Digital Spaces that are worthwhile to share your content

Digital Spaces that are worthwhile to share your content

Writing and publishing of blogs is a very common practice. It is done to gain some qualified traffic on your website. Just by publishing useful content on your website blog, resource sections, or external sites, you can capture the attention of the readers and drive them to engage with you regularly. Now, who would not want that? And hence everyone started writing blogs, publishing it, and keeping their fingers crossed in the hope to get some attention from google. But – No result! Why? Let’s see. Several factors affect your blog engagement, like the quality of the blogs, SEO optimization of the content, usefulness to the readers, and most importantly what sites are you publishing your content on. 

Every month, 70 million new blogs are getting published, it is time to play hard, play smart! Meanwhile, challenges such as quality and SEO optimization of the blog are easily managed by brands, “where can I publish my articles for free?” is hard and a constant challenge. 

To help you resolve it, we have come up with some of the places where you can share your content easily and gain maximum traction on your website. 



Medium is one of the first choices when to: where can I post my links for free? It allows you to post your blogs all for free and they even add a rel=canonical link. This makes it a good site to drive direct traffic to your website and also earn a good backlink to boost your SEO. A lot of companies choose to post snippets of a full blog post on medium and then direct their users to full articles on their website. Which is very smart, as they are not just earning a backlink from a good domain authority site, but also getting more traction on their site. Also, occasional exclusive medium articles are another way to go with it. 



Reddit is another platform that can end your everyday blog posting struggles. Just like Quora Reddit is also an online space, the only thing differentiating them is Quora is a Q/A platform, meanwhile, Reddit is a discussion-focused platform. We know you are thinking “How can I publish my content on discussion platform”, but why not? Try it yourself.

We understand, Reddit has its policies and it is very active in restricting brands to use the platform for marketing purposes. But some employees, with significant knowledge, can serve as your warrior on the platform (suggestively, 2 blogs per month are more than enough). 

Again, make sure that the blogs are chosen carefully, and must at all cost help your readers. Also, beware that people at Reddit also look into other accounts just to make sure that people are active on more than just for posting company blogs. If not, your company account might get called out. No matter how much you hate us mentioning Reddit here, but imagine the genuine leads you can capture from a platform that is that active and keeps the garbage out. You will be fine – just no promotional content. 

LinkedIn Articles


LinkedIn articles are the most underrated of all the marketing platforms. And it is so disappointing. Hundred times a day you keep on beating yourself up “where can I publish content?” and yet turn completely blind towards this free platform. It allows you to syndicate blog posts on your personal LinkedIn profile as LinkedIn Articles. The best benefit you can get out of LinkedIn is it allows you to build a strong subscriber base for their article platform. They can subscribe to your posts and receive a notification every time you are publishing something new and much more. And for the notifications, they don’t have to subscribe to your newsletters. 


Okay, this one needs no introduction. But still, read some amazing facts on email marketing here. Email marketing has a much higher CTR than social media platforms. People take emails seriously. It helps you answer your second biggest dilemma, “How do I send a guest post link to my users?” Promote your content through email, it is a proven tactic. But remember, it is a lot different than promoting your content on social media. You have to choose software to automate your email marketing, gain crucial insights, and most importantly, have to experiment a lot. Also, scheduling of the emails has to be right, and also regular.  



Depending on your business type and audience choose the platform right. Like BizSugar is an online community that is specifically for business owners and marketers interested in growing and their business, discussing business and gain, and give growth hacking topics. BizSugar also keeps online events, free groups, and resources for their users like goal setting templates and more. Always ask yourself, “Where do I submit blog posts to for maximum outreach and qualified lead generation?” 

Twitter Brand Accounts 

If your article helps your brand to grow, make sure you are adding your articles that you believe have the potential to reach more audience to the sharing lit on your twitter brand account. There are also options available to schedule the article to be posted several times over a few months.

Twitter Personal Accounts  

There are several differences between personal accounts and brand accounts. But the speed of twitter is good to use. So, it makes sense to share your articles along with good quotes on your accounts.


Creating ready good content can take a lot of time. Researching especially. We have listed out some great tools in our blog “7 Content Marketing Tools for Content Research” to help you improve your blog research. Also, one way to get more audience for your business is by taking out the highlights and turning them into a presentation for Slideshare. Can you post other people’s articles on your blog? No, but you can use their finding and factual studies to great creative content. Another nice way to do it by writing your point of view on these blogs, use their research to build good infographics, images, and more. Also, if you are wondering “can I link to a website without permission?” Yes, if you are giving them credit and putting their blog links in your blog, it will help you and them both. By improving the quality of the blog and engaging more people, and for them to gain some extra audience how would prefer to read more about these topics. 

Wrapping Up 

There are several other digital platforms available online allowing you to publish your content all for free. Leverage these exciting opportunities to build your backlinks, gain more traffic on your websites, and build a regular audience base. Furthermore, don’t forget to explore and experiment with your publishing way. Keep yourself original, improve your content by doing good research, and explore new platforms where you can find a more industry-oriented audience on the internet. 

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