Why Do eCommerce Websites Need SEO?

Why Do eCommerce Websites Need SEO?

In the first chapter, we’ll cover one of the most frequently asked questions with regards to ecommerce websites — “Why does my site need SEO?”

Some Stats to Begin With…

Nothing speaks louder than hard facts. So, let’s begin with these interesting stats.

  • For nearly 44% of people, their online shopping journey starts with a Google search
  • Search engines are the source of 37.5% of all traffic that ecommerce sites receive  
  • Only a minuscule 0.78% of Google users will visit the second page of search results

The last one is particularly hard-hitting. It’s clear, ecommerce sites get a big chunk of their traffic from search engines. But, fail to show up immediately on the first page and your sales will crash. Any further than the second page? Your ecommerce site might not even see the light of the day!

That’s why your ecommerce site needs SEO. But, there are other reasons too.   

Take On Bigger Competitors

With ecommerce giants taking up the lion’s share of traffic, smaller online stores often don’t stand a chance. SEO can level the playing field and give you the chance to outrank ecommerce companies that are much bigger than yours.

Spread Your Reach Far and Wide

If you’re selling products that have a global appeal, doing your SEO right could help you reach customers anywhere on the planet. In fact, SEO can help you concentrate your efforts on markets with the potential for highest returns. A well-optimized e-commerce site is the starting point of your online success.

Bolster Your Online Presence

So, your business is already online. That’s good but it doesn’t mean you don’t need SEO. Let’s assume you might have created a customer base. But what about growth? Without doing SEO, your website will be stuck at the same point. It won’t be visible to new leads and fresh prospects if you act proactively to increase visibility.

These were some of the reasons to get your ecommerce site optimized for search engines and put some serious efforts into SEO.

A great place to start is by checking the health of your ecommerce store and diagnosing if it has any on-site problems. An SEO audit can reveal the hidden issues in your website and suggest fixes that would get your site’s SEO foundation in order.  

You can use any of the following SEO audit tools to do it yourself or get our experts to conduct a detailed audit of your ecommerce website to weed out any SEO issues. Here’s our SEO Audit form.

Other tools that you can try:

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