Best practices to implement content marketing for SEO

How to integrate content marketing & Seo

A large part of content marketing efforts is centralized towards finding qualified leads. Be it research, visual appeal, hours spent on iterating a content to get the tone and feel right – everything is about leads. Or rather we should say, getting organic leads. 

When we spend hours scratching our head to find the right content marketing strategy of social media and other content sharing platforms, why not Google? Google helps people find their search results using a high-end algorithm. How do you create an effective Google SEO content strategy? For any content to rank up on google, it is required to meet certain guidelines such as relevance, structure, and authority. This optimization of your content and other technical aspects of a website is what we call SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

How do I write SEO rich content? 

So, how do you create a high excellent piece of content that has the best chances of getting ranked high? Here are some excellent ways to create content that has the best chances of getting ranked well. Also, these tips will answer another question, how do you integrate SEO and content and gain most organic traffic and through content marketing? So, let’s begin: 

1. Speaking the Obvious 

There are several online available content sharing platforms where you can share your content and distribute your content pieces to receive more market outreach. This gives you online exposure and backlinks. 

There are some online available content sharing platforms where you can share your content and distribute your content piece to receive more online exposure and links. 

If you are known to SEO, and its practices it is easy for you to understand why backlinks are important. Thus, helping you in understanding what is the relationship between SEO and content marketing? Links are the best way to attract the attention of Google. Start covering more relevant topics to increase your chances ranking. Furthermore, not every content has to be about your products and services, inspiring people, and building trust for your brand. 

2. What is SEO content strategy? 

We all understand the importance of content for best SEO practices. But how does content affect SEO? Content helps you in gaining major online coverage. It means you have to have a content strategy for SEO too. You can’t expect random pushing of content to boost your content. Certain factors make your content strategy holistic and beneficial. Here are a few things that can help you with this course: 


It is important to factor how you want to communicate your vision, value proposition, topics, common issues and how do you propose to resolve them.

Answer to their searches 

Understanding the importance of keywords is necessary, they tell you what your audience is searching for, what is market demand where the market is flowing. 

What is quality content for SEO?

Once you have keywords, start searching them online to understand what type of content google is favoring. Review page1 results to understand the ways of Google and replicate it to gain competitive benefits. 

Content Structure

Right from content ideas to structure to clarity in the language, Google has multiple factors to evaluate your content. Become a knowledge base for your readers to find answers related to your services and products. Consider long-tail keywords and satisfy the user search intents. Using keywords search tools such as Ahrefs or SEMrush allowing you to review keywords and their relevance to the target audience. It will help you understand synonyms, variation, and related keywords and click-through rate for ads featured snippets, and keyword difficulty.   

Keyword cannibalism 

Why unique content is important for SEO? It is understandable that while creating content you will want to go in-depth. And in this process, you might cover a single topic more than once. This has to be avoided unless there have been any new developments. This happens also when you are creating web content for your website pages. When multiple pages of your website or blogs are fighting for page 1 result, you are making your problems increase.

Take a step back several times to check if you have already covered a certain topic. Most importantly, if your blog or website is already getting good outreach, use its age, existing ranks, and links to turn it from medium outreach to high.  

Rather than creating new content, consider reworking, and reduce your problems while optimizing it. Also, a certain practice has caught the attention of many content marketers, which includes migrating all your similar topic content on one page and making the piece more wholesome. Consider creating content only if you feel you need to address a new topic or new content gap.

3. What exactly is Page 1?

We have mentioned page1 result many times, but what is it and why there is so much hype for it, and why it is so difficult to climb up to page1. If you understand the ways of Google, your content creation becomes easier. Some of the best ways to crack content creation are through a data-driven guess game where you understand the intent of the user query and content type which they might prefer. Apart from this exhaustive process, you can do this by reviewing the page1 itself.

Talking about content types, there are nine different types of search results that you can use to create content for users. This can boost your integrated approach to content.

But what is integrated content marketing? Integrated as the name suggests is taking a wholesome approach to content and using various types of content types for greater outreach. Here are 9 different types:


This includes long guides, knowledge graphs, and featured snippets.


There is a number of ways to make people informed without even making them click, this includes time zones, weather, currency conversion, and more.


Some of the ways you can increase your visibility are by making product pages, well-defined category pages, and eCommerce search results.

Local Search Results 

It is equally important to capture the local attention of your potential users, don’t ignore the importance of adding maps, address, and number ways to get in more people.

Visual Searches 

Images, media elements, thumbnails help you boost your search engine visibility too.


Another effective way to capture more attention is by making good videos for your users.


News is the most underestimated content tool. For any industry, regular developments are happening, new announcements being made and people search them, use them for tweets, information source, and more.


Homepage and site links, social media channels, are your branding tools.


Finally, going by the ways of Google Page 1 results. Understand what Google is preferring for certain keywords and replicate them. Understand the sub-topics and concepts used by top-performing companies, headlines that are covered in the articles, keywords used, and most importantly, average content length.

4. The importance of keywords 

Is content important for SEO? Yes, but so are the keywords. Thanks to the Google Panda update, it is getting better and better and starting to consider synonyms for a better understanding of topics and context. But still, that means are you considering it?

Before your audience reads your content, google reads your:

  • URL 
  • H1, H2 tags
  • Meta Page Title
  • First Paragraph

5. Technical Aspect of content marketing for SEO 

Becoming SEO perfect means considering the implementation of schema mark-up and structuring your data. Implement technical SEO practices to increase clarity for Google. Mark-up details about your author of page product displayed videos and other elements that define your business and organization as a whole.


Content marketing is a tough game but you have a good shot if you are making it very clear and choosing your topics with smartness. Factor your content, use relevant keywords to prioritize content ideas, update existing pages consider reworking, and understand ways of google before you start creating any content for best results.

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