What is Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing & Why does your brand need it more than ever before

What is Content Marketing & why does your brand need it more than ever before?

People say content is the king. But no, content is the queen that has the power to change the course of your marketing game. It can go on multiple platforms, help you interact with a million people, sharable easily and so much more. What we mean to say is: Content is very dynamic. 

But (yes, there is always a but), the content should appeal to your audience to engage with your brand and turn into your loyal consumers/users. This is what makes it very difficult. 

Every day your competitors are pushing content on their websites, social media, and other content-sharing platforms. And the competition is not just local, or national. This is a global war. Cut through the noise, and your audience listens things crystal clear.  

So, is it next to impossible? Allow us to introduce you to content marketing. 

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a target-oriented marketing method that uses storytelling/info telling to draw the attention of the audience while conveying them relevant information. 

How do you do content marketing? 

Create a great content. Try taking a different turn on things and see how it works like magic. The best part is your audience is seeking good content out there and they are not finding it. This is your window. Make an impact. Cut through the noise.  

What are the examples of content marketing?

Content marketing requires more than just blogging. 

Nobody is denying that blogging is a big part of content marketing, but can you just lay your hopes on blogging alone? Let’s see, while you are blogging you are limiting yourself to just your regular readers. Again, no denying they are necessary. But there are millions of other people too that love to learn things over a video, or they only have time to hear a podcast while having their morning coffee. You need to catapult your content over all types of platforms. 

What is content in content marketing? 

Anything that is textual, visual, or audible and can be used as a means of communication is known as content in content marketing. 

What are the examples of content?

Here are different types of content tools you can use for better content outreach:  

  • Social Media Posts
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Email Campaigns
  • Influencer Updates
  • eBooks 
  • Tedtalks

Who uses content marketing?

Any business owner can use content marketing services to spread their wings over the internet. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, you can use content marketing to make your brand get better visibility online. Content marketing services can help you get effective online visibility and enhanced ROI. You need to know that content marketing is a long-term strategy that helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and prospective clients. 

The special mix to add in your content marketing to make it livelier:

Be honest with your audience

One of the most cherished things by businesses is the trust of their consumers and users. No brand can reach to its essence if they don’t have the trust of their audience. Make sure your content is well-researched and accurate. Truth hits hard. Add citations to your blogs, provide more information, dive deep and most of all, be genuine. 

People love personalized content

We all love how magically Google comes with exactly what we are looking for? But it is putting a lot of effort to learn from your search pattern and track down your interests. The point is creating content that is relevant to your users’ interest will pay you off better.

Come clean to your users 

No brand is right now a giant because they are all-knowing. They learned from their mistakes and they shared their evolution stories with their users/ consumers who helped them evolve. 

The Internet is a community and netizens that are engaging with your brand, become a part of your brand storytelling. Give them their share of credit for telling you where you are good or where you are going wrong. Transparency drives not just trust but engagement too, period. 

3 Reasons why creating powerful content marketing is a must:

The Internet has made communication viable; content marketing makes it meaningful. 

It all boils down to the fundamental feature of content – communication. Content helps you connect with your consumer base over the internet. You can be sending a thousand promotional letters to your user base over a year, and it all goes in the dustbin. Zero engagement! Eager result. 

But one mail in their inbox and they want to read it. And that is the power of technology. The Internet has bestowed people the convenience to know things from the comfort of their home, buy things whilst sitting on their sofa, share their views while they are lying in their bed. An average American adult is spending 11 hours over different content platforms on the internet daily. 

Simply put, the internet is your best chance to communicate with your potential user base. Reach where your audience is (mostly) available – the internet. 

Content marketing gives 6 times more conversions

Yes! 6 times more conversions, that is 2.9% content marketing versus 0.5% traditional marketing. Imagine the return on investment (ROI) you get with that. But how is content marketing making B2B and B2C conversions possible? What is the secret? 

The answer lies not in the quantity. But it is in the quality that is attracting the audience. Content has the power to cut through the noise and grab your audience with the information that adds more value to them. Find your content differentiation factor, and you are all set to welcome new users/consumers into your brand. 

Content marketing cost 62% less

The ultimate goal of any business is to spend less and earn more. No matter what is the size of the business, everyone is looking for a way to bring down their expenses (especially in marketing) while driving more engagement activities. Content marketing cost 62% less and is 3 times more effective.

Content has the power to allow two-way communication. Drop a conversation starter, and you have a string of commentators ready to communicate. All you need to do is throw something interesting and you have user-generated data that sells itself. 

Also, opt-in advertising makes your lead generation very cheap. Subscription-based advertising allows you to advertise your products and services to the pre-purchase followers over time and you are the first one that pops in their head when they are looking for your services or products. 

Time for some FAQs 

What is a content marketing strategy? 

Content marketing strategy is a part of content marketing that focuses on an end-to-end process of effective content creation, distribution, and management. It includes planning, creating, delivery, and management of the content, which not just includes textual content but also multimedia such as images, videos, podcasts, infographic, and more. 

What are the content skills? 

Content skills are the technical content creation skill sets required in a workforce to drive more engagement through result-oriented content planning, creation, distribution, and management. Content skills are used to generate more engagement of users/ consumers by aligning content with your business goals and triggering communication with your end-users (B2B or B2C).

How long does content marketing take to work?

Nobody can predict how much time it takes to help you get the right results out of your content marketing strategy. The time taken by content marketers to create a huge impact on your business depends on the type of business, competition, and your targeted audience. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the above question. You need to contact leading content marketing agencies and get an idea about the timeline for content marketing results. 


In hopes, we have helped you take your first step towards learning what is content marketing and why content marketing is important, we would love to continue this amazing journey by sharing with you some more marketing tips. Also, don’t forget to tell us how the above-mentioned tips are working out for your content outreach. 

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