayPal and Honey, where honey collaborated with PayPal to offer lucrative discounts to their buyers purchasing with PayPal. This proved beneficial for PayPal and Honey both. Discuss how do you create meaningful content for both brands?

Content library / Resource centre 

Allowing people from your industry to use content from your site is a good way to bring people onto your websites and promote your brand. Many companies provide credits to the brands from where they take up crucial information such as facts, infographics, surveys, updates, and more. This can be so effective in getting the eyeballs your brand on other people sites and that too without a single effort. But what are the different types of posts that you can attract other content creators to use? This alone is a huge task. 


When you are planning to create a comparative study then there are some things you need to involve in the content. Here are they: 

  • Pros and cons
  • Your product Vs Another
  • Feature comparison
  • Price comparison 
  • Customer reviews

Another thing that you can include in a comparative study is a customer’s journey to conversion. The best tip we can give you is to be extremely honest with your customers. Here is a good example from Growth Marketing Pro.


Creating image type content for your brand is a great way to allow people to store important information on their smartphones. Especially, it allows you to reduce word talk and let the visuals do all the talking to improve the retention rate of your audience. Stock photos and images add a professional appeal to any content. You can submit your content to photo submitting sites like Pinterest and Pexel allowing people to download high-quality, vertical oriented content. Also, maintain quality, professional, and originality in the content, nothing appeals more than some fresh harvest to the content-hungry millennial population.


What is an example of content? That is informative and engaging – Infographics. They are the best when it comes to catapulting well-minced, digestible, and sharable data to people. Check out some great templates you can use for making engaging infographic from Venngage

Landing pages and microsites 

Landing pages work great to help you increase your organic marketing. It allows you to help people looking for your services and products to directly land on those pages and make a purchase or engage with you. Make sure you make your landing pages highly engaging, informative, and to the point too big landing pages are too bad. Also, learn what are the 5 types of writing styles? You can use for a landing page.

Microsites are different than full-blown websites. They are compact, simple, and to the point – but very fun. If you just want a business website, with no functionality needed, invest your time in customizing your microsites with fun infographics and fall in love with all the attention you can get. 


Videos are the first thing millennials look for any type of information. We are talking about generation ‘Z’ that is hungry for good content. Also, videos have so much of repurpose value and serve as a talking blog for you with all the engaging stuff in it. And how many types of content are there that you can use to create video content for your brand?

Video Content Marketing
  • Live – unedited content, raw and very real (Allows your users to know the real you)
  • Video: 360 ­ – best for good video quality, and perfect for travel bloggers. 
  • Video: Playlists – it makes it very easy for your users to browse through an entire series of blogs and learn about a particular subject.
  • Video: Recorded – they are well-polished, have good production, and reusable. 

Wrapping Up

Above stated are some examples of content that you can use for generating a content outreach. But in reality how many content types are there? More than 100. So, you know, how amazing the world of content marketing would be! Try some of these content types and let us know how it helped you with your marketing goals.

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