4 Case Studies that will make you believe in the power of content marketing

4 Case Studies that will make you believe in the power of content marketing

When we speak about content marketing and make great promises, a few things might sound dubious to you. There is nothing to be not outspoken about your doubts. It gives us chance to introduce you to the six amazing brands around the world that leveled up their content marketing campaigns and the rest is history. 

Part of being a content marketer is about keeping an eye on what other content marketers are doing? What is the use of content marketing? And, what is the predictions of the future? If you are a curious fellow you will find the brand journeys interesting and the learnings from their digital campaigns precious to guide you for your campaigns. Inspirations can be found everywhere and through any medium. Do we suggest use different ideas to understand what the objectives of marketing are? And how content marketing changes with different objectives.

4 Brands with best content marketing strategies

1. Google

Google! Phew! Anything related to Google can’t be simple. But we can’t ignore the awesomeness of their content. Seriously, who can explain to us better but Google when it finding the what are the best ways to do content marketing?

Google’s web content is one of the best examples of good content, and why not? They are the ones that made people realize how content can change their online business life. And also, the simplicity of the content. 

Personally, Google’s online content is all about minimalism, and it is difficult because if you offer something it has to be there on our website. You can’t just hide them away. They have to be given their respective position somewhere where it is visible to your visitors. 

  • Breakdown of Google’s Website 

However minimalistic – it is so sophisticated. It is a very clean and elegant way – of course, well-executed and strong conceptualization. Everything on their website will clear your doubts if any why content strategy is important. Just look at the infographics, every image, and interactive headings they used. The less but impactful text feels like it is talking to you. They have made sure that the content gets all the attention. “Google you got a fan here.”  

  • Learnings

Everything on Google’s website tells us why content is important in a website. Animated graphics, typography, and content delivery everything is flawless. And always remember content marketing is all about engaging users and build a relationship. So, did Google achieved the paramount niche? Yes! 

2. New York Times

There is no end to the brilliance of the New York Times and their romance with content. Where do we even start? Undoubtedly, they are one of the largest producers of content in Newspapers. But if you have won your audience on a digital platform, we are sure there is a brilliant digital team sitting there. 

  • Breakdown of the New York Times Story Content

They have embraced the digital world well and everything in their online campaigns such as A game of Sharks and MinnowsSnow Fall, and Camp X-Ray are one of the best ones to get started to evaluate their brilliance. 

So, is content marketing effective? Yes, they have so effectively implied the basics of content marketing into modern and elegant stories that their counterparts followed. Contrary to our understanding, these award-winning stories by the New York Times are also the most debated ones. Not a lot of content marketers loved them, but still, they congratulate NYT for its success. Apart from these long-form content they have also proved their brilliance in data visualization and tools, like here One Race, Every Medallist EverHow Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk, and Is It Better to Rent or Buy?

  • Learnings

NYT is one of the biggest examples of why is content marketing successful?  They have turned their brilliant news pieces into a visually stunning phenomenon that hits the spot right when it comes to engaging their users on the stories they love, or not. Everyone would halt to appreciate the elegance and beauty of the visual elements they used. 



In the history of best content marketing instances, HSBC has already booked its position with its 2019 campaign ‘We are not an Island’. These types of campaigns put us thinking what are the limits of content marketing? A year after introducing the ‘Together We Thrive’ campaign and also ‘Global Citizen’ HSBC UK continuously has demonstrated its view on the Brexit trade deal by sharing its internationalist vision. 

  • Breakdown of HSBC 2019 Campaign

They propagated their message using billboards all around the cities and people were stunned with its brilliant concept. And that is not very often seen happening. They specifically targeted cities like Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester to use their local pride and involve them in their cause. A good and effective way to connect with people. Not many people go out of the box when it comes to content marketing. People so well related to this content that they shared it across different platforms and the most wonderful part is HSBC even localized the ad campaign to match their ethics and culture. 

  • Learnings 

Most of the people think content marketing is all about writing a few blogs and posting. But where is the creativity and originality, your message is getting lost amongst the thousand others doing the same thing over and over again? What is the use of content marketing if not helping you connect with your audience?

Just by simply super-localizing your ad campaigns how much engagement can you capture? Offer tailor-made content to people in different regions by understanding their sentiments towards your products and services and you might just have the biggest victory till now in winning the audience.

Studio 188

Studio 188 are spoof type small-budget films and TV series producers. Just with the mention of spoof, you can imagine how much fun they must have been having there. Their created spoof-style contents are so popular that they have millions of followers the “The Matrix” low-cost version on YouTube version alone has 1.2 million views. The idea of creating this type of content is very fresh and unique. 

  • Breakdown of Studio188’s success

Studio188 is intuitively turning great movie content into short films and video type contents. These movies are famous and popular amongst people that almost every scene they use is still stamped in viewers’ memories. Taking a humorous take on these movies is a good way to gain engagement for their brand. 

  • Learnings

Studio188 is not at all serious, they are humorous and unique and playful and so much more. A lot of brands like Poo-Pourri and Old Spice have disrupted the market with humour in their content market. But some companies have failed miserably. That is the thing with humour you can too right with it to great amazing engagement or too bad to completely ruin your business. But content marketing is always about taking informed risks. And also know your audience. Creativity pays off great when you implement it at its finest.

Key Takeaways 

These were 4 out of many brands that have changed the meaning of what is content marketing and its importance. They have suitably used the power of content marketing and different ways of increasing content outreach to establish their brand presence and audience to take them seriously.

Also, the use of visual content to gain more engagement on informative articles and blogs can increase your chances of gaining more attention of your audience. Creating concept-based content can work out well and require fewer resources and nobody wants you to perfectly imitate things. Also, the most important lesson learned today is you can customize your content as per different regions and bond with them emotionally by creating content as per their preferences. 

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